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The Fractured Kingdoms
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The Fractured Kingdoms

Welcome to Fractured Kingdoms Rp

This server takes place in a fantasy land built with several kingdoms fighting to unite the land in their own vision, whether with incredible hero’s or terrible monsters, these kings and queens play the dangerous games of war and politics. Will you fight for your people? Rule in wisdom? Go to war for simple enjoyment? The choice is yours

In our server youll find a perfect blend of conflict treachury and general badassery

as well as a helpfull and friendly communitty
in the fractured kingdoms you can create your own unique kingdom and conquer the globe
or you can start small and build your way to the top the oppurtunitys are endless here
we will be adding in new lands for people to conquer and explore as our server grows
so their will always be new content for you to play through.
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Notes et Avis

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Bartender Benny Bartender Benny
When it first started the mechanics were still int he works but since they've become finished it has gotten a whole lot better. As well as other things some decent players players have stepped up to be kings and they are dedicated to their role and performance so the server is becoming better and better.
il y a 45 jours
||*put a cool name here*🐁|| ||*put a cool name here*🐁||
Nothing much to say. This server was rushed. The rules and mechanics are being made up on the spot and sometimes admins have no idea what other admins are working on. There is no economy system or trading system. And beware that it is not turn based so if you go to sleep you could wake up to 30 armies sieging you. I've also found that players don't take it seriously enough but that is probably just me. Overall the community is very welcoming and willing to help, to the point of not banning. Yet.

TL;DR: good if you want a casual political rp, bad if you like carefully laid out mechanics
il y a 65 jours