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Hey Pia's Gaming Community is a place for everyone. We offer a lot of games, events. You should come check it out!
**Join Sora Today.**


**-** *Toxic Free Community*

**-** *Active.*

**-** *Diverse. From console to PC.*

**-** *We play games like: Brawlhalla, Minecraft, Roblox, and more.*

**-** *Unique rank system within the server*

**-** *Accepting any allies.*

**-** *Chill.*


Marre des randoms qui gâchent vos parties de Dead By Daylight sur la Switch ? Envie de partager vos anecdotes épiques ou de discuter d'un build un peu spécial ?

Ne cherchez plus, vous êtes à la bonne adresse ! Rejoignez vite notre serveur constitué d'une communauté super cool et très active sur le jeu Dead By Daylight sur la Switch !

Ce serveur est dédié avant tout aux joueurs Switch français, donc si vous n'avez pas le jeu, ne vous en faites pas, vous trouverez quand même votre bonheur !

FR | Dead By Daylight Switch c'est :
- Des joueuses et des joueurs français sur Switch très actifs,
- Beaucoup de fun mais aussi du sérieux,
- Du partage de mêmes, des bots pour vous permettre d'avoir plein d’intéractions spéciales, et de nombreux emojis mignons et en lien avec Dead By Daylight,
- Des rôles dans le serveur pour vous permettre de suivre votre progression,
- Des admins à l'écoute de toutes vos idées et suggestions pour le serveur,
- Des évènements et des concours avec des lots à gagner !

Alors, qu'est-ce que vous attendez ? Rejoignez-nous vite !
Bayonetta Themed Discord Server!
Everyone Is Welcome So Feel Free To Join!
We Have:
- Dice Combat System
- Clans
- Economy
- Event's
- NSFW-Channels(only 18+)
- and More

-Bienvenue sur le serveur 𝓑𝓞𝓚

Ici nous cherchons la détente entre gameurs et de passer un moment agréable. On ne cherche pas à construire une immense communoté que gaming, ou juste à propos du jeu vidéo ,mais qu'on construit une communoté soudé et riche en énergie

Nous n'avons aucune prétention, nous voulons juste permettre à des joueurs casu de se détendre avec nous.
Nouveau !
WCB is a new crew that does weekly crew battles with amazing coaches and players we are open to all skill types and wont make fun of the character you play all players are welcome
Gamer Moment is a roblox based server, where you, friends and strangers can enjoy playing with eachother in other people's games and our poorly made excuse of a game.
Of course from time to time we will be playing other non-roblox games.
Any type of community is welcomed!
oi nerd join or ur gay
we don’t start drama and shit, our staff is pretty friendly, if they aren’t then dm me and they will be dealt with depending on what happened😤
we usually just vibe tbh, we’re hella small but that’s alr, join and we will become more active and it will be lit
anywho peace out, hopefully i see u there😌✨
Hey everyone! We're a small server in the making, but we hope to gain more members over time.

What we mainly focus on in this server is video games. Talking about them, playing them, recommendations, etc. We're just really into gaming and we hope to find more people who share a similar passion as we do!

What we mainly focus on are PC and Nintendo games, but we're open to anything to be quite honest! It's just that the majority of us only play on those two platforms.

Hope to see you soon!
Welcome to the official Gamer Escape discord server!

We are gaming journalists who cover gaming news, video game reviews and comprehensive wiki databases including for Final Fantasy XIV with the most up-to-date content within hours of a new patch!

We now have a public animal crossing new horizons channel for exchanging friend codes, inviting friends to your island, trading items/fruit/gifts/etc, and more.

We place high value in our community and reward contributors of every shape and size. We have special colorful roles for not only official team members but also roles for recognizing site and wiki contributors, twitch subscribers, and nitro boosters that have added perks and benefits.

We look forward to having you join our community!
This Is A Server Where We Chill And Hangout! We Mostly Game Here We Are Growing Slowly!
If You Join It Would Be Awesome!
Welcome to The Gaming Paradise! We love games here and also support!
Here's the rules:
Don't post NSFW content. We have minors here.
Don't spam outside #spam. We wanna keep the channels tidy.
Don't abuse your moderator/admin abilities. We don't want an admin/a moderator to cause trouble.
No posting off-topic outside dedicated channels. As I said, we wanna keep the channels tidy.
No admin pinging or ping spamming. We would rather not get annoyed.
If something is not right, private message an admin or a moderator for help. (Do not spam, ask gently)
Don't beg for admin/moderator role. You got to work for it.
Throwaway accounts are not allowed. Use your main one.
Users are not allowed to advertise servers. Only the admins can do that.
Don't leak private messages here. Private messages are private messages.

Now that you've read the rules, let's go have some fun!
☂ welcome・゜゜・

this is a cloudy aesthetic themed server!! you can vibe and play games with people from all around the world. here, we can guarantee that you will have tons of fun with the bots and people during your stay in the server.

what we offer ˚。☁ ⁺ ゜・
⊹. video games (not just minecraft)
⊹. music
⊹. memes
⊹. tons of self roles
⊹. tons of bots

way more if you join!
we are always open to requests
please please join 👉👈
➣ Active Non-Toxic STW Community
➣ The largest daily giveaways for Sun | Bright | 1/1s |
➣ Fastly growing member count
➣ Save the world services and chances for you to become one
➣ Trusted Staff Admins Builders Crafters MM and more
➣ Fast MM Services
➣ Trading chats
➣ Friendly community
➣ And so much more
➣ So what are you waiting for? Come and get the best STW experience!
➣ Link:
➣ Owner: @trampo | ping if need
En este servidor podrán encontrar distintas variedades de juegos como Minecraft, GTA, etc. incluyendo sorteos y demás secciones! Así que, qué estás esperando ? 😉
Sad cats gamer dogs is going to be a active discord server mainly related to roblox but also for the community as well, having fun and being social. We will have giveaways, events and more. We will also have amazing staff to assist you all the time
Welcome to Dankers Continental (Rob and Heist Disabled)
What we offer.. 🎁
-Nitro and Games GiveAways! 💜
> We giveaway many games and even nitro!
-Dank Memer Premium!
> We are a premium server and u can do pls weekly at lvl 5 5️⃣
-Giveaways 🥳
> We hold lots of giveaways! 1 Mil+ Dank Memer Coins Giveaways!
>We got random money drops! Everything in #general ! No one knows when and who's gonna start it.
> We got noice events! Winner gets Dank Memer coins 💸
> We have our own server lottery! No more crying "why me no win?" cos we have gg prize

-Heists 💰
> We do many friendly heists! Gaining money here is ez 🤑
> We also do non-friendly heists to heist a rich target 🌶️

-Auctions for Traders 📢
> We have dank memer selling item roles also buying item roles which anyone can ping so you come to know if anyone is selling stuff you wanna buy!

▁ ▂ ▃ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇ █ ▉ ▊
Still not convinced?
-Helpful Staff team 🔧
> Always there to help if you need anything!

-Booster Perks
> Boost us to show your support <3
> Legit booster perks are waiting~

We hope you can join and come hang out with us! 🎉
Join Miller Leaks FiveM Today! We Offer Alot of Leaks!! Go Ahead And Join For The Best Leaks There Is!!

- Eup
- Vehicles
- Custom Skins And Liveries
- Platinum key
- Scripts
- Mlo Ymap
- Alot More!