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HitTheGoal a community for keeping your goals, and making friends, chiiling out and keeping up that goal list and working on it! You'll get to meet new people who are willing to be your friends, and make accountability partners.
Stay accountable, work and study with over 700 people from around the world! Corner of Conquests is dedicated to keeping you on track to be productive and achieve your goals 😊
Hi everyone! Set up your goals, create a quick plan to achieve them, keep others accountable to their goals, and every Sunday give a brief check-in to see how you're faring. That's the goal :)

We also have a to-do list-style community through google sheets! Reach out to me if interested.
Hello! Welcome to Do the Thing. The purpose of this server is to give yourself a sense of accountability. You get pinged once a day and asked what you plan to do, and you can list any chores you want to accomplish- Even if the only thing you want to do is take a self care day or survive the day! It’s a cheerful and optimistic community that will help build you up and cheer you on!
We offer a safe place for individuals to journal, discuss, and cope with mental health. Your free to join in order to have a personal journal as well. Chats and Support will be available, along with the option to sign up for accountability assistance.
* DID specialized journals for active alter communication, private journals, and group journals.
* Accountability checks to help with medicine reminders, usable in private journal for privacy.
* Group journals for those who need it.
* Support chats for those who need immediate assistance.
* Group chats, TW Chats, and upon request private voice chats.
We are not medical professionals. This Discord is not designed to diagnose, nor do you need a diagnosis to join. Currently accepting support, mod, and other applications.
welcome to Gottastudy-hall, We are currently a small group of motivated students at different levels of education from different parts of the world, looking for active and friendly people to join our server. We are hoping to create a tight community where people can study, find accountability partners, make friends and socialize.

Features on our sever
-Study-Channel : A space where you can use webcam or broadcast what's on your computer screen to others in real time and do pomodoros or plant trees together. That should help staying focused and on task while studying.
-Accountability channel : to post your daily goals.
-Question/homework-help channel
-Other fun/social channels : voice channel, meme and pics, study lounge ... ^____^