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One Punch Man- Fists of Gold
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One Punch Man- Fists of Gold

Hello and welcome to my server, One Punch Man- Fists of Gold! We are large community full of fun loving RP’ers and a respectable staff team. Here we offer fun bots, a funny and interesting community, fun bots to hang out with, literate and serious Roleplay, and of course the largest community of any OPM server!
Here we allow your character to go beyond and really reach for the stars, here we offer a rank up system where if your character does well enough during certain events that take place weekly or some times even daily they are rewarded with a rank up! How cool is that am I right!?
So what the hell are you waiting for, click that join button now and start chatting with us today! 👍

What we offer:
A insane and funny community
Respectful staff that tends to everyone’s needs
A calm and respectful owner.
LGBTQ community
Some NSFW accessories~
And way more!
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Ty-Ty Ty-Ty
It's really fun.
The server is personally really fun for me. I've made a lot of friends on there, and you can goof around freely. It's just sometimes it's a bit quiet, and you can get stuck in rp's at times due to different time zones and things like that. But overall I find it quite nice, there may be some things other people will see as wrong with it, but I have fun here.
il y a 44 jours
2 3
Droid Droid
Great server, but
The server is a great server, most the members of the server are nice and helpful. The only problem there are only a few that make it hard to talk on the server(This is all my opinion)
il y a 66 jours
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BlueBlur999 BlueBlur999
Recommend this server, isn't as bad as the other reviews make it out to be and there's plenty of memes. What's not to love?
il y a 77 jours
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Sad Sad
I am a world eater.
I use bad language. Like a lot. So just keep that in mind.

Okay, so Recently a competitor server sorta had a problem with ours. I wasn’t there for all of it, so I can’t say anything about it. But what I can say Is that once they joined our server to talk things out, they were shit holes. Their reviews are false and retarted, and they hold no proof about whatever they say. I was the 13th member to join and so far the experience is and always will be amazing. The staff are friendly and know how to handle a problem, and if you get on the good side of them you can do c e r t a i n t h i n g s in dms.

Now for all you you guys who are reading the reviews and getting repelled from the server, please ignore them. I’d write more but I’m lazy af k bye have a good time in server when you join because I know you will bruh.

Oh yeah btw in server RN I’m komi
il y a 85 jours