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We are a worldwide group dedicated to helping each other recover from our sexual addiction. We have an active moderation team and accept feedback. Discrimination is never tolerated, and you will not be shamed. We're in this together.
Just another generic improvement server?
Are you tired of unstructured and vague servers. Then you've come to the right place, read closely.

Our main feature is our:
Custom Accountability System, which includes:

💥 Streaks and criteria

💥 Accountability groups with streaks

💥 Leaderboards

💥 Accountability Index™️ (coming soon)

🤖 Custom bot for managing the Accountability System

And like any server, we share knowledge and support eachother to reach our goals

Here's a little bit about how our system works

1) create criteria
These are the goals you need to stay consistent on

2) Create your streak
Fulfill your criteria to build your streak

3) Your general streak progress will be used to calculate an Accountability Index

4) Join a group and build the group streak together!
Do you want to create the habits and mindset required for success?

Make friends with like-minded individuals to hold you accountable in unlocking your full potential. Here's how you can reach your Breakaway Limit and achieve your goals:

[Health]: Physical and Mental Health, Lifestyle Choices
[Wealth]: Personal Finance, Investing, Passive Income
[Success]: Personal Mastery, Entrepreneurship, Professional Growth

Verification for member safety
HitTheGoal a community for keeping your goals, and making friends, chilling out and keeping up that goal list and working on it! You'll get to meet new people who are willing to be your friends, and make accountability partners.
This is a server meant for bettering ourselves, and in particular has an accountability feature that I feel is really vital when developing new habits. So whether you want to lose weight, read more, or whatever goal you have in life, there is a place here for you. I'd really appreciate some buddies hopping in!
Stay accountable, work and study with over 700 people from around the world! Corner of Conquests is dedicated to keeping you on track to be productive and achieve your goals 😊
Our server is dedicated to promoting good study habits and work ethic. Study Hall has ongoing study events and challenges, as well as channels to help match accountability partners. We come from all sorts of fields and levels of studies. Join today!
Private group chat dedicated to holding ourselves accountable for our NoFap promises. we are an active and tightly knit group and we all check in on each other. [NOTE: You need to be accepted upon arrival to send messages or files.]
CommitLock is a server dedicated to using the unusual method of loss aversion to complete your goals, end procrastination and fight fears!
Join if you would like to become a bloomer. You can also join if you’re any other kind of -oomers or related (for example: doomer, npc, etc.) This server is also about making goals and venting. You can make an accountability partner here.
Hi everyone! Set up your goals, create a quick plan to achieve them, keep others accountable to their goals, and every Sunday give a brief check-in to see how you're faring. That's the goal :)

We also have a to-do list-style community through google sheets! Reach out to me if interested.
welcome to Gottastudy-hall, We are currently a small group of motivated students at different levels of education from different parts of the world, looking for active and friendly people to join our server. We are hoping to create a tight community where people can study, find accountability partners, make friends and socialize.

Features on our sever
-Study-Channel : A space where you can use webcam or broadcast what's on your computer screen to others in real time and do pomodoros or plant trees together. That should help staying focused and on task while studying.
-Accountability channel : to post your daily goals.
-Question/homework-help channel
-Other fun/social channels : voice channel, meme and pics, study lounge ... ^____^
Hi! Welcome to our little library. We are a nice and active community born during the lockdown, focused on motivating each others using study buddies, timers, and video accountability. If you need a little help, some motivation and a place to substitute the real deal, you are in the right place! Note that for maximum security we have a verification process.