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Greetings warrior! Come join us at THE KINGDOM OF MEWNI, where you will experience the world of Star vs. the forces of evil with your honest and brave admin, King Jushtin Gem Robin Butterfly. Let us see what your destiny shall be. Where a mere civilian of mewni could become a commander in war! ((OC ALLOWED!))
We're a small-ish server looking for some new friends to play with! We have events every few days where we give out prizes to active members! We mainly play League Of Legends but we all have channels dedicated to Monster Hunter World and Final Fantasy 14!
If you're looking to throw some games join us!
Paradise island discord is the newest fastest growing server on discord.
We have plenty of girls and plenty of boys while only being a server for less than 5 days :)

This server is mainly for 13-18 year olds as there is not many open places for us to go on discord anymore.

This server has everything you could want, from a general chatroom to discuss anything, we have dedicated dating channels, selfies channels, gaming and music channels and much much more :))

We have a variety of bots including the pokemon bot, and the dank memer bot; where you can rob the richest users of the server!

In the future there will be plenty of giveaways, so make sure to join and enjoy your stay :)
Hey, Ender here, owner of the server Mushroom Kingdom Roleplay! Are you into Mario and roleplaying? Yes? Well, then what are you waiting for? Join our server today!

What we offer:
- A nice and friendly community of fellow Mario enthusiasts who enjoy roleplaying!
- A world of several location-based roleplaying channels for your canon character or OC to walk around in!
- A wide variety of out of character channels for your casual, Mario or personal discussions!

This is a server based around all audiences. It features no NSFW channels and posting any mature cobtent will result in a ban. We are very supportive towards the less experienced or skilled roleplayers and will help them wherever needed!

See you there~

- Ender
・‥…━━━━━━━☆welcome to 𝕿𝖎𝖓𝖞 𝕮𝖆𝖗𝖎𝖇𝖇𝖊𝖆𝖓♡~! a 100% SFW community for anyone 13+!☆━━━━━━━…‥・
✧・゚- More than 100+ roles to choose from!
✧・゚- A server that embraces your differences and appreciates you on who you are! With active and friendly staff!
✧・゚- Many little/dom space actives! (Preschool, story times, stuffies contest!
✧・゚- Media sections for selfies, food, stuffies, gaming, and more!
✧・゚- Pingable roles! (Babysitter, support, story time, and more!)
✧・゚- Have fun with bots in multiple ways! Like Topics, economy, pokemon, etc with bots like MarriageBot, UnbelieveBot, Mundae and others!
✧・゚- A welcoming. safe, and fun server to be yourself as a little, dom or switch!
✧・゚- New to the community? Don't worry, as a server we will help you understand the basics of CGL! Helpful links, comments and or videos!
✧・゚- We do have giveaways! Such as NItro, games, game items (Robux, Minecoins, V-Bucks, etc! and shopping coupons!)
- Qualified experts with years of experience in MBTI to help you learn more about your type.

- Friendly and active Voice Chat for you to talk on.

- Daily Polls with fun questions so you can see how different personalities compare to you.

- Lots of fun Bots like Chess for you to play with other people interested in MBTI just like you.

- Self-assign role that you can use to show your type, astrology signs, and more.

- Our Mods/Admins are friendly and we welcome new members who are interested in MBTI just like you!

- MBTI, Typology, Enneagram, Personality, Socionics discussion on here, too!
Welcome to E-Hoes 😈
1:1 female and male ratio 👥
fun bots to play with 🤖
a cool ass community with a bunch of goofy niggas and none of that e-drama bullshit
ps. if u dont join then u automatically a hoe
A semi-political server where intelligent conservation is prioritized over-all, though fun is allowed and encouraged. Say what you want and express any ideas, but do not harass individuals and please be polite during arguments. You can be a trial moderator (we need to establish more of a staff presence) and help us improve the server!
Forest is an art-based server for all ages! Our goal is to make a large and friendly community where members can share their art of any kind and even help each other improve! (SFW only) We'd love to have you!

» active and friendly staff!
» many text/voice channels for all artistic topics!
» many self-assignable roles!
» question of the day!
» venting and support!
» many fun and helpful bots!
» taking server suggestions from members!
» partnerships!
» we celebrate our member's birthdays!
» fun holiday events!
» an lgbtq+ friendly community!
𝐠𝐮𝐚𝐧𝐠𝐳𝐡𝐨𝐮 广州 is a server where you can chill, chat, and meet new people. Everyone is welcome.

We have channels for advertising social media, talking, music, and Dank Memer (stealing and robbing is disabled).
we welcome you to...

🌙 ☆˖° ┊ 𝚎𝚜𝚝𝚎𝚕𝚕𝚊

⠀⠀┊ ┊ ┊

⠀⠀┊ ┊ ✫

⠀⠀┊ ⊹ ⋆

⠀⠀┊. ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀

⠀⠀✧ ⠀

☆ ˚ : · ┊ we are a small and super sweet community who welcomes everyone! we would love to get to know you!

we provide...

꒰🌙꒱☆˖° ┊ ❝ a small, passionate, non-toxic, caring group of friends! ❞

꒰🌙꒱☆˖° ┊ ❝ adorable emotes (always adding more!) ❞

꒰🌙꒱☆˖° ┊ ❝ a cute + welcoming magical girl theme! ( ^◡^)っ ♡ ❞

꒰🌙꒱☆˖° ┊ ❝ loving community! ✧( ु•⌄• )◞◟( •⌄• ू )✧ ❞

꒰🌙꒱☆˖° ┊ ❝ a custom bot with currency, a server shop, games, and more! ヽ(・∀・)ノ ❞

꒰🌙꒱☆˖° ┊ ❝ more than willing to partner! ❞

✧*̥₊˚‧☆ミ the only thing that's missing is... YOU!
Join our group! We talk a lot and we’re very welcoming. We occasionally do voice calls and we have some pretty cool bots.
Hello! And welcome to KPOP & SHIT. In this server, you can talk kpop, discuss anime, roleplay, and many more! Anyone is welcome and free to join!

● Bardzo aktywne czaty tekstowe (ponad 1.000.000 wiadomości miesięcznie) oraz głosowe (codziennie rozmawiamy).

● Codziennie darmowe gry, programy i inne prezenty (gifty nitro i pieniądze do wygrania okazjonalnie).

● Organizujemy zbiórki charytatywne.

● Prawie 7000 użytkowników.

● Kanały tematyczne np. gry, technologia, filmy, książki, muzyka, anime, roleplay (...).

● Autorski, najbardziej zaawansowany (polski) bot.

● D4F jest serwerem dla graczy, fanów anime, programistów, sportowców, kucharzy, fanów roleplay - dla każdego!

● Różnego rodzaju losowania, konkursy i turnieje.

● Autorski sklep serwerowy z: kartami, klejnotami, bestiami i innymi ciekawymi przedmiotami.

● Dostosowane do potrzeb użytkowników: prywatne rangi, kanały głosowe oraz tekstowe dla znajomych.

● Wsparcie dla twórców (specjalny kanał do zamieszczania twórczości) z nagrodami.

● Odznaki za osiągnięcia na serwerze oraz system questów.

● Głosowania na najlepszych użytkowników w danych kategoriach (miesięczne i tygodniowe).

● Specjalny kanał pomocniczy oraz administracyjny.

● Rangi umożliwiające aktywne wspieranie i rozwijanie serwera.

● Bezpośredni kontakt z Zarządem serwera.
Welcome, ARMYs and fans around the world!
Here's a bit about the ARMY HUB:
-: ✧ :- Chat channels!
-: ✧ :- Music bots!
-: ✧ :- Fun bots & games (trivia, polls, etc)!
-: ✧ :- Fun BTS emotes!
-: ✧ :- Self-Assignable colored roles!
-: ✧ :- And more to come~

Hope you enjoy~
Come and Join my chill ass server and make new friends and stuff
and if you need help with code just join!
This is the official discord of Hiton Hotel. To join our group please click the following link.!/about
Welcome to The Crafter's Guild! A BRAND NEW ART SERVER!

This discord is meant to be a more specialized art server focused solely on traditional arts and craftsmanship. Made by hand and with love.

If you work with your hands, have a craft or trade you enjoy or are interested in learning a new trade or craft then this is the place for you!

Yes, this discord can have digital artists as well and you can share your digital works - HOWEVER you MUST work with at least one of the traditional crafts to join.

We welcome all types of crafters new and experienced! As well as just fans!
We're here to share the appreciation of fine craftsmanship and knowledge learning together and having a good time!
Welcome to Rokukan High School! [六間 lit. translated to Six Space because owner had big brains.] A Normal High-School Chat Set in the Tokyo Region!
🐾 Welcome to the Little Pupper Palace! We are a new, small, ages 13-24 server that hopefully tends to your needs! We wanted to be unique, so we chose a theme that's after dogs and pajamas!

We have:
- A verification system upon joining
- Great staff
- A looking section (if you're in need of a CG or little)
- An NSFW section (for 18+ ONLY!)
- And much more!

⚠️ Please be aware that we do have a looking section, and we do have roles related to relationship status, but that does NOT mean that we are a dating server. Please do NOT take it that way.

If you think that any of this information peeks your interests, come join our server today! We hope to see you there and help us grow!
Woof!~ 🐾
Hello! We would like to welcome you to Pokecity! Our humble home is open to anyone who wishes to join and have fun. We are a great place with a lot of RP variety and many chances to meet new people and make new friends! We constantly update everything on the servers and find more ways to make it fun! The owner and staff are very friendly and laid back and love to meet and interact with new members

Pokecity includes:
-Multiple RP channels including many RP scenarios (Various city businesses, nature, a fallout category, and personal houses upon asking)
-Plenty of sharing channels for both SFW and NSFW content
- Special roles to identify the type of RPs you prefer
-Fun bots!

(If you have any problems please contact Buizie_Bui#9347 in DMs)
☁ ~ 🍑 ~ ☁ ~ 🍑 ~ ☁ ~ 🍑 ~ ☁ ~ 🍑 ~ ☁ ~ 🍑 ~ ☁ ~ 🍑 ~ ☁ ~ 🍑 ~ ☁
Welcome to our Fruit Salad bowl ! We are a new, friendly community server which sole purpose is to meet new people, make some new friends, and chill.

This is what we got to offer !

➸☁➸ Friendly Small Community.

➸☁➸ Venting and Support.

➸☁➸ Self Roles and Color Roles.

➸☁➸ Events and Mini Events.

➸☁➸ Fun and Helpful Bots.
☁ ~ 🍑 ~ ☁ ~ 🍑 ~ ☁ ~ 🍑 ~ ☁ ~ 🍑 ~ ☁ ~ 🍑 ~ ☁ ~ 🍑 ~ ☁ ~ 🍑 ~ ☁
This is what we're looking for !

➸☁➸ Active Members !

➸☁➸ Wholesomeness !

➸☁➸ A Lot of Fruit Baskets !...
☁ ~ 🍑 ~ ☁ ~ 🍑 ~ ☁ ~ 🍑 ~ ☁ ~ 🍑 ~ ☁ ~ 🍑 ~ ☁ ~ 🍑 ~ ☁ ~ 🍑 ~ ☁
☁☁☁🍑-🍑-🍑 We hope to see you soon; Stay Fresh ! 🍑-🍑-🍑-☁☁☁