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Witajcie w naszej społeczności! Lubimy d czasu do czasu polować na cienie, mamy pupilka serwerowego to ten niedźwiedź z arta, jest naszym ukochanym Błażejkiem. Kanały są ogarnięte, administracja na dobrym poziomie. Mamy kanały od gier, chaty, zabawy. No ale wiemy, ze opisy nie dają poglądu na to, co jest na serwerze, więc dalej masz spis tego, co oferujemy!
‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾👻Oferujemy ci: 👻‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾
⛑miłą, pomocną administracje
🛠szybką reakcje na błędy i regularne aktualizacje serwera
📸kanał na wasze piękne buźki
🆙regularne konkursy i eventy
🎰 rozwiniętą ekonomię
⛳różne kanały do zabaw
💻 strefę gier
!!I wiele wiele więcej! Dołącz już dziś i sam się przekonaj!!
Servidor de um Youtuber chamado Fast21
Feito para interação de membros e inscritos
Servidor totalmente 0% tóxico caso tenha algum babaca querendo um ban sendo tóxico só me falar.
Greek mythology is allowed in the server.
Join this link if the current link is expired -

「Would you like to join a beautiful world, with magical lands, and creatures? Then take my hand, I will guide you to your destiny...」

1) There are 3 main kingdoms; The kingdom of Andromeda, the galaxy empire, which has very beautiful views during the night. The Kingdom of Andromeda resembles galaxy, stars and astrology, and they're quite famous for their fortune-telling places. Andromeda is a demi-god friendly kingdom, unlike Kyrenth.

2) The Kingdom of Kyrenth has the highest crime rate out of all kingdoms, and demigod hunters roaming around the streets, thirsty for holy blood to be spilt. So, are you against gods and demigods according to Greek mythology, or are you with them?

3) The kingdom of Alelacia, a centre for the arcane and magical, a kingdom where magical creatures and humanoids roam the streets as any other human would. These lands are fit with endless forests and mountain ranges around the borders containing all sorts of power and creatures, Alelacia mostly resembles calmness, autumn,
and Alelacia foods are the best in the town!

4) We have a lot of towns, and workshops for everyone, and as well as secret bases, and magical forests where you can swim with talking fishes!

5) The princesses/princes should marry someone when they turn 20. Guards and knights protect the royal family and the whole town as well. Other important events will occur at certain times allowing people to join and influence the world, for good or for better.

6) Yes, yes and YES! there are dangerous criminals and mafia gangs around 3 different kingdoms with underground bases and an infinite system called "the black maze." Brrr... scary...

I hope you liked your journey through the magical kingdoms, and the three kingdoms shall still be awaiting your arrival...

Minecraft server that has 2 minigames, skywars and kitpvp. We are a growing community and will love playing with you in our mc server
Server IP:
*Descrição em português*
Nos somos um servidor de minecraft com 2 minigames kitpvp e skywars. Estamos crescendo em uma comunidade ativa e otimista. Venha jogar no nosso servidor de minecraft!
Tem vagas na staff

╭☀☾ Greetings, Ultimate!
We here aboard The Desperation invite you to spend your year with us on our Ultimate Tour, a journey across the oceans of the world. We pride ourselves on our high-quality cruise ship and top-of-the-line traveling experience.

The Desperation crew is proud to claim its place as one of the Top 100 cruise opportunities in the world. We have hosted many celebrities, politicians, diplomats, and important figures onboard. Now, we want to extend our services to the nurturing and growth of Ultimate students.

Travelling across the seas, from the Atlantic to Pacific shores, we offer a one-of-a-kind sightseeing and connection-building opportunity.

✦ ╮ Our Goals
We want to offer Ultimate students from across the world a chance to get to know each other, build relationships, and develop their unique skills and talents!

So, come join us! We promise, you may enjoy your voyage so much you stay forever!

Lost at Sea is a unique Danganronpa RP set on a cruise ship, The Desperation, circumnavigating the globe over the course of the season. We aim to provide a unique experience within the community, with clean moderation, literacy verification, streamlined templates, and (most importantly) fun.

This is server is aimed towards 16+ audiences and expect fluency and literacy. We're open and welcoming to everyone, but are especially targeted towards those with crude senses of humor, so if you aren't comfortable around that kind of behavior, this may not the server for you. Nonetheless, all members are expected to be kind, mature, and friendly. We are very accepting to those of all races and identities!

The server is run by yours truly, Captain Stero and the Monokrew.

Cutoff date: December 20
Staff status: Accepting a few helping hands!
Type: Almost entirely FCFS
🤘*Rise to meet your fate, Ragnarök awaits!*🤘

Fimbulvetr as an idea was created by Sety#4816 in 2019, but with the failure of a solo project that year, it was dropped completely until this year. A group of people were gathered to create the next successful Fimbulvetr game, and after the failure of another project, the development of Fimbulvetr: Valhalla is underway and will be released some time in 2021!

Our server has a chill and welcoming community, Fire Emblem and non-Fire Emblem chats, Fimbulvetr related chats, and more! Hop in and have fun!
Willkommen auf der Klassenfahrt

Ein RP Server der auf Aktivität setzt.

Ein neues, durchdachtes und mit viel Liebe gestalltetes RP-Konzept.

Es wird darauf geachtet dass nix krass eskaliert damit jeder Spaß hat.

Monatliche, sowie wöchentliche Updates sorgen für permaneten Spielspaß.

Du musst dich nicht mit jedem gut verstehen oder dich mit jedem anfreunden.
Such dir einfach die Leute mit denen du gerne abhängen willst und such dir Freunde die zu dir passen um deine eigene Geschichte zu erfinden.

Alles weiteren Infos findest du im Server und bei Fragen steht dir das Staff Team gerne zur Seite. Viel Spaß
Roleplay ambientato su Runeterra, il mondo del celebre MOBA League of Legends. Si possono ruolare tanto i campioni canon del gioco quanto i personaggi originali creati dagli utenti, il tutto compatibilmente con quanto reso noto dalla RIOT. Sono ben accetti anche gli amanti dei giochi firmati RIOT Games in generale.
Nouveau !
╭── ⋅ ⋅ ── ✩ ── ⋅ ⋅ ──
★ Kpop Company Roleplay Server
★ Fill out template and start training
to debut
★Kind CEO's, currently hiring more staff
★ Will make custom photo cards for server

╰── ⋅ ⋅ ── ✩ ── ⋅ ⋅ ──
Immersive roleplay through GTA 5 fivem. Fly into Los Santos with your friends and connect through activities and daily living in a big city! With over 25+ legal jobs and tons of illegal activies to do!

📌 Realistic bone system, limping when leg(s) are broken, Blurry vision from head damage, Internal injuries lead to blood loss, more weapon recoil when arms are broken.

📌 MDT / DNA / Bullet Casings for police for actual police work and solving crimes about murders, and shootings, while also able to put out warrants and BOLOs.

📌Custom heists and Robberies, All stores have robbable clerks and the ones in the city even have breakable safes in the back. 3 unique ways to rob banks at 7 locations across the map.

📌Hidden locations and Missions, tons of great RP to be made with people trying to find out hidden locations or doing missions with friends!

📌Jail break from the cities jail by blowing the power to the city, or get behind doors that would normally be locked!

📌Tons of great opportunities for players such as owning a business and managing employees, and striving to hold it together.
About HLRRP We Are A Realistic Roleplay Server | NonWhitelisted | vMenu | Now Hiring LEO & FD | Now Hiring Staff | Communications | Gangs | Scripts | Custom Cars and more!

- Los Angles Police Department
- Ventura County Sheriffs Office
- Los Angeles Fire Department
- California Highway Patrol
- Los Angles Dispatch Communications

Sub Divisions
- Air Support Unit
- K9 Unit
- Court System
- Speed Enforcement

Some Features
- A working CAD system
- vMenu
- Good and experienced staff
- Well made departments
- Custom EUP
- Custom vehicles
- Custom liveries
- California based
Legends speak of the old days of a time of peace, between the dark Kingdom of Saarthal and the light Kingdom of Luxaria. Vampires, Demons, and the Nephelium lived in harmony, until a secret was discovered on the floating isle of mist that torn them into war. Now, one hundred years have passed and the seige of the floating isles continues. What side will you take? How will you shape Elyria's fate?
Join the 198th Marine Division milsim!
Hang out, play games, and more!

- Nice, helpful members
- Active staff
- Fun bots
- Milsim
- Roleplay(ish)
Je vous présente Ishikawa rp, c'est un rp détente et NSFW (mais pas d'abus) et s'en prise de tête, le fondateur vous accueille a bras ouverts

Rp: sur se serveur vous pouvez discuter avec les autres personnage vous lié d'amitié avec ou même vous mettre en couplé et fondé une famille et pour se qui aime se battre c'est possible avec des pouvoirs plus incroyable les un que les autres, vous pouvez incarné la race que vous voulez, votre personnage peut être inventé ou venir d'une animé déjà existant

Hrp:le première point concerne la fiche de votre personnage (oui je parle de rp alors que je suis sensé parler du hrp) elle est serte très longue mais c'est pour en savoir le plus possible votre personnage (vous pouvez utiliser des modèles de fichies d'autres serveur si s'elle de base vous paraît trop longe), le fondateur est très sympathique (sauf si vous le faite chié) et il hésiter a pas a vous aider ou vous expliquer certains choses,pour l'instant on est très peu donc je peu pas vraiment parler de la communistes mais j'espère que vous en ferez parti
Sorcer fête ses 5 ans ! Rejoignez le serveur pour profiter de cet événement !

Sorcer : Discord RP est un serveur RP Discord qui possède un univers RPG-FANTASY exclusif !

↪️ Du RP écrit avec le bot Tupperbox

↪️ Un staff a l'écoute et proche des

↪️ Pas besoin d'être un pro des RP ! La création de son personnage est facile et relativement rapide et ne demande pas trop d'expérience ! Le Staff sera également toujours là pour vous aider !

↪️ Un wiki disponible pour découvrir l'univers Sorcer

↪️ Giveaway, quizz et autres pour faire vivre le serveur !

↪️ Un système d'économie et de shop qui permet d'acheter XP et rôles pour les RP !

↪️ Des récompenses disponibles avec des paliers de niveau !

↪️ Des Roleplay adaptés aux personnes qui débutent dans ce milieu !

↪️ Un système de guilde personnalisée pour les membres !

↪️ Une Communauté présente et sympa !

↪️ Un serveur en plus dédié a votre inventaire (vous pouvez le rejoindre via le serveur principal)

Autre chose :
Tu es doué en dessin et tu aimes dessiner du Fantasy ? Alors rejoins les designers du serveur pour créer les artworks de Sorcer !
(Seulement sur demande MP a l'administrateur. Un test vous sera demandé avant votre entrée dans la team des designers)

Alors ? Prêt a voyager sur les terres de Sorcer ? Alors, rejoins nous !

Welcome to RedLineRP, RedLineRP is a new FiveM server that is dedicated to roleplay. We have many unique features that you will not see on anyother server. Here are some of our features.


Custom Cars:
Our Development team works on adding Custom Cars each day. We have over 400+ custom cars and plan to add more in the future.

Our server has no lag, as we have a lot of space for the server. We also have DDOS protection so you never have to worry about the server going down.

Apart from our weed field in Sandy, we have it so at a store, you can buy cannabis seeds and plant cannabis anywhere that has soil, which is all over the map. We also have it so you can steal peoples cannabis if you find their plants. We also plan on adding more drugs to the server sometime soon.

We don’t experience any VDM or RDM yet, and if it were to happen in the future, when we get more members, we have active staff who can easily stop it and then revive you.

We have an anti-cheat that will stop all hackers that enter the server, so no one is able to mod and spawn stuff in and etc.

We have times where there is 20+ people on the server, but we want to get to the point where we can get that as our minimum player count. Our discord server has 100+ members, but is extremely active, and very friendly.


- Los Santos Police Department
- Emergency Service
- SWAT Unit


We look forward to see you all on the server, as we have made such an awesome server, and we can’t wait to share it to you all. We are also looking for more EMS and LSPD, so if you are interested, message an admin and they will help you out.
New Fire emblem erp server that allows characters from any Fire emblem game. A place where you can be lewd, make friends, roleplay, and talk about Fire emblem. If you love Fire emblem don't be shy and join.
Nouveau !
Welcome to the Post pandemic world of darkest day, an upcoming Near future Nation Roleplay set in 2023. This RP Will explore the Uncertain future of the 21st century such as the age of space exploration, the future wars of the 2020s and 2030s, the resource crisis and many more. come join.
By the end of the 21st century, humanity had already used up the majority of its necessary resources. This led to a need that caused major tensions between nations. Stressed by the fear of world war, the UN managed to assemble an international project to search for resources in the solar system. The Judicatrix (Latin female for Judge) is the most modern spacecraft developed by humanity. She is equipped with one of the first Nuclear fusion reactors and built for a 10-year mission- in case humanity did what they do the best, begin a war-. The Judicatrix was built to be manned by the best people in their respective fields.

Soon after the departure of the Judicatrix in 2186, a coup d’état occurred in the People's Greater Eastern Republic, leading to a war. In the beginning the war was fought conventionally, but as uprisings and successfully allied counter attacks destabilised the Maybe People’s Greater Eastern Republic, its leadership decided to end the war with their nuclear weapons. Soon afterward, all nations fired their nuclear arsenal at one another. The egoistic actions of the government of the People's Greater Eastern Republic actions cost the life of 106 Billion people and ended human civilization on Earth.

The brave women and men aboard the Judicatrix are the sole survivors of their species.
Have you ever wanted to roleplay as a tribe cat? Or as a wolf? Well in WotP, you can do both! We are a new server, created to try and bring more diversity to the warrior cat community.
We offer;
- Amazing, tight-knit community
- A great staff team
- Several fun bots such as Dank Memer and Littlecloud
- Frequent Events!
- An upcoming Minecraft Server
- Expansive Lore
Le but de la Fédération Française de Jeu de Rôle depuis sa création en 1995 de promouvoir le "JdR" sous toutes ses formes reconnues.

Nous vous informons pour tout ce qui concerne ce loisir et participons voir initions des actions concernant notre loisir.

Venez découvrir notre fédération, notre loisir, ce que nous proposons et surtout rencontrer d'autre personnes avide de ludique aventures !

(Association loi 1901 française déclarée)
__***𝕿𝖍𝖊 𝕬𝖋𝖙𝖊𝖗𝖑𝖎𝖌𝖍𝖙 𝕴𝖘𝖑𝖆𝖓𝖉***__
__*Seja bem vindo(a) a The Afterlight Island, ou TAI! Nesse servidor é uma mistura de temática medieval com a era atual, aqui você poderá ter uma incrível experiência para um ótimo RP!*__
__*Nosso Roleplay é repleto de coisas como:*__
🔷 - Stafs ativos a todo momento - 🔷
🔷 - Um universo completamente único - 🔷
🔷 - Criação de raças próprias - 🔷
🔷 - Tramas duas vezes por mês - 🔷
🔷 - Eventos especiais dentro e fora do RP - 🔷
🔷 - Sistema de xp próprio e funcional - 🔷
🔷 - Quatro grandes nações e um pequeno reino para se juntar - 🔷
__*Se ainda não está convencido a entrar, saiba que aqui poderá escolher a qual lado irá querer se juntar a guerra ou até mesmo chegar postos elevadíssimos.*__