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**Welcome to al-Imamiyyah, the largest Shi'a Muslim community on Discord!** Our mission is to create a space for Muslims and non-Muslims alike to learn about and discuss their faith freely, and to engage with members of other faiths and denominations. We welcome anyone seeking knowledge or just a place to hangout with friends.
Our Features:
•🕋 Diverse Muslim community
•🛐 Interfaith dialogues
•📆 Weekly events
•🗣️ Frequent debates
•🏫 Scholars and academic discussions
•📖 Quran and Hadith
We warmly welcome you to join and sincerely hope you enjoy your stay. All are welcome to join :)!
Olá, se você esta interessado em trocar ideias acerca de Temas Políticos, Econômicos e sociais, ou mesmo conhecer um pouco mais sobre esse mundo, você esta no lugar certo, nosso objetivo acima de tudo é compartilhar ideias e contribuir para a criação de uma sociedade mais consciente sobre esses temas que na maior parte das vezes são vistas como algo desconhecido e irrelevante para a vida. mais na verdade ela afeta diretamente nossas vidas. então venha conosco !!
Assalamu Alaykum

Kinda Halal is a relaxed and laid back community server with many interesting and diverse channels for you to discuss all kinds of topics. We have a large young muslim userbase, forming a positive sense of community, which is constantly drawing in new users each and every day.

Here you can find out more about Islam, ask questions about certain topics, strengthen your faith, have a nice time with others playing games and much more!
We have reverts as well who participate in our conversations regularly.

We welcome everyone and we hope you'll have a nice stay here
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السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
This server is mainly muslim but anyone is welcome to join, talk to muslims and learn more about Islam in general.

No, this is not a shi'a server.
Do you support liberty? Do you love free markets? Then join Cybervoluntaryism today!
We are the #1 voluntaryist/libertarian Discord server, the home of all liberty lovers!

📚 Resources for beginners who want to learn about the ideas of liberty 📚
Welcoming to good faith discussion
📄 Free contribution channels for educational texts, videos and infographics 📊
Moderated server
🇧🇷 Portuguese and Spanish channels 🇪🇸
Free speech guaranteed. A new unbiased political server focusing on social, economic and historical issues with mod opportunities. Your opinion will not be silenced by partial mods while civil debate is always encouraged.
Official r/DebateAnAtheist Discord

A place for people of all faiths (or none) to come together and discuss ideas in an informed and respectful environment.
📜 Veluca is a Merchant-Republic theme server. 📜

✔️ Short verification with easy questions.

✔️ 3 Debate channels where you can discuss about any topic.

✔️ Homophobic topics and homophobic members to discuss with.

🤝 A varied userbase, with a non-corrupt mod team and semi-light rules.

🌎 International community with many users.

🎇 Stable server.


🤓 Welcome to Intellectual Conversations!

We are a new community that focuses on
having debates and discussions grounded in reasoning and objectivity. We believe in freedom of speech and accept everyone regardless of your perspectives.

🧠 Chill staff
🧠 Cool bots
🧠 Self-assignable roles
🧠 Political, philosophical, controversial, and theoretical themes
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Welcome to The Lets Debate server

- We Welcome anyone

- Have intriguing Video chat debates

- Channels dedicated to very specific debate topics

- All Suggestions are Welcomed so feel free to voice your opinion

- in dire need of Admins

Seem's interesting?
Then hop on down!
Hey there! Looking for a place to make new friends, share memes, advertise your content, or politically debate with others? Our server would be a great option. We allow:
- Political debate
- NSFW content
- Self-Promo!!
- Serious talk if you ever need a friend!!
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Welcome to the Requiem Lounge, this is a homophobic/debating server for all to join, but not all welcomed. This is a debating server for what you think is right wrong, but don't get too toxic/retarded, and just hate on people for the sake of it. We're very "professional" here, with mods/bots, verification system, rules, so don't worry, we make sure raids don't happen, so far we've had one, and it was a massive fail. If you feel like this is the server for your, c'mon in, no ones stoppin' on you, come on in!
✿✿✿Wholesome Debates✿✿✿

We are a community that is passionate about politics, discussion, philosophy, debates, and wholesomeness UwU

✿-Wholesome and epic community
✿-Political server for open discussion and debate
✿-Lots of cute and based emotes
✿-Welcomes all ideologies
✿-Genuinely fun and friendly
✿-A lot of activities to do (polls, voice chat, etc.)
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Welcome revolutionaries! To a server where you can fully debate anyone you wish, at (almost) anytime! No need to feel ashamed for what your stance is, we support from Far-Right to Far-Left people and are very welcoming! Have fun and watch for Big Brother.
welcome to The Enrichment Center! we have games, memes, debate, NSFW , active VC's and text channels and are always looking to add to our growing community!
Flat Earth Official, the one and only Official Flat Earth Discord!
Everyone is welcome regardless of your personal beliefs or background, we encourage healthy debate and banter.
Server open to ideas, willing to discuss and debate different opinions. All are welcome
The Muslim World is a place where muslims and non-muslims gather to enjoy fun discourse and a friendly environment where we would talk about Muslim teachings and society among other things.
(This is NOT a country role-play server!)
This is a server for both serious discussions and light conversations about anything. We have a channel specifically for foreign languages.

Novi server za sproščene pogovore o vsakodnevnih temah in hobijih ter bolj resne debate o politiki, zgodovini, religiji in ostalih vprašanjih. Dobrodošli ste vsi, ne glede na svoj življenski nazor. Radi bi, da bi ta server postal mesto intelektualnih debat na višjem nivoju.
Server ima obširen sistem z izbiro vlog (politični pogledi, religija, jeziki ipd.) in poseben kanal, namenjen komunikaciji v tujih jezikih.

Naj te uvodna vprašanja ob pridružitvi ne prestrašijo. 😄
We at Mostly Level strive to promote truth, critical thinking, free speech, and the discussion of many different theories and facts. This can lead to some fantastic conversations, but some rabbit holes can be quite controversial and potentially offensive to certain audiences.

We require all members to behave in a respectful and civilized manner regardless of their worldviews. All interactions should be kept at the level of "Safe For Work" considering that some members are underaged.

Avoid misinformation, research for yourself and utilize the scientific method. You are responsible for your own education. Fact check everything.
An active and exciting political server! We run voice chat / text debates and discussions, QOTD, movie / game events, and much more!

Join us @
Our mission is to provide you with a chill, open, and above all civil community for conversation and debate. We have a specific focus on politics, but we also.... encourage topics of all kinds. Everyone with civil thoughts and perspectives to share is welcome. Come hang out with us today!

🎙 - Debate Night - Every Friday
👓 - Mock Government - Weekly Events
🖊 - Auto Assign Roles
📽 - Movie/Game/Trivia Nights
🎵- Music Bots
🎁 - Giveaways
👔 - 100% Safe For Work Server
🙈 - 16+ Age Requirement
✨ - Experienced Mod Team