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The Lewd Abyss
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The Lewd Abyss

We are an open server with a welcoming environment, lots of bots, roles, channels. Hope you enjoy the server and enjoy! 18+
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StormyHope StormyHope
A Welcoming and Interesting Server
I have been on staff in this server for a while now. This server has good staff that are very welcoming to everyone who joins. The main chat is pretty active and has a good vibe.
il y a 155 jours
DemonicSouls DemonicSouls
Interesting server.
I was here for a while, it was fun until main started to be non stop flirting by STAFF. but now from what it seems things are getting back to normal, the owner worked out his staff issue it seems. Now the server is fun to be in, conversations can actually happen, and its a lively place all around. Nobody really consistently killing the server would totally recommend. Has a wholesome environment, welcoming staff Lots of roles. Definitely one of my favorite servers with how detailed the setup is.
il y a 155 jours
Dot Dot
What you would expect
So this is just a short little review after being around the server for approximately a month. I have mostly stood back and just watched this chaos outfold... so here is my two cents on what you can expect from this place.

At first glance, the server is just any other 18+ server. I was invited by a friend to try and mingle with people but it was clear that this place was more into personal drama and flexing.

The staff here is huge on favoritism. If you do something that the staff do not agree with, or if you try to disagree with someone the staff has heat for, you will most likely get the ban hammer no matter what it was about or how you formulate yourself. That is already a few bad signs.

The second thing I would like to point out is how badly regulated the place is. Everything from posting child-like cartoon characters, kids selling or advertising themselves like having a nude patron and bragging about it. I cannot say what the ages are here, but I can say that those who let this kind of behavior slip, and even reinforce it some mild degree, shows that the staff themselves are young. They also have a low tolerance of certain sarcastic jokes and whatnot.

Now to the good points:
It is a generic lewd server and they have a good variety of roles to pick from, but other than that... it got nothing. The RP-portion in the advertisement is just asking for Direct Message role-play. No thought and effort has gone into it. From the single month I have been around here, I have seen other staff being kicked, people being talked down on and getting the boot. So if you just want to waste time, this is the place for you.
il y a 197 jours
ForgottenMemories ForgottenMemories
Great server
Over all I think this is a great server, friendly staff. I joined and instantly felt welcomed within the server. Friendly and helpful staff. The only problem I had is the server has some dead times throughout the day over all I really enjoy the server. For a lewd server it feels rather wholesome.
il y a 217 jours