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A TableTop based server. We prioritize fun and accessibility. Everyone is friendly and will make sure you are welcome.
If you’ve never played DnD or any other tabletop game before we will help you so you're not lost.

We encourage new and older players!
- Looking for campaigns or groups
- Wanting to DM a session
- Have campaigns ideas
- Role-play text channels

We have plenty of members who are willing to talk in and outside of the server for any questions, concerns or other things you feel suit!
Come join and check it out, you might find a new passion.

This is a server where we look for games and play the games on our server.
(Besides partnered servers)
We are looking for both players and DMs! We are here to have a fun time and that is all!
Name: The Astralguard
The Astralguard is a D&D 5e community based around progressive one-shot quests. However, it also offers campaigns as well for DMs to host, and will even give them in server rewards for running the campaign!
Operating out of Silverdeep, a city that got swallowed into the Astral Sea, DMs and Players alike enjoy the freedom to experience any custom setting due to the access of planar travel; opening the curtain to a near infinite number of different worlds.
Depuis l’an 2100, la vie sur Terre a radicalement changé. Lorsqu’un astéroïde de 500m de diamètre, l’astéroïde C-634, s’écrasa au centre du pôle Nord, une onde électromagnétique encore inexpliqué aujourd’hui se propagea sur toute la surface du globe

Une quantité astronomique de personnes ont perdues la vie ce jour-là, approximativement les 3/4 de la planète. Le deuil n’a pas été facile, d’autant plus que, même avec tout l’argent du monde réunis, la somme n’était pas assez grandes pour tout réparer

Quelques jours après le drame, plusieurs personnes ont manifestés voir des personnes avec des membres en plus comme des ailes, et d’autres ont affirmés voir des gens courir la nuit derrière des trains de transport de nourritures lancés à plus de 350km/h

Nous sommes en l’an 2250. Vous faites partis des familles de ceux qui ont survécus. La vie sur Terre a retrouvé son cours dès l’an 2200, mais rien n’a jamais plus été pareil.
Effrayé de ces nouveaux êtres possédant des pouvoirs, appelés « Créatures Surnaturelles » (C.S), le gouvernement les a isolé de la société. Leur interdisant de nombreuses choses afin de garder les humains au pouvoirs. Les C.S sont ainsi désavantagées, et vivent cachées, humiliées, discriminées, éloignées de toute ces choses.
Leur ennemis public ? Les chasseurs. Plus fort, et avantagés dans la société, leur rôle est de maintenir les C.S en bas de l'échelle sociale. N'hésitant pas à utiliser de leur privilèges pour atteindre cet objectif, ils ont été formés pour les mépriser.
Au milieu de tout ça, les humains lambda, qui eux, vivent en paix, et ont pour la plupart accepté cette hiérarchisation des races.

Qui êtes-vous, une Créature Surnaturelle, un Chasseur, un Humain ? Votre vie dans ce nouveau lycée ne sera pas la même que n’importe quel établissement dans le monde, il y court la rumeur que des choses étranges s’y passent…

Nous rejoindre :
VTM V5 server that follows the lore of Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines 2.
Play by post, both free form and story driven sections.

As you may have guessed our story takes place in Seattle, WA 2019. Right before the mass embrace portrayed in Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines 2. Due to this campaign riding on the same timeline and verse as the game, positions of power are limited to players and must be discussed with Justicars/Archons. When referring to the characters in powerful positions we will not refer to them by name until we know what their name is ingame. This also means that anything that happens up until about a month after game launch might be subject to change within the server, retcons may happen on a small to large scale. From the change of a character’s name, or a full-on change of area or enemy.

We ask you to be patient with us while we discover the story of the next game, and to have fun exploring this new dark world we are working to create alongside the game.

Make sure you read #server-information and check the green mark at the bottom to see the entire server.
This is a dungeons and dragons public server. It’s basically a place where you can meet people if you want. Or enter with a closed group and forget about meeting random people. The choice is yours. We are in need of DMS and players alike
Hey you! Yeah you! I'm talkin' to you alright! Now that I have your attention, We have a RWBY Dnd Server that us in the server welcome you and insist on you to join.

Disclaimer: We hold no affiliation to the server Remnant: Echo's of time

Here in the RWBY DnD/RP Server, we are based in 100 years from rwby cannon after the RWBY Story, fades from history. And now new stories have risen though the missions and role-plays done by our admins. We do not stay in 1 central kingdom but travel all throughout the world of remnant visiting each and every kingdom along with menagerie all according to the seasons.

Heres what we have to offer:
*Admins and Mods who are on constant server watch
*Fun and excitement waiting in every post
*Most important of all, Many Stories you can partake in!
*Four different playable races ranging from Humans, Faunus, Robotics, and Grimm
*A easy rwby based D&D book to follow and make your very own character for the roleplay and missions along with a beta book as well that has many different options on how to create a character each book has many types of creation types what kind you make is all up to you.
Want to give us a try? Heres the link! See you soon!
Welcome to the city of Easthallows! We are an NSFW roleplaying server with characters and quests based off of the D&D 5e ruleset. We offer a friendly community and active Dungeon Masters, and feature a new Character Point system that replaces normal experience to make leveling up easier.
Please note that this is an 18+ community exclusively, so join at your discretion. We welcome mostly everyone, just don't be an asshole and enjoy your time here!
Nouveau !
Game Style: Mostly Roleplay focus with combat.
It's a Persistent World, where you RP & interact with whoever's around, Like a Play By Post Basically. It's a server in which people can come on and RP/interact at any time of the day, with occasional GM-run events to help spark interactions.

Game Theme: Superhero setting Sorta like My Hero Academia

Notes: So this game is intended to follow the formula of My Hero Academia, the anime, no characters from the show are in this game, but it’s the same setting. Going to Classes, & every now and then a Villain attacks.

It’s a Text based Game & and it’s just starting so don't automatically kill each other.

The character creation is as follows: PL 8, no effect on the effect chart can exceed 8, and you can not trade off more than 50% of something. So can't let your defenses go below 4 and above 12 for now.

The setting is the United States! Miami Florida at the school Tempest High. It's modern day, with a bit of advanced technology here and there. You’ll start off as a Freshman entering Tempest High. So consider Joining.
Welcome to Varnas Castle, a chilling new setting for dreadful encounters, ghostly atmospheres, and thrilling server wide events! A server for fans of Dungeons, Dragons and the Macabre. We are an Avrae and text based system, you can host or play DnD quests and adventures right here on the server. We are accepting of all creeds and levels of knowledge. Our team of experienced players and DM's are here to help with any questions. New players have nothing to fear, your characters, however, have plenty.
D&D 3.5
All Welcome

Welcome to The Clifftop Guild, here in Sharn we know the dangers that lay out there in the wilderness and we come prepared for anything.....well mostly anything.

We are are not just a Tabletop server we are a community that has been through a lot recently and we came out stronger. Were Friendly and welcoming to all who arrive and will help you with what ever you need to get you set up and ready to play. Whether your an old timer or a new leaf ready to take on the perils that Ebberon has to offer, we welcome everyone to this new frontier.
Public, 24/7 D&D server. Starting level is 3, and we are always accepting members. Join the server and hang out, or go out on magical, epic quests. Or join our DM team and run your own
This is a JoJo's Bizarre Adventure RP server.

It has an incredible combat system, and actually god damn reasonable staff.

We're very laid back about what your Stand ability is, just please don't make god 2: the stand.

Absolutely no slurs, However cussing is allowed.
18+ adult themes, NO ERP!! We don't use D&D Beyond, we use Gsheet & Dicecloud.
A D&D 5th edition play by post tabletop roleplay server. West March style with quests and downtime events. Open to all timezones. Avare bot included. Homebrew subclasses accepted within reason. Level 3 starting level. Welcome to everyone. A friendly setting, no evil characters.
Olá mestres e jogadores! Deseja conhecer novas pessoas e fazer novas amizades? Entre para o nosso servidor!

Mas por que eu devo entrar nesse servidor?

Nós temos:

• Bots para entretenimento e minigames (UNO, Dio, Akinator, etc...)
• Sistema de Níveis para aqueles que são muito ativos nos chats
• Eventos
• Divulgação de mesas de RPG
• Personalização do seu nick com uma cor a sua escolha!
• Uma galerinha legal para interagir
• Calls para bater um papo e ouvir músicas
• Algumas sessões de cinema de vez em quando
• Chat NSFW ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
• Chat sem regras no qual reina apenas o caos!

Se interessou pelo servidor? O que está esperando?
Welcome to Heart, a D&D westmarch server, with a friendly community, set on a planet much like ours. Here, magic and swords meets a modern setting, connected by the many dangerous and lucrative portals opening up on Heart, linking it with other planes.

Heart is still developing, and as such will undergo many changes. We welcome new, flexible staff members who can help sort out new mechanics, and help DM the many facets of contemporary living. We of course welcome new players who are looking forward to a new setting in which to explore 5e.
[Server Info]
We're a home-brew DnD based server with a great community and support for other games including Minecraft (come join our faction). We usually play on weekends, but occasionally on weekdays and since it's summer, we host almost every other day. We have a community creation hub where you can submit your homebrew ideas to become cannon in all Dragon's Den campaigns. Our DMs/GMs host completely homebrew, by the books, and everything in between. Come join us for some DND fun and casual chats!
[Server Status]
We need more active players and people that'll host sessions and wont be inactive for long periods of time
Welcome to the Realm of Requiem; an entirely homebrew D&D world! We work in realtime RP, in a West Marches format.
Our community is small, but welcoming, no matter who you are! We're always looking for more players and Dungeon Masters, in order to bring the best experience to everyone! Our world is large, each continent having such different personalities! We also have plenty of homebrew selections, with submissions for anything new always open! If you have something you want to bring to us, please feel free!
We offer things such as random encounters, an area for safe PVP, fighting monsters, and of course, the standard sessions if that's more your taste!
Давно хочешь играть в мафию, но не можешь найти качественный сервер? Тогда тебе к нам! Night Mafia - это место где каждый вечер проходят ламповые игры. Здесь ты можешь найти много новых друзей. Но не забудь перед тем как начать игру, посмотреть правила сервера. Для того чтобы не опаздывать, следите за информацией на сервере, также если вы не умеете играть в мафию, то посмотрите категорию "об игре мафия".
A community focused Tabletop RPG server! DnD! Genesys! Star Wars! And much more general geekery! All are welcome! Join today!
Do you crave d&d? Playing, DMing, or maybe even just monitoring it? Well this is the place for you!
You can be a player, dungeon master, or a mod- or all three if you really want! Maybe you've never played or are interested? We have people who would gladly teach you how to play- or maybe you want to teach people how to play!
We don't have one Dungeon Master- everyone can be a Dungeon Master with the right criteria!
Some people like to be Moderaters, or some like to just be tech people- both are welcome! If you join and have any ways you think we could make the server better you can let us know, were always up for making the server better!
All in all this is a pretty fun place to be, you can play d&d, you can create and run d&d campaigns, you could make sure nobody is breaking the rules, or you could just make the server a better place and keep us running smoothly! So come on and join the fun- and make sure to bring your dice!!
Our D&D server is online based, we play D&D using a dice bot and our servers VC. If you feel that speaking in a VC is not for you we also have mute chats in which you can choose to listen in the VC whilst speaking in a text chat. We also have many options for "extracurricular" activites, such as RP, daycare, and other assorted channels. We hope you have fun if you choose to join! <3
The Blue Feather Guild is a new place for LGBTQ+ folks to discuss, play, and enjoy Dungeons & Dragons! Help us build our ranks and enjoy D&D with an inclusive community.

☆ Focus: D&D 5e
☆ Seeking: LGBTQ+ players, DMs, anyone interested in D&D
☆ Current mods' timezone: EST

➵ Resources for new and veteran players
➵ Channels to share art, writing, and concepts
➵ Bots for playing games and music
➵ Activity role leveling
➵ And more!
Vampire the Masquerade V5

It is set in Prague 2020 after Theo's treason.
The city is divided by Camarilla and Anarchs and the war is close... who is going to win? Are there any Sabbat in the city waiting for their chance to take over? Or perhaps the Autarkis will finally choose a side? Hunters already lurking in the streets of Prague...

• We are mainly a play by post server but we also have voice games!
• Our Mods and STs help when it is needed in the story by interacting with the players.
• We have small events almost every single week and moving the main plot slowly! Bigger missions are also a thing!
• Open to homebrew ideas. We already have Tzimisce and Baali as a playable option plus a couple of more cool things.
• Friendly people without drama OOC!

- Hecata from Cults of the Blood Gods is playable for people with the preview files! -

Game features currently include:
- Greeter NPCs.
- Some Power Positions are still open.
- NPCs for human hunters or even werewolves will be allowed for missions!
- A detailed map of the city.
- A site and Pinterest profile with everyone's faceclaim and info.
- Private Rooms for ERP (Needs NSFW Role to see them.)
- Level 2 Server Boost Status!
- Occasional movie nights.

Come have fun with us!
If you are new to the V5 system, don't be afraid to join us. We promise we don't bite!

Our city is the most important battleground in Europe tonight. Too many eyes focus west on the void that is London or the decadence that is Paris. Others look east in fear, at Moscow with its rattling sabres or Sevastopol with its current problems. Prague is something more. Made symbolic by the treason of Bell, it’s ground zero for the War of Ages. All over the globe, the unbound are empowered by this telling blow against our sect. But here, where it happened, we still stand. That should tell you something about how hollow their victory is. The blood still flows down in Elysium and old Vasily sleeps soundly under the floors of Pražský castle, undisturbed by the ruckus. If you believe the propaganda, what we have achieved in Prague cannot be understated. It’s no Anarch bastion, nor is it a Camarilla tyranny: Prague is the city of neutrality through division.
A place we watchfully share. Our Camarilla Scourges patrol the streets of the inner city, maintaining order and stability. Meanwhile, the suburbs and the south of the city has become Anarch free zones. In this way we keep any political unrest contained, as the unbound are busy spreading their international propaganda among the local activists. All Kindred are welcome in Prague if they know their place. We have our own traditions here, of hospitality, concealment, peace, and our own symbols marking our leaders, our enemies, and those from which we can freely feed. The city is in balance, for now. Truth is, we are a neutral city because we are torn between extremes. Our new Prince is busily expanding his collection of weapons and has been fortifying the havens of his allies. I know what it means. Perhaps it will begin tonight?