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Reverend Tavern and Inn
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Reverend Tavern and Inn

Ever find yourself pondering on if there is a place where all creatures and species of any kind, can come in peace to enjoy each other's company, get a job, have fun, and just make stupid choices?
Well the town of Riverend is the place for you! With all that goes around in the world, the small town of Riverend, home of the BEST tavern and Inn, Reverend, is a place to get away from the war that goes on outside. It's almost a bubble, sheltered and hidden. A place with harmony!
Hello! I'm Rae, the owner of the server, and I'd love to invite you to this wonderful community of people. We are small! But quality is better than quantity. I wish to see you there and personally meet you!
Ps. This is a literate rp server, meaning we request three lines or more as a reply while role-playing, and we'd like it if you were 13+. Thank you!!! I honestly appreciate you reading this!
RaeStings Bumpé il y a 12 heures

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~Alien-Snek~ ~Alien-Snek~
Reverend Tavern and Inn
This is the best role-playing server I've been joined to. If you like renaissance role-play and community, this is the place for you! :D.
il y a 53 jours
KingReptile KingReptile
Is lit
Is lit. You heard me.
Join. The ppl here are freakisly nice. and it's cool.
Fun Roleplay. Epic. Events.
Is cool.
trust me. Is cool.
Super cool.
il y a 167 jours
wei wei
Super fun community with tons of friendly people! Never thought I'd find such a cool server on disboard. <3
il y a 204 jours