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TVD [AU] is a ‘The Vampire Diaries’ roleplay server with a twist. Instead of having the Mikaelson’s, Salvatore’s, et cetera. It has the Everettson’s and Demetriou’s, and many more. You could roleplay as an OC of your favorite character. The possibilities are endless in the TVD [AU]
for people who like art of any type can post art,compliment art, get feedback from pros, talk to other artists ETC. Make sure to join and share your art

we make it simply just join and advertise away trust me it will help we also have rewards that will be amazing for you channel just invite someone and trust me it will help your social media!
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Slave looking for a brutal master/mistress (erp & irl or only irl) really into omorashi, anal, cbt, and lots more. i love sending nudes and being told what to do so let's have fun (server pfp is me uwu)
hi ok so like idk what my server rly is tbh but hi i'm laura i own the server it's kinda swag pls join x
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Come on in to this funny toxic server! 🥳

Make new friends, play roblox and be toxic asf! Invite whoever you want fatties
Welcome To The "Counting To 100,000" Discord Server! This Is Probably The World Record Of The Most Numbers In One Server! Our Goal Is 100,000 and You Might Think That's Impossible but We Have Made It To 60,000+ With Only 30 Members! If You Want To Make This The First Server To Ever Hit 100,000 Without Bots, You've Came To The Right Place!
【❦Welcome To Ainz’s Market❦】

Server was created to bring together all of the trusted sellers/buyers

ツChat with othersツ

I do many giveaways

♛We are a growing community, soon to be on top♛

We do not tolerate scammers
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A Galaxy at war! With the recent rearrival of the Sith the Jedi are fighting to keep the galaxy at Peace but the opression of the sith is returning! This server will mainly runoff of the Legends material of the The Old Republic Era although there will be no characters such as Valkorian or Revan only OC's.
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Your character has fallen into a mysterious wormhole! This wormhole sent them to a world that is like a ghost town, evidence of a civilization, but no one to be found. No living creatures, and no evidence of anything going wrong.
What is this mysterious world?
What secrets does it hold?
Why is everyone gone?
This server has a player-based story with some staff influence.
This server is very new, please don’t have high expectations
🚪Welcome to the Rented Room🚪
Its a small server with a lot of good and friendly people. We're pretty quiet and chill, there's barely any drama in this server which is a good thing. A bunch of people here are really nice and they are also hella fun.

Few things to know about this server:
📌 We tend to talk more in voice channels, so feel free to join in when there's one or more people!
📌 The server has a couple of anime fans and weebs so if you're a fellow weeb, then you've come to the right place!
📌 There's a feature suggestion channel so if you want to suggest some new things or remove some then let us know in that channel!
📌 Strict rules when it comes to drama so make sure to read the rules of the Landlord properly!
📌 Once in a while, there's a stream session going on in the vc so you can hop in to watch a fellow member playing a game!

Will Add:
📌 More events like playing or cah
📌 Other small events to get to know each other better
📌 Anime/Movie session

So come on down, rent a room and join in the small community!
Marketplace dedicated to bringing you the best products and services without letting you get scammed with active moderation. From cracked accounts to freelance services, our goal is to provide you a one stop shop for all your e-buying and selling needs. Owner is also a supplier to help you get started selling cracked accounts.
After the Demonic struggle of the Demonkin ended with the Dragons, the world was once again at peace. It was time for men and women of every race to join and live through the world in unity. That was a hundred years ago, and the world has advanced so far in that time.

Unbeknownst to the men and women of Uais, the threat of demise lingers above their head out of sight. Omens of a pestilence creep around the frozen country of Ureasha, small towns being vaporized as a plague rears its sickly head around. Other signs of war appear in the western country Tiracea, men and women who were once allies turning and attacking each other with no former sign of aggression.

Dragon President Ayzzenith rules over the State of Arctin City and all of Elysia, doing his best to keep the peace, but without the knowledge of the full story, it is hard to make sure everyone is happy and living the best lives they can. He settled the conflict between the Demonkin and Dragons, but can he do much more than that for factors such as the apocalypse?

Arctin isn't only on the brink of chaos, but it is the eye of the storm. And unfortunately, the calm before the storm is oh-so-very-close to running out as that clock ticks faster and faster. But what can we do?

That's entirely up to those who inhabit the city. May Arctin find salvation or be brought to its knees?

Only time will tell. And that clock is about to strike midnight.

Welcome to 18+ Hideout where you can have a great time! 💋

We are an adult server with a close community and looking to grow! content to increase as we continue to expand our sexy family!

Come join us and have a good time! 💦
Your lives are in your hands. Playing a game with death itself. It's been 7 months since it's broken out and you're waiting to outlive the virus, that's if you can survive and dodge death. Those who remain, the last of humans, the hope, are living in fear of what comes. A large number of zombies have mutated, making it all the more dangerous. Good luck to those who survive.

◇ What We Have To Offer ◇

We are a fairly active server which welcomes people of all kind.
~ Helpful and friendly staff
~ Users are willing to rp with anyone
~ very active now!~ Over 350+ members to enjoy your company with
~ We're friendly towards all and everyone
~ A good set or rules with no clear loopholes
~ Welcoming to all genders, sexuality and race. (We're against anything that discriminates against that)
~ Characters are all unique with our template which allows you to be creative
~ Self roles
~ A verification bot so you will never find an unwanted bot in the server
~ Music and VC channels.
~ Unique events + zombies!
~ We allow memes and have an offensive chat!
~ People from all around the globe ♡


Make sure to have fun~ ♡

Are you sick? Because I know we are!
IMVU Friendly
Gaming Friendly
Lifestyle friendly
NSFW and SFW content
Artists can advertise upon request for shop!
Seeking/non seeking hangout

Nouveau !
Hello! Welcome to this server. This is a WIP server and still not completed, though it’s a furry roleplay server! I’m hoping to make many friends.
I just gotta give props to Peanut (an admin) for being so patient and kind during the harshness of trying to get the roles to work.
This is a somewhat NSFW server, though you don’t have to be 18+ to be in the server.
What we offer:
• Roleplay.
• Staff that are (in my opinion) pretty great!
• Only some NSFW channels.
• And I hope a new friend for you!
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Team Vapor is a fairly new server started yesterday by Munch.
They are a creating team that , well, creates.
Sorry I'm not good at this :/
Just join the server or u gae
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Howdy! Welcome to BM&C! We’re here to gather people of multiple colors, age, race, and gender! We can make the world a better place one box of Mac and Cheese at a time!
So many servers that revolve around fantasy stuff but not enough heroes and villains. Why don't you relive your childhood and revive that superhero you used to draw in your spare time to role play with many others?

Welcome to our server! Where you have the option of creating your hero or a super villain to save/destroy our city. Yay! We're still a new server and was literally made in a day, but we're welcoming new members! Not too many roles at the moment, but please have fun here.

We have:
-Active Staff
-Awesome channels
-pictures of small animals!
-and much more!

*Thanks for reading! Hope you join us sooner or later!
Erizon is an Island that inhabits many creatures. Those creatures lived on 7 different parts of Erizon, each place holding a magical element that was given to each of the creatures that lived there.

Erizon is a wondeful island for exploring!
♡The staff is wonderful and kind!♡
♡Plenty of fun!♡
♡a wide choice of creatures♡
♡Friendly members!♡

~We will be waiting for you in our wonderful server~