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Unique medieval rp server based on a original bot. Server under development looking for staff and admins

🎉 Welcome to DBZ Magica!🎉

⊱ ── ── ── {.⋅ ⋅.} ── ── ── ⊰

This server is a unique twist to DBZ role-play instead of being the common DBZ RP this server has magic and will most likely add other stuff in the future.

🔵 Make unique custom techniques!

🔵 Interact with other people, and experience a great time!

🔵 Staff tends to wing it on villains trying to make things interesting every once in a while!

⊱ ── ── ── {.⋅ ⋅.} ── ── ── ⊰
Welcome to Ice Hunters, a DnD roleplaying server based off of the series Warrior Cats by Erin Hunter.

Meet the three clans who have made their home and care for their families nestled on and around a mountain.

Forestclan lives in the forests, you may see their pelts flash here and their, but if you put a paw in their territory, know your being watched.

Mountainclan who live in and around a mountain with its permafrosted meadow at the top and crumbling rocks to traverse getting there

And lastly Beeclan, who lives in the meadows and fields next to the twolegs. They maybe quiet and skittish, but if angered give a mean bite

But if you want to live a more dangerous life, live in the land where battle scarred rogues and loners compete for food and shelter.

Still not convinced? A cat crazy twoleg keeps many in her home and gardens. Live a comfortable life not having to worry about anything.

🌳 Three clans to join
🐝 Regular events
🗻 A Realistic Genetic System
🐇 DnD Hunting Systems
🌟 High ranked slots
- and much more!

How will you live? What will you do? What choices do you make in this 16+ server?
°| Story |°
Im Jahre 2167 entdeckten eine Geheime Gruppe an Forschern einen neuen Virus, welcher Hochgradig ansteckend ist. Die Forscher fingen an Personen zu entführen und diese als Testobjekte zu benutzen, jedoch konnten einige aus den klauen der Forschern entkommen und nahmen wieder am normalen leben teil. So geschah es, der Virus verbreitete sich über die ganze Welt und die Menschen fingen an mit ihm zu leben anstatt gegen ihn, da sie die folgen von diesem als Nützlich empfanden. Nun schreiben wir das Jahr 3045 und der Virus wurde zum Alltag der heutigen Menschen. Es wurden auch Schulen gegründet für die Jugendlichen, welche die Folgen der Krankheit nicht unter Kontrolle haben. Diese Schule besitzt jedoch ein finsteres geheimnis, werdet ihr in das geheimnis eingewiesen oder nicht...dies ist eure entscheidung.

°| Wir bieten euch... |°

-> Ein freundliches Serverteam!

-> Ein aufregendes Rp!

-> viele Events!

-> Eine Menge an Channels!

-> Ein erstklassiges Ränge system!

-> und noch vieles mehr!
[ Nós aceitamos parcerias e divulgaç ões! ^_^ ]

"Natal" Battle: Centauri Strikers se trata de um Roleplay que utiliza alguns conceitos da série Megaman, e de Cavaleiros do Zodíaco, como o fato de usarem armaduras e etc.
A história se passa no ano de 2015, sendo este um universo onde a tecnologia evoluiu à um ponto de seres humanos poderem viver dentro e fora do Cyber-Espaço, além do surgimento de vários torneios de luta contendo armaduras bastante modernas, podendo até mesmo melhorar ou ganhar novos tipos de armaduras para seu arsenal.
Apesar desses fatos, o Roleplay possui história original, tendo sido baseada (Em sua maioria) em antigas ideias que o criador do servidor teve para um mangá no ano de 2014.

— Staff experiente e bastante competente em mestrar a trama.
— Não há aquele tipo de RPG maçante por aqui.
— Sistema de Farming, Combates (Como o próprio nome do server sugere), Crafting de itens, Criação de Equipes, etc.
— Mapa grande, tendo como base a cidade de Natal (RN), mas bem variados e bem pensados para exploração.
— Sistema de Stats: A maneira mais viável de equilibrar os atributos de cada personagem, tendo os Ranks E (Nulo) até o Rank XYZ, podendo melhorá-lo ao atingir certo aumento em Buster Level.
— Campeonatos no decorrer do RP: DS Championship e Master League são os mais conhecidos dentro do Roleplay.
— Eventos inéditos, sendo eles divertidos, esquisitos, malucos, bem humorados, pode confiar. 👍

ᴠᴇɴʜᴀ ꜱᴇ ᴅɪᴠᴇʀᴛɪʀ ᴄᴏɴᴏꜱᴄᴏ, ꜱᴇʀᴇᴍᴏꜱ ᴀ ꜱᴜᴀ ꜱᴇɢᴜɴᴅᴀ ꜰᴀᴍÍʟɪᴀ! :)

Servidor de: YagamiPedro
Nouveau !
This is a freeroam mmo rpg discord about dragon ball, build cities, increase you power level, take over planets, and discover new planets, and steal from another members
We are a Hogwarts roleplay server for people who don't want too many people to remember by name. Come join the friendly community! (Mostly GMT times as of now but we are evolving) We have to offer:

-House points!

-Over 100 roleplay channels! (Open to suggestions)

-Real-time classes! (Teachers are volunteers and you can join in if you want to! No need to make a student character if you want to be a teacher!)

-Tupperbox bot!

-Special events!

-LGBTQ+ friendly community!

So come join us and check it out!
In the northern reaches of Canada, a cabin is built, with trees hemming in the view and a frozen lake on the doorstep. Special people from around the globe flock there, seeking refuge from those who would do them harm. Gathering around the fire each night are people from other worlds, people with magic in their blood and people who are different as the result of something horrific. Over time people join them and events unfold that would have nowhere else.

Even if you're not interested in the rp, drop by and join the community, we mostly just vibe, we have vcs, bots and hugs to go round. Stop by if you're interested :3

(semi)Recently our original server was deleted by the owner(as much as we have deduced) so we created this as a replacement, we'd really appreciate it if you come along and help us rebuild our community.
Keep Calm And Vibe People
Star Wars: Birth Of An Empire is a Roleplay based on the events that are based off the aftermath of Order 66. In this, we are going our own path, so separate from Canon, and separate from legends.

It's exactly 1 month after Revenge of The Sith and clone troopers were still being used. There are small rebel uprisings, but non are coordinated. The Empire has taken the Galaxy by storm and have slain their protectors. The Jedi. Emperor Palpatine rules with an iron fist, with his elusive enforcer Darth Vader. Will you be a Jedi, running from the soldiers you once fought with, a bounty hunter taking advantage of the desperation of the galaxy, a rouge clone trooper, or one of the legendary heroes scattered across the galaxy..... Or one of the legendary Villains...

This server was started by me and a friend of mine. We have a sssuuupppeeerrr small player base but hope to grow.

We offer

- A fun environment to roleplay in your favorite galaxy far far away

- An active administration that is always available to help

- Literate roleplay!

- Tupper bot!!!

As I said, we are a small community always in search of new members and staff to join our small community.

So please, stop by and give us a look around, and stay a bit. And May the Force be with you!!!
Star Wars rp

> Prenez pars à la guerre intergalactique entre le puissant empire sith et la grande République

> Créez votre personnage, votre histoire, et choisissez votre camp : sith,jedi,soldat de la République,soldat impérial,Mandalorien,etc...ou soyez un combattant hors du conflit !

> Un rôle play libre pour s'épanouir dans l'univers de star Wars !

On vous attend ! ✨
Reaktywujemy serwer MCLOBBY.PL
Na start zaoferujemy Wam Popularny tryb SkyBlock z autorskimi pluginami, ale to nie koniec! Z czasem pojawią się tryby tj. SkyWars, Survival, EasyHC oraz niegdyś bardzo znany i lubiany DTM (destroy the monument)
A small roleplaying server for Dark Souls! Set before the first Age of Fire ended, you can explore beloved locations like Blightown, Izalith and the Tomb of Giants before everything went to Hell! Also those lesser known ones like Anor Londo (We all just hate it [kidding obviously]). You can also explore locations that you haven’t before like Catarina and Londor! More locations will be added on as the story continues!
Welcome to secure contain and protect!! a facility dedicated to hiding and protecting the monsters from humanity!! In this roleplay server you'll find custom scp's and a very friendly staff team!! I hope you'll join the fun~! ^^
[YAOI/GAY/SLASH – Omégaverse – Surnaturel – Fantasy – Science-fiction – Âme-sœur.]

Nous sommes deux Administrateurs très présents, tout comme la communauté de manière générale. Bonne ambiance, un monde construit qui ne demande qu’à évoluer.
Il n'est possible que de jouer des personnages masculins !

Life :
La Terre s’est rebellée. Lasse du comportement destructeur de ses Enfants, elle a envoyé une Tempête destructrice qui changea à jamais sa surface. Elle dota la faune et la flore d’atouts pour se protéger, leur permettant de survivre face à la menace des Hommes. Elle décima également les Femmes, faisant progressivement décliner la démographie mondiale. Cependant, dans son immense générosité, elle permit aux humains d’évoluer et de continuer de se reproduire : l’omégaverse était né. Life, organisation de prime abord humanitaire, a étudié le phénomène, désireuse d’augmenter le nombre d’hommes capables d’enfanter – les omégas – et de protéger les rares femmes restantes. Life, toujours, a également mis sur pied des Chasseurs expérimentés, chargés de protéger la population des Surnaturels sortis de leurs trous. Parce que oui, pensiez-vous réellement que les humains étaient les seuls sur cette Terre ? Que les vampires, les loups-garous et les dragons n’étaient que des légendes ? Que nenni. Venez choisir ce que vous incarnerez, votre camp, votre race, et peut-être découvrir votre âme sœur.
EPIC RPG Gladiators
A fun community with a lot of perks! Giveaways & EPIC RPG grinding!

Come and check us out!

-Many giveaways
-Reminder roles for EPIC RPG grinding
-Ping roles for EPIC RPG events (such as catch, fish, chop, and legendary boss!)
-Reaction roles and server level roles
-Server booster perks/benefits
-Leveling system
-Active community
-Active and Friendly staff
-Multitude of bots (EPIC RPG, Pokécord, OwO, Idle-RPG, Mudae, Dank Memer, and more)
-Multitude of channels to play and chat in
-Music channels (Octave + Rythm) + Voice channel
Nouveau !
Dies ist der Paradise Roleplay Discord Server, joine jetzt noch um mit uns das Roleplay zu erleben. Wir wünschen dir viel spaß.
We are aq3d gaming server.
We have many helpful and knowledgeable gamers.-🤗
Really active guild.
Are you looking for a community dedicated to Animal Crossing
Look no further than the Total Drama Animal Crossing Island Server

This Server Features:
- kind individuals who love animal crossing and making new friends!
- trading at affordable rates among trusted non scammers
- cool events being hosted every week, with the option for you to host events of your own!
- giveaways and grab bags
- places for you to show off your island and fashion sense
- a safe space for people who use all pronouns to express themselves

Please Join Us Here!
A kind community of Animal Crossing Fans Await!
Wir schreiben das ja 1100 und befinden uns im Dunklen Zeitalter.
Vor Äonen brachte eine Kollision mit einer anderen Welt die Magie auf unsere Erde, doch nur wenige Begabte können sie nutzen.
Drei große Rassen - Menschen, Elfen und Zwerge - lebten friedlich zusammen, aber in den letzten Jahren nahmen die Unruhen zu.
Es entstanden kleinere Konflikte zwischen Menschen und Nicht-Menschen.
Auf welche Seite stellst du dich und stehst du für den Frieden oder möchtest du die anderen Reiche für dein eigenes Volk einnehmen, um es so zum vorherrschenden Volk aufsteigen zu lassen? Bist du vielleicht sogar einer der wenigen Begabten, die die Magie beherrschen können? Wie werden deine Freunde und Familie darauf reagieren und wenn erste jemand anderes herausfindet, dass du Magie beherrscht, wie sicher wird dein Leben dann noch sein?
Schreib deine eigene Geschichte in diesem Fantasy-Setting und bestimme dein Schicksal selbst!
Hello! A Friendly Invitation to Shivas Shack!

We have:

Shiny Raids

RooBot- For Genning and Seedchecking

The Shiva League- A Gym Challenge

The Frontier- Gather Streaks to Challenge the Leaders

and Overall a Friendly Community!

The year is 128 AC and the realm is prosperous. The crown is rich and stable, or so it seems. But there is conflict amongst the dragons of Westeros, lurking beneath.

King Aenys, the first of his name sits on the throne now, surrounded by his family. House Targaryen is at its peak, boasting the most dragons and dragon riders in history. But even dragons can’t protect the Valyrians from what’s to come.

With only a daughter from his first marriage, King Aenys had no other choice but to recognize her as his heir, in fear of his brother succeeding him. He doted on his daughter and loved her, teaching her the ways of ruling the kingdoms. Even after remarrying and having sons, he still proclaimed her his heir and next in line. Much to the ire of his new Queen and her father, the hand of the king.

Now as the topic of succession is heavily debated amongst the nobles, many look to see what will happen next. Some argue that his daughter shouldn’t take the throne, and that her own sons aren’t legitimate, but rather bastards themselves. Others think Aenys’ firstborn son should be the rightful heir, as a male.

Who will end up on the throne? Two sides at court have been formed as the King’s health starts to waver. The greens, the lords and ladies of the Queen’s party. Or the blacks, the nobles of the Princess’ party.
RPG server na kterém najdete nejen spoustu zajímavých RP ale i přijemnou komunitu a spoustu zábavy. Server nemá skoro žádná pravidla ale to neznamená že je nedodržujeme! Prosíme pravidla dodržovat!
Nous sommes un serveur de roleplay yaoi (garçon x garçon) depuis maintenant 2 ans. Nous cherchons de nouveaux membres pour notre nouveau contexte :

“Danger de niveau mondial : Une pandémie s'abat sur le monde entier. Les femmes meurent et une partie des hommes également."

Alors que vous cherchiez du travail en ce temps de crise, des militaires venant d'une île française inconnue vous abordent et vous promettent logement et travail sur leur île : Alfirin.
Malheureusement, une fois sur place, vous vous rendez compte que cette vie de rêve n'est pas ce que vous espériez.
Des règles, des directives, des restrictions, de la répression, tout cela régit par un seul homme : celui que l'on surnomme "Le Prince".
Vous devez choisir de résider entre divers quartiers de l'île : Aquamarine, Ruby, Diamond, Onyx, Amethyst et Emerald. Votre logement rêvé est en fait un centre de rationnement où vous allez devoir apprendre à vivre en communauté avec d'autres survivants.
Attention à vos faits et gestes, les soldats que l'on nomme "les sentinelles", vous surveillent. Le moindre faux pas pourrait vous faire basculer dans la criminalité. Les sentinelles vous traqueront sans relâche si vous rejoigniez l'un des repaires criminels présents dans les souterrains de l'île.

Plusieurs choix s'offrent à vous, allez-vous collaborer sagement ou vous rebeller sauvagement ?
Les secrets de l'île d'Alfirin vous tendent les bras...

> Infos Complémentaires : En tant que serveur de rp yaoi (relation garçon x garçon) nous n'acceptons que les personnages masculins et majeurs. Mais aussi, comme des thèmes +16 seront abordés (violence, sexe, langage grossier) nous n'acceptons que les membres âgés de plus de 16 ans. Vos personnages doivent également être majeurs (+18 ans) !

Si vous voulez participer à l'expérience GENESIS, alors rejoignez-nous...
Le Prince vous attends.
Nouveau !
enjoy your stay here in the unofficial gta5 online server, i hope you have a good time