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Would you like to expand your character's story without the troubles of OP characters and one lined responses? Would you like to join a server with thought out and always developing lore that you can help impact? Go on quests and adventures that could lead to danger and misfortune? Want to avoid those RP’ers who only dodge and attack? A server that revolves around your character's development and self-pace? In a fantasy world where you can be who and whatever you want to be, where you can sail the great seas or ride a dragon. A place where you can hire an assassin and possess a demon. A server where almost anything is possible? Where life can be whatever you want it to be? Then join us in our magical fantasy world of Aebritia!


ஜ▬ Easy to follow lore for you to help impact

ஜ▬ Quests and adventures to go on

ஜ▬ Wide range of species and powers

ஜ▬ OOC channels to talk in

ஜ▬ Active and welcoming staff that will always help

ஜ▬ Literate-Semi Literate roleplayers

ஜ▬ Active plot and roleplay events
westerwald Bumpé il y a 6 heures

Notes et Avis

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Honey Honey
Love the roleplay, the community? eh.
I've been loving the server and roleplay inside of it but a few of the staff members have defended racism, which I won't agree with. Yes, the screenshot was taken out of context but they continue to defend their actions, so it is no longer an excuse. Just thought I'd leave a review on both the roleplay and its community.

By their words, "You can't be racist to white people."
hunny hunny
Réponse d'un administrateur
Hello Honey, saying that we defend racism would be a complete and utter lie as I myself am part chinese and actively take part in petitions and movements to help prevent racism against anyone. We were arguing against a person being openly racist to black people and homophobic to the LGBTQ community.

I’d like to remind you that 6/7 of our staff is part of the community itself so we would never, ever tolerate any type of homophobia or transphobia. I’d also like to add that we have banned 6 racist members and actively remind everyone we do not tolerate.

I did say you cannot be racist to white people because they have not and never will experience the same oppression and challenges the many minorities of the world have faced. White people were the first and strongest oppressors to minorities, and I stand by that. I never said any other race couldn’t be racist, just simply that I don’t believe white people can experience it.

We’re glad you enjoy the roleplay though :)
il y a 9 jours
thatonerando thatonerando
Absolutely Fantastic.
To summarize the long amount of typing I’m about to do, is that this server is a fantastic one. The mods and owners are absolutely amazing. They’re all so warming and welcoming when you first join and the members are always active. There’s always rp happening in the channels and the server is just full of positive life.

The lore may be a short read, but from what I’ve heard and experienced they’ve don’t that on purpose. This server allows you to grow and construct your character’s lives and futures and even affect the server lore. You’re given many opportunities to do new things and have the freedom to many others. They’re always looking to expand and develop the server and always ask for member feedback.

They’re also quite flexible with characters and are always willing to work with you to help construct your oc if it was denied. The staff are always active and looking to help. The rp channels are always full of life and you can join in wherever and whenever, with all sorts of writers.

They have a lot of out of character channels and activities and are often inviting others to join in and play games. It’s such a lovely place to be in and you feel welcome the second you join!
hunny hunny
Réponse d'un administrateur
oh my gosh thank you!!!! we appreciate you and this so much <33
il y a 25 jours
Honey Bunny Honey Bunny
Highly recommend!
Honestly, I fell in love with this server as soon as I joined. The staff members are all friendly, it's a wonderful environment, and just fun overall! The Lore isn't strict, but very loose with its writing and allows members to expand it however they choose, the world is very expansive, the template is detailed but not too detailed to the point of frustration, and the owners and admins are great at what they do!

So, once again, 10/10 in my opinion!
ferinheit ferinheit
Réponse d'un administrateur
il y a 36 jours
Orion Orion
Very epic server. Nothing else. Just epic. All the people in it are nice and shit so you know the vibes. Some good admins love all of them (especially you Matt I'm still waiting for my head)
ferinheit ferinheit
Réponse d'un administrateur
matthew sucks.
il y a 36 jours