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Laptop Hacking Coffee is the largest information security servers. Staff and Trusted members are highly knowledgeable and/or are already in their career fields.

We are a professional community focused on helping others learn and improve. We have an official Wiki, website, and CTFs as well.

Feel free to stop by! is a free, safe and legal training ground for hackers to test and expand their ethical hacking skills with challenges, CTFs, and more. Active since 2003, we are more than just another hacker wargames site. We are a living, breathing community devoted to learning and sharing ethical hacking knowledge, technical hobbies, programming expertise, with many active projects in development. Join our IRC, Discord, and our huge forums where users can discuss hacking, network security, and just about everything. Tune in to the hacker underground and get involved with the project!
Evilicious Family is a group of hacking and coding enthusiasts. People of any skillgroup are welcome.
An Open-source Community based on:
CTFs • Podcasts • Pentesting • Tools • Conferences • Blogs

sec-army is a cyber security and hacking community. We strive to teach all who are willing to learn and help those who are willing to help themselves. If you are interested in hacking, cyber security or programming or are simply looking for a place to collaborate with like-minded people, then give sec-army the chance to be your new home. We are a growing community and We welcome all hats as we are a place of education and growth.
Nouveau !
A server for ethical hacking, computer, and software related discussion beginner or experienced. Join our CTF team.
The official John Hammond Discord community.

We're a professional community full of white-hat hackers, programmers, and infosec gurus. We have a chill atmosphere with knowledgeable and friendly members willing to help those of all skill levels learn and improve.
Come on by and compete with us on active CTFs, Wargames(like PicoCTF, HackTheBox, etc.) talk about hacking/tech, chat and just hangout or to watch/participate in John Hammond's streams. We hope to see you there!
In our server you will find like minded people for whom coding and hacking is their passion.
As you may have noticed we write coding along with hacking and hacking along with coding.
This is because we think they both go hand in hand.
Our server are full of either experienced veterans or people who know what they are saying.
From beginners to expert programmers/hackers, everyone is going to find what they have been looking for.
Find answers to your questions, or help others with your knowledge.

Bonus:- People in here are not sadistic coder or hackers. They are chill and will talk about anything related to tech.
Ps:-Everyone loves to game in here and some might be anime lovers

->[For both]You will get free resources to learn coding as well as hacking(They are beginner friendly).
->[For coders]People in here know almost all the languages or atleast have some idea of almost all the languages.
->[For hackers]We wont ask why you wanna do something. Tho you are free to tell us if you feel like it. Everyone needs
privacy and we respect that
->[For coders]We organize friendly competitions for you to participate and in turn learn from the experience*

* This is solely based on the number of participants interested in participating.

Bonus Feature:-
->[For both]You will get updates when any major game is free on any distribution service(steam, uplay, epic games store, etc.)

here at hacker cafe we are a new server based on cyber sec. we are a new server hoping to get more people in our server. We hope you enjoy your stay (we will update our pfp dont worry)
EvilPWN CTF is a CTF based on discord, we provide hacking challenges/custom linux vulnerable VMs.

PWN -> Submit the flags using our custom discord BOT -> hit the TOP!
This is a place for cybersecurity and infosec discussion, though other topics are welcome! Everyone is welcome here, regardless of experience or beliefs. We participate in CTFs and other various IT competitions.

We also host our own Minecraft server and like to share memes :)
We're community of white-hat hackers, we can explain you if you will need, we can help you do certain things, also, if you will need any accounts you can request. No illegal activity is allowed on our server! First read rules!
Also, we play CTFs and you can ask about it!
We provide VPN for free when access is requested.
Well hello there!

Are you a cool dude/dudette who is interested in Cyber Security and wants to hang out with cool people and do some amazing stuff?
Well then you are in the right place!

We are a community of like minded people who enjoy learning Cyber Security and do all stuff related to it!
Like some of the cool stuff that we do: HTB boxes together (we join vc and do them together), THM boxes (also on vc), a lot of hanging out and sharing resources and knowledge about things.

And if you are new, no worries!
Even if you don't know anything and want to learn, don't hesitate to join!
We will be more than happy to teach you!

Cheers, and we'll see you in the server! :wink:
_X0RTED es una comunidad para aprender y compartir temas y recursos afines a la ciberseguridad e informatica en general.

_X0RTED is a community to learn and share topics and resources related to cibersecurity and technology in general.
Welcome to the server locked! This server is meant for those who love coding and for beginner hackers (for educational purpose only)!

Rules :
- No toxicity.
- Do not spam
- Do not ask questions like "How do I hack a credit card."
- No being lewd.

I can't think of any other rules! So, uh. Have fun!
We are a big IT Security white hat community sharing ideas between each others, improving and playing together CTFs on Hack The Box or other CTFs available.
Our goal is to create a lounge where people can share their ideas and contents.
Our army of youtubers and content creators are ready to provide you the best tutorials to enhance your penetration testing skills.
r00t is a new cyber security server with professional staff and friendly members. We host competitions with CTF and KOTH with rewards.

New or not our server is welcome to everybody. With leveled roles that require certain knowledge to obtain, or personalized roles to make you stand out!

We are currently partnered with Debugged <3
We at Phoenix ComputerSec are dedicated to legal hacking, programming and CTF's. We are a community based on helping each other and learning from one another.
Interested in any of these but have 0 knowledge? Welcome! Do you know everything? Welcome to you too!

We strive towards simplicity, so you will only have access to the channels that are interesting for you. Select a role and go!
A newly created server for hackers and programmers to join and hangout and chill . Share and gain knowledge from other hackers
giveaways for free 🥳and many more giveaways 🚀 join the server 💯

We are a big IT Security white hat community sharing ideas between each others, improving and playing together CTFs on Hack The Box or other CTFs available.
Our goal is to create a lounge where people can share their ideas and contents.
Our army of youtubers and content creators are ready to provide you the best tutorials to enhance your penetration testing skills.
A fun technology server where you can learn hacking and alot of useful stuff. the staff is friendly and you can always reach out to staff for questions about any topic.
Best technology and social place to hangout. We also got the best cyber security members of the discord feel free to check it out!!!
Hi welcome to Brute4c (bruteforce) we discuss everything about hacking, although we allow blackhat chatting we discourage it. We want to help grow and learn more as a community so no toxicity is allowed. Have fun!