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A fun place to come hang out and talk about whatever.
Firm 21+ server
Filled with people that don't sleep so it's usually pretty active
Welcome to Nirvana, as of writing this we are small, brand new server. My goal for this server is just to be a fun and friendly place to hangout. This is a 100% SFW server. So if you're looking for a nice, family friendly server feel free to stop in.
Hope to see you soon!
Come in, come in! Why don't you take a look around? The only thing this server requires to join, is imagination. Come hangout and meet new people as you roleplay your way through adventure! Dragons, modern, magic, cities, anything you can conjure up! However, please do be respectful of others and their communities. We accept everyone here :D
We are a Christian server with a high focus on New World Order, deepstate, and spiritual (spiritual warfare, not New Age) topics.
Feel free to join!
New server, no rules except global, most permissions granted to everyone, no tyrannical moderation!

> This server was inspired by tyrannical moderators and aims to provide a centralized location for fun posting and open discussion with minimal mod-interference.

> Anyone can change your nickname, you can change anyones nickname, use text-to-speech (/tts) announcements (you can mute this if it annoys you), add or remove emojis, kidnap people in most voice chats by dragging them between channels, and more.

> Anyone can rename the 6 "user-defined" channels to whatever they want and alter their permissions. Popular channels will be immortalized and others will be reset periodically.

> No "EXP" or dance is required to earn roles since everyone here is treated as equals. If you want a vanity role created simply message me or any of the Enforcers, or use the "role-requests" channel.

> M4F Sex Chat is where a man waits for a female to chat with them one-on-one

> F4M Sex Chat is where a woman waits for a man to chat with them one-on-one

> F4F and M4M are lesbian/gay one-on-one chats respectively

> Music + Mics allows voice chat over music

> Music - Mics is for people who want to hear music only

> "safe-space" is the only comfy/SFW channel, permissions are restricted there and it's moderated more like other servers.
Rejoignez et participez a la création d'une communauté délicieuse.
Thank you for checking out Garden of Roses! This server was designed for a wide variety of people who are seeking friends, relationships, and/or adult fun! This server is 18+, and anyone who is found to be underage will be banned! This is my first server that I have ever made, and I am really proud with how it turned out, so come visit!
My Server is Fortnite Gaming Community where you can chat and make new friends.
Paradise island discord is the newest fastest growing server on discord.
We have plenty of girls and plenty of boys while only being a server for less than 5 days :)

This server is mainly for 13-18 year olds as there is not many open places for us to go on discord anymore.

This server has everything you could want, from a general chatroom to discuss anything, we have dedicated dating channels, selfies channels, gaming and music channels and much much more :))

We have a variety of bots including the pokemon bot, and the dank memer bot; where you can rob the richest users of the server!

In the future there will be plenty of giveaways, so make sure to join and enjoy your stay :)
𝒲𝑒𝓁𝒸𝑜𝓂𝑒 𝒯𝑜 𝐿𝑜𝓋𝑒𝓈𝒾𝒸𝓀 𝐿𝒶𝑔𝑜𝑜𝓃

✧ Here, we offer:
✧ an accepting community
✧ a safe place to vent and let your emotions out
✧ a ton of different channels for almost any topic
✧ different roles for all of your interests
✧ events, like games of cah or listen-alongs to add some fun
✧ a really active and friendly staff team who'd all be happy to help with any possible issues
✧ m e m e s
✧ bots with interesting and fun commands
✧ voice channels for playing music and chatting with others
✧communities for every interest, like kpop, theatre, gaming, etc

𝒞𝒶𝓃'𝓉 𝓌𝒶𝒾𝓉 𝓉𝑜 𝓂𝑒𝑒𝓉 𝓎𝑜𝓊!
Hello! I want to welcome all of you pokemon fans to my server. Small community around 200 members. We support ONLY 3ds Pokémon battles ultra sun and ultra moon version. If you got all these hop in and try your skills against real and talented trainers. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
♛ Unwind ♛

A lively server with many friendly people that you can talk to after to a long day of work or school, and just “Unwind”. Whether it be in a voice or text chat we have someone for you to talk to.

We have interactive bots, text and voice chats. Help our community grow with lots of new people, we can add more features and we also accept server suggestions. Feel free to advertise anything whether it's your YouTube channel, your twitch stream, or your intsagram.
Homestuck/Hiveswap AU roleplay
This server is basically if the Condesce conquered both Alternia and Earth, and has placed transporters on both planets. Trolls can access Earth, Humans can access Alternia!
Everyone is welcome, just be respectful!
Kinnies welcome as well, but don't fight over kins.
Some place to chill and play games, talk about music and anime and whatever else. Favors the EST time zone. We play a lot of games, come join in with us.
List of games ( Smash, Mordhau, Siege, FFXIV, League, Overwatch, CS etc etc)
Yooo come join Liyah's Biches we're a pretty new server...but we have so much to offer such as....
NSFW channels
30+ color roles
20+ fun roles
bots to play with
chill admins
chill rules
an accepting community
nsfw channels
weird ass people
lots of channels
AND SO MUCH MORE so come on by!! we'd love to see you here.
Just a place to talk. It has pokecord and other bots just come on and have a conversation
Lobster & Co is a server that focuses on gender related support.

We built Lobster & Co to be a place where you can explore all of your gender related issues, and get advice from others that are traveling the long path of gender discovery.
We are small for now, but hope to see you there as we grow ;P
We are 13+, but have NSFW channels for sharing the NSFW side of gender in an educational way, and there are no rules against simple swearing that doesn't trigger our slur filter.

+We have fun bots like:

+We have many interest and hobby related channels that you can opt in and out of, and are always open to new ideas to expand based on user interest!
+We love feedback, and listen to it! We have an open suggestions channel and are always excited to see new suggestions.

+We have GSRM and pronoun roles in case you're interested in identifying.
-You have the opportunity to suggest new roles if ours don't cover your experience well enough
-They're all easily assigned with emoji :D

+We have a number of self care groups you can opt into that use @mentions on a daily basis or more to check in with you, like:
-Fitness reminder/challenge
-Medication reminders
-Frequent hydration reminders
-And more!

+We have a well coordinated staff team and strict rules within the team that revolve around keeping the user base safe.
This includes:
-Reliance upon communication and trust
-Multiple specific commands to help alert each other to different types of situations, including:
- Several different user emergencies
- Broken rules
- Support help
- Trolls/TERFs
- Raids
-A lengthy training section for potential mods to learn how to moderate, including how to offer proactive support in serious situations.
-A double gate before gaining access to sensitive support channels, this is to prevent those with bad intentions from getting into vulnerable areas.

+Our support section offers multiple public support channels as well as private Peer to Peer support.
-Our 'Support' role is Addable/Removable by users over a certain level, and gives them access to a short training channel that tells them when to let staff know of a more serious issue than should be dealt with in a peer:peer manner.
-You are provided with a command that calls the staff team into your private support chat if you think your support person isn't able to help you.

Our goal with Lobster & Co is to reach a helping hand out to as many as possible, to offer support, community, and love to those that feel confused, isolated, or scared about how gender plays a role in their life. We hope to be a support network for those who may have none, and look forward to helping anyone at any stage of their journey.

Invite link:
Invite card:
Invite flyer:
𝐁eing mainly written in absurd pop culture references, Caligoss is a fairly new and yet small community focusing on an all-inclusive and non-judgemental atmosphere - a place for different interest to gather around.

𝐖e are up for topics of all kinds in a guild with growing activity and a staff-team as active as possible and keen to maintain the servers positivity. Our LGBTQIA+, activism and venting chatrooms are private and require specific roles for access, so the members of those communities and allies of those movements can thrive in their own safe environments. This server is rather text-based and also welcomes shy and easily intimidated people into chatrooms with patient and kind members.

𝐍o matter if you're on a journey passing through or even end up as a trusted personality - Caligoss welcomes you to lean back and have some fun with discussions, themed events and bot-play, for as long as you wish. May your stay be rewarding.

♚ ╴ 𝐓able Of Contents:

▸ Building a non-toxic and cozy atmosphere. ┊ Chatrooms for pets, memes, and mental health.

▸ Messing with the bots, such as Sigma, Rythm, Pokécord, Cafe and Mudae ┊ You may waste your time with ridiculous trivia games and music to keep neglecting your responsibilities.

▸ A whole section solely for interests ┊ Including art, literature, games, tv-shows, anime, musicals, conspiracies, coding, science and even more. It's a free chatroom for you, Jim.

▸ A range of general and gaming voice-channels ┊ Including Overwatch, League Of Legends, CAH and other. Let the match begin.

▸ Self-assignable roles ┊ We're talking about Pronouns, Orientations, Hogwarts House, MBTI Personality Type, Moral Alignment, Zodiac, DnD Class and many more. Also colour roles for higher roles in the future.

▸ Regularly hosting small events ┊ Role events, games, listening parties and questions of the day. Yay!

▸ Watch that poor self-proclaimed Elementalist who created this server drown in perfectionism ┊ That much, that the FFXV soundtracks which he put on as motivational music can be heard at your own desk already, even though it makes him cry inside even more instead.
Tu cherches à passer des bons moments avec de parfaits étrangers ? La Sacrée Gueule t’accueille les bras ouvert avec des nombreuses animations et beaucoup de gens sympa :D

Beaucoup d'events vous attendent (Radio libre, Blind test, Films) et aussi pleins de Giveaways cools !

On a aussi un système de ranking basé sur l'expérience pris en parlant sur le chat pour monter des levels et gagner des rôles :D

.... Alors on n'attend plus que toi bogoss ;)
Hui loves this is my server :3, I hope you like it. ❤my server contains anything, you can chat about everything and make friends OwO and comunicate with lovely people ^~^, join my server im sure you will like it and everyone in the server will like you too UwU join now and have fuuuun ,love youuu from all of my heart ❤❤❤❤
We are a server that wants to help people and make new friends well that's what i want in my experience i just want everyone to be happy and want to help them accomplish things they want
( Please note this server was dead, and I am trying to bring it to life )

Hello there! I am Snow, the owner of night crawlers! We are a small Community and dating server. This server features-

Assignable roles with bots to do it.

Role play, art sharing, and many activities for the server.

LGBQT+ friendly, with some roles for it!

All ages over 13 are welcome, and really we don't have an age cap! ( We do not allow anyone under the age of 18 to date anyone over it and vise versa )

Everything is accepted here if it is within our rules and we are always taking role suggestions!

Small growing community needing activity direly!

fun interactive bots, with custom commands in the works!

Welcoming night owls and lurkers alike!

Dating excepted and PDA allowed!

NSFW discussions and things allowed