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Hey!! We're a smaller server dedicated to being a fun safe space for clikkies to just hang out, we're pretty active, i'd say our admins/staff are pretty dope but im kinda obligated to say that because i am one,, we're pretty hectic and chaotic but its super fun =))
Nouveau !
Sacred Notes is a server where you can chill with other people and talk about music. Here we have music vcs, a main vc, and a karaoke vc. If you're looking for a place to find your music taste, share your music taste, learn new genres or just talk, this is this the place to be.
Welcome to .MP3!

This server features:
Fun bots! (Rythm, Yggdrasil, etc)
A nice community
Mixing, mastering, instrumentation, and composition help!
Music streams!
And much more!
An art channel so you can flex your art skills on everyone!
Come vibe with us
We are an Audiophile and Audio related server/community hoping to welcome new hobbyists and experienced enthusiasts. Our design is to make sure as much genuine audio knowledge is reciprocated within the audio community as possible and hobbyists can have an open platform to get alternative opinions and perspectives on gear and technologies for referencing and to better understand the audio community.

Feel free to ask questions regarding audio and anything related or just hang around and talk with us. We love our active and invested members and welcome new ones with open arms with no regards on level of experience!

Keep in mind, everybody is welcome but we share a PC culture free adult attitude, if you are uncomfortable around a no PC culture environement then Sonic Getaway may not be suitable for you.
Welcome to Hellboy's Kingdom
14+ server

Originallly A Lil'peep server, we've expanded to welcoming to other artists- to artist such as xxxtentacion, mac miller, my chemical romance, and more!
Want to add an artist that you want to obsess over with other music lovers? Talk to our admins and we'll add them!

What we provide for you!
✓ E-Girls and E-Boyz
✓ Hentai/Other lewd content
✓ NSFW channel
✓ Selfie channel
✓ Sharing socials
✓ Gaming
✓ Self-Roles
✓ Game nights (we take requests)
✓ A comfort corner where people are willing to listen to you vent, as well as a hotline channel (contact admins if you have more you want to add <3)
✓ Bots for your entertainment!

So step into Hellboy's Kingdom if you want :)

Look forward to seeing you…
Hello! Welcome New Angels!
Corden’s Angels is a one direction server for fellow directioners to talk!

-it’s a safe place to talk
-we hold events such as watching the video diaries
-you can make new friends who love one direction
-discuss your favourite ships including Larry
-promote your own Etsy youtube etc
-a place to vent and get advice

We hope you love our server! 💙✨
We feature Indie but love it all - old skool rock, folk, electronic, hip hop etc. We're friendly and welcome anyone who wants to hangout and talk music, movies and life in general. We feature:
-listening / album parties
-music bots: Chuu,, Groovy, etc
-movie nights
-music sessions on, JQBX, Groovy
-online concerts and dj set sessions
-we also love food, gaming, meaningful discussions
We're a fun discord server for everyone! Here's what you can find when you join:

- A very welcoming and inclusive community!
- Leveling and XP system (Eli)
- Music / Video Game enthusiasts! (we have channels for many games, like Smash Bros., Minecraft, Overwatch, Valorant, League)
- Content creators
- Fun minigames (Mewbot, Tacoshack)
- Live composition/arranging streams that are *exclusive* to The Arranger's Alcove

If you're looking to meet new people and make new friends, please consider stopping by. This server is relatively new, so I'd definitely appreciate any support I can get!
A server to discuss all things related to the prog rock band Van der Graaf Generator and singer-songwriter Peter Hammill! We welcome newcomers and mega-fans!
This is the official server of the CG Goats! The newest, and best rap group to date!
Zapraszamy na największy Trapowy Discord w Polsce!
Aktywni członkowie,
Konkursy (niedługo rzeczowe),
Aktywna administracja!
I wiele, wiele więcej! Dołącz a się przekonasz!

Want to be a part of a big K-POP Community? Come join UNION now~

We welcome all MULTI-FANDOMs to this amazing server. Interact with alot of K-POP stans and have fun with variety of fanbases of different K-POP groups. Vibe and tune in with us! Join different events and games in the community. Enjoy free K-POP content and get updated with daily news in the k-industry.

【☆】Accommodating members.
【☆】Non-Toxic Community.
【☆】Back to back with K-LOVERS
【☆】Daily Updates
【☆】Music Videos
【☆】July 18,2020

We are looking forward to you joining our wonderful K-POP server where all fandoms from different k-pop groups comes together as one. Thank you!
Server for any Metalhead, come here to chill even if you're not even into metal that much. After all, as the great Lemmy Kilmister once said "It's all just Rock and Roll".
Nouveau !
(This is for educational purposes only, so i am not responsable for your use with it)

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New Peep and Makonnen Hub 2.0, Over 500+ members with a very friendly community. :) Feel free to join!

We also have language chat's for people who don't speak English, the one's we currently have is

German-Chat so everyone is welcome
Serveur discord pour but de crée une énorme communauté musical afin de pouvoir faire pleins de projet musicaux, pour les fans de musique (chanteur, instrumentaliste) ou si vous voulais juste suivre les projets a la loupe.
cute aesthetic growing socializing/music discord server for those w 0 social skills, ppl who suck at socializing, are lonely, struggle to make friends, have disorders, dont fit in, are bored or just wanna talk to ppl who can relate 2 them! age does not matter <3
                    .             .               *            ✦                                               
゚。 🖤🤍🖤🤍🖤 ଘ(੭ˊᵕˋ)੭ ~✿
╔═══ ・┈┈°⋆꒰♡꒱⋆°┈┈・ ═══╗
`🖤;`┊ we have a large variety of channels to choose from so you’re never bored & over 30 bots + self promo channel

`🤍;`┊ lots of roles & 500 emotes, n supportive staff + members, sporadically active, level system w perks & boost + donate perks

`🖤;`┊ we luv rock & metal & luv horror films but you can join no matter what you listen to or watch; we do movie nights & listening parties on VC

`🤍;`┊ looking for partners, boosters (lvl 3), bot makers, active members, pms & staff

`🖤;`┊ if you get banned from servers often b/c of their strict rules n struggle 2 find people to connect/relate to,, feel free to join!
╚═══ ・┈┈°⋆꒰♡꒱⋆°┈┈・ ═══╝

┊♡ links:
┊♡ vanity link:

<< xranium is a chill and friendly community based around our shared interest in metal and quality music in general >>
-> whether you're a trve kvltist, a power metal wizard, a thrasher, an anarcho punk, or whatever else you may consider yourself, we'll gladly welcome you :))
-> listening parties and server game nights are held every weekend !!
-> so, feel free to join and meet new cool like-minded people, share the music that you love, spread your own music, talk about whatever's on your mind, and most importantly, have a good time and hopefully make some good friends! here we like to make sure everything is kept safe, kind, and positive, so keep that in mind at all times!!
where people 13-19 gather to talk about music and other things! everyone within the age range is welcome, and we have roles, bots, and we're planning other cool things such as hunger games and listening parties! STRICTLY UNDER 19