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egirls and eboys
looking for mods/admin
do whatever you want 🦋☮️💌🧿💒
✨Starway City, a place many come to accomplish their dreams, whether it's becoming a famous reporter, saving others from danger or world domination.✨

★A new server, so you get to have first dibs on powers

★ Emojis!!!

★ Plenty of bots, you can even request for more!

★ A fun place to hang out and chat!

★Creative freedom~

★OC's are absolutely welcome!

★LGBTQ+ friendly :D

★Always open to suggestions!

✨Remember to reach for the stars!✨

**Help Needed**
(Also if you join, please... don't leave XD)
A roleplay town, filled with mysterious powerful people. The Strife's found their way into this town and now seem to have opened it to the public! So come have fun
hii, this is a new server that I decided to share with the public. the server was created to play around with the bots. I thought it would be nice if I put it on here and make some friends. I would say I'm pretty active so if you wanna be friends w me, join ;). tHaT iS aLL!
"When the ancients awoke we thought they were the monsters..but it was us all along"

Drums of the apocalypse echo to all 4 corners of the Earth! Welcome to Daikaiju:DoA
A refreshed rp server with a new take and original story + lore set in a dark world where Kaiju are on the losing side in a battle against their own. Humans and corporations have managed to Tether Kaiju like puppets, with every day it's another fight for survival as the Earth continues to suffer.
Choose your faction and fight for them on an Earth where all is lost and there is nothing left to lose.

Semi literate Kaiju rp server that requires you to write at least 3 lines of rp
Nouveau !
~LGBTQ+ Friendly Server! <3 (Happy Pride)
~Promote kindness!
~Cool Bending Styles!
~Spin for Rarer Bending Styles!
~14+ Only!

It started when Avatar Korra left us to remain in the spirit world, accompanied by her wife, Asami. This led people to fear for their lives. They had no idea who would keep the physical world safe and in balance. This led to a desire to tamper with genetic modification through the use of the avatar's cells. The desire led to the discovery of a mutation, within artificial humans, that could allow them to bend more than one element. Scientists discovered that the limit was two. These creations were named dual-benders. They continued to study dual-benders, wanting to study them as they learned how to bend and how to improve their bending skills/tactics. Their goal was to have them continuously improve their capabilities so that they could take the Avatar's position. During these studies, scientists attempted to tamper with their creations, wanting to make them as powerful as possible by overloading them with the cloned cells of the avatar. This excluded the spirit of Raava because the spirit could not be replicated. Many of these dual-benders died from their inability to accept this power. It was too much for their bodies to handle. The next batch, however, led to a malfunction within the lab. This caused the lab to explode, releasing an energy wave that traveled far away. This modified a gene within those caught in the radius of that energy wave. This gene remained dormant for many. Although it did remain dormant in most, producing an offspring with carrier-parents led to a higher chance of activating this gene at birth.
Nouveau !
This server is somewhat a sequel to an old superhero RP server of mine that ended after it's last event "Chrono-Chaos". With it's death we decided to remake it on a clean slate, you dont need to know what happened on the last server and it doesnt effect the lore in a huge way only what the "OG" characters/members remember
Just a server you can message on and the owner is a fan of Geometry Dash so if you like that then why dont ya join?
We are a server dedicated to the NDPC Worldbuilding project! Head on over and contribute!
Welcome to Crack Heads, here we spam memes at each other, spread love to one another and more! ( Description is a work in progress. )
Hey you! Yeah, you! Do you like Highschool Roleplay servers? Well, if you do, let me introduce you to...Hill-Side high! We have 50+ members, and are an active community. I think it's time I show you our lore.

Our Lore:

Hill-Side High is an elite private school in which is looked upon very highly. It’s placed right in a beautiful city called Magnolia - which is located in America and is well-known for its many cherry blossom trees. Magnolia is popular for its safe neighborhoods, beauty, vast parks, elite schools, friendly residents, and the many festivals. In its high hills lies the mansions of a few celebrities that frequent the city. Some have attended the school itself or have sent their children there.

Overall, the city has an almost perfect reputation. With a low unemployment and crime rate, many consider it when choosing which city to move to or tour. But hidden in the shadows, far from the innocent public’s eyes is the organized underground crime that is always going on. The government did everything in its power to stop it but ultimately succumbed to their power, being paid off to keep crimes and disappearances on the low. The mafias and gangs do their work away from any peering eyes, but occasionally people do find out about some of their jobs. They’re almost never believed, however, as Magnolia is seen as a city where nothing could go wrong.

Some journalists and government officials have tried finding out the truth about what really goes on in Magnolia and exposing it to the world, few have succeeded, even fewer have been believed. Most stop working on the project for reasons they’d rather never discuss.

Well, what're you waiting for! C'mon and join :)
Hi Welcome to the Le Pokémon Hideout, we are very welcome and enjoying your stay. We also have a suggestion and catching some of your interest. A Le Grande Opening of the server. The whole Region Of Hideout got all houses and mansions for the members and such. We got suggestions on a given channels would like to suggest for. Also this is 18+ adult content ERP/RP server, so if aren’t old enough, don’t access this server, if the admins or mods find you out that you are underage, you know what to do, leave, you must or ban

The Pokémon Hudeout has many more Role-play sections and channels has got many, almost roaming around the city and people’s home from role-play channels. Suggestions always include here for the members’ request. Please enjoy your stay on the lobby

💕ERP server
💕Porn channels
💕kink channels
💕Color Roles (Pokemon Colors and a custom colors)
💕ERPs in a certain channels
💕Non-toxic people
💕Requesting for Moderators
💕No character approval
💕Music Bot
💕Anything goes but follow the rules first
Coming soon
Nouveau !
Dimensional Devouring is a server made for the sole purposes of boys getting eaten by other boys. A very gay, very male, very flamboyant server. It's like a whole other dimension because it's so different than most other servers. Go figure!
18+ Only, All genders allowed in, M/M content only
Nouveau !

Et si, pour une fois nous allions autre part que la Terre ? Cette planète qui regorge de vie, n’est pas la seul ! Une multitude d’univers, et une infinité de galaxie encore non découverte à ce jour n’attendent que d’être découverte. Nous nous retrouvons dans un univers situé à 250 années lumière, nommée Altaria, dans une de ses nombreuses galaxies, qui porte le nom de ZeroDown. Comme dans toute galaxie, il y a les étoiles, un astre solaire, et bien évidemment tout un système visant à maintenir la vie et l’équilibre au sein de cette galaxie. Nous nous retrouvons dans une époque plus futuriste, ou le voyage entre plusieurs univers est possible.
Lors du début de vôtre périple vous vous rendrez vite compte que cela n'est pas si facile que ça, car la vie n'est pas toute rose.. car des monstres rodent, différents en fonction des planètes, mais aucune n'est véritablement sur.. toute, sauf une qui l'est plus que les autres.. et cette planète se nomme Utopia.
Chaque planète n'est pas encore pleinement découverte, ni même localisée! Terres hostiles, terre propice à la vie? Une envie de conquête, d'exploration vous attend au seins de ce serveur ou vous pourrez être qui vous voulez.
Attention, petit détail..vous pourrez avoir vôtre propre dragon! Apprivoisez le et faites en un compagnon de taille!
Dear User,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment.

Term begins on September 1. We await your owl by no later than July 31.

Yours Sincerely,

Elijah Salvator

🔮 Come join us in Hogwarts, a fresh server with endless possibilities! 🔮

🔥 Become a student and live your full 7 years in the mighty castle!

🔥 Become a member of the faculty family and educate the next generation!

🔥 Even become a dark lord or one of their followers, wreaking havoc upon civilians!

🔮 We're a very new server, so come in with an open mind, and I don't doubt you'll be here to stay!🔮

This server thrives to be welcoming and happy, we try to stay active and happy through everything and help fellow members out. You can always visit, and check it out before joining. Have a nice day/night!
Hello, this is a new 18+, NSFW, BDSM/kink server that is for all kinds of kinksters old and new. This is a place for anyone who is part of the community or interested in kink to come and hang out. This is also, a judgment-free environment so feel safe to join.

--80 roles you can choose from
--96 Channels and counting
--LGBTQ+ friendly
--Active and friendly staff
Hello! Welcome to moon rabbits ! We’re new sooo Need active members lmao
We are a server that’s trying to grow. This is a server to make friends and maybe even a special someone! I personally will try to make this community grow and just have fun with it!