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イ ⸝⸝ ・weebs legacy 🍥

⌜⛩⌟ __anime categories such as haikyuu, demonslayer, sao, naruto, dragonball and more!__

━゙welcoming community◞
━゙your own self-roles to begin with◞
━゙levelling system with higher roles◞

⌜🥢⌟ × `bots that you can play with such as dank memer, mudae, anigame and others`

⌜🥡⌟ × `non-toxic community`

⌜💢⌟ × `customizable roles + colors`

⌜🤍⌟ × `hiring am/pm's`

⌜🌸⌟ × `looking for partnerships`

━゙join now and have great time ◞
Nouveau !
This is an Anime server for all you lovely weebs! We have bots like Anigame, Mudae, Yggdrasil, Rythm, Yui, Zerotwo, and more!
× + ° ^ ○ • *
Karma’s Maid Café is a server for you to have fun and make new friends! Here are some things we offer there:
❥Fun Bots
❥Fun/Caring Staff
❥Vent/Rant room
❥We also offer school help
We are also looking for more staff! So don’t be shy and come on and Join the Karma’s Maid Café!
Server invite ~> K5qyhn4
Hey everyone, come join our server!
-Anime Server but we still talk about everything else
-We have Mudae as well
-Chat for Among Us and all other gaming
-We have a wholesome chat as well as a vent channel
Everyone is welcomed and we be buggin ode in the karaoke channel.
Hello, and welcome to the Re:Zero RP server! I'm your host, Subaru, and- no, I DO NOT GET THAT FEELING OF DÉJÀ VU!

So anyways, we offer original character creation, canon character try outs, a chill community, some bots to have fun with, memey things, epic staff, and- *drumroll please* Emilia!

I think!

Wait, what do you mean ENMD (Emilia-tan's Not Majorly Divine)?

if all goes wrong blame the witch
Nouveau !
This is a brand new server and we would really like some members to start growing

In an alternate world not too different from the one you’re used to an evil demon lord reigns over the night feasting on humans. Only one thing can stand between the innocent and their hunters, the demon slayers.

In a brand new story you get to decide the tides of this war by bringing your creations into the world. This story still has the same system of the pillars and other ranks in the corps and also has the same twelve Kizuki system for the demons but you get to fill these ranks with your oc’s. Spots will be first come first serve for ranks.

We have a helpful staff to help you with your submissions and any questions you may have. Come by and say hi and stay if you like us

-Friendly staff
-LGBTQ+ friendly
-any literacy of rp
-story driven narrative
Olá, queridos!! Sejam bem vindos, espertas e espertos, aos Otakus Descolados!!🖖

Aqui é a sala de reunião para falar de todos os tipos de animes, livros ou coisas que você gosta!!🥳
Os bots te darão cargos baseados em personagens de anime de acordo com a sua atividade no chat!!
Venha ser um Saitama (One Punch Man) do server!!

Temos bot de música, quest, paquera e a qualquer momento você pode falar com qualquer pessoa!

Venha, humano comum, e se divirta até se tornar Naruto, ou Deus

Atualmente nós contamos com chat geral, chat específico para bots, registro, sugestões e chats de jogos. Além de chats de áudio e voz para você interagir com a galera!!
Nouveau !
I will boost your sl2 account for a cheap, Prices are:
1 mill ryo- 50 robux
Any Genkai- 100 robux
20mill ryo- 200 robux

Message me the owner for other services
we got bored of trying to find good servers so we made our own

-pretty unique emotes (probably)
-varied inrerests and fandoms
-welcoming to everyone :D
hallo. join the server 😼😼. we are very dry 😀🤝. but that’s okay. and uh we don’t rob here sorry 😩😰🙏
Nouveau !
       彡Whimsical Stories彡

━━━━━━ Important info ━━━━━
✰Whimsical Stories is a Magic based Roleplay server that takes place in a foreign continent called Arcadia, with four major countries residing inside: Aroet, Baybel, Crisonel, and Typhlon.

✰For many years, these four nations have been trouble for one another. One wishing for the complete takeover of the other nations, another wishing for complete peace. One remained neutral, never butting in while another played the role of support to both the warring nations. During this time, Magic was found and discovered, eventually being built upon to become a part of the world they know today. For a more detailed explanation, check out our lore!
★Whimsical Stories is a new and calm server with a growing staff. It has a great community and amazing mechanics for the roleplay and magical interactions.★

★We use a custom Magic system that we find to be unique and interesting. If the thought of Magic interests you, then this server is the one for you!★

What will transpire on your journey through Arcadia? Only time and yourself shall tell..

༺Welcome to Whimsical Stories!༻
∘ ───♡༉─── ∘

Welcome, to the Yume Cafè
∘ ───♡༉─── ∘

༉‧₊˚➪What we provide

° fun, sfw server

° nitro giveaways!

° self assignable roles

° fun bots

° new friends!


° your own role + color

° access to booster only channel

° top spot :3 

° we’re looking for welcomers!

° anyone can apply!
° no experience needed!
Welcome to the OWO server! This anime themed server was created so people can chill and use bots. We have weekly waifugami giveaways and host Among Us games. (Check the pinned message in announcements to get your giveaway and game roles).
We have:
🌧 ⋆✦⋆ owo bot ofc
🌸 ⋆✦⋆waifugami
🌧 ⋆✦⋆anigame
🌸 ⋆✦⋆yggdrasil bot
🌧 ⋆✦⋆paisley park (jojo bot)
🌸 ⋆✦⋆ avatar bot
🌧 ⋆✦⋆ myuu and pokehunt (Pokémon bots)
🌸 ⋆✦⋆ mudae
🌧 ⋆✦⋆astolfo bot
And even more!
Missing the Haikyuu!! fandom from 2016? Join our 16+ rp server! The rp is in a college au with all your favorite volleyball players. So, come on in and join us!
Nouveau !
Привет друг это сервер Tokyo Rp тут тебе нужно создать персонажа и попасть в токио ты можешь сделать персонажу супер способность и тд. Если хочешь узнать больше заходи на сервер
Nouveau !
A roleplay server based on the ongoing anime : Akudama Drive.

Since not much is known about kanto , roleplay will be restricted to Kansai and outside regions.

Uphold the law or defend it, it’s your choice! Become an Akudama, or protect the city’s peace as an executioner.
◈ ┅ Anime World🌍 ┅ ◈

❝A new otherworldly community that's friendly and welcomes everyone!❞

🌍 ➣ minimalistic look
🌍 ➣ chill staff
🌍 ➣ SFW server
🌍 ➣ welcomes all kinds of people
🌍 ➣ friendly discussions

(☞ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)☞ ❯ - 𝙅𝙤𝙞𝙣 𝙉𝙤𝙬 - ❮

Nouveau !
Welcome to our server! We are a community filled with competitive players and weebs! What a great blend. At the moment our server is new, so we are offering special perks to the first 50 members! A custom role, XP boost, and x2 entries into giveaways. Join up!