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Hotspot Hideout

💫 About Us 💫

What we are?: We are a small friendly, judge-free LGBTQ+ community, we accept everyone who joins this server. We don't allow NSFW to minors, prior to discord rules. And we are a drama free discord server! We are also a cookie addict community so come along and enjoy some cookies and milk 🍪 🥛

We can do events like maybe holding (OPTIONAL):
• Karaoke's 🎙
• 🧮
• Truth or Dare (Friendly) 🃏
• UNO 🧩
And many more!

What we have:

❤ 20+ Self roles
🧡 Fun Channels & bots
💛 Channels to show off your pets and any art work you've done or a chef corner to show off what you've made for yourself!
💚 A spam channel to spam at your own pleasure!
💙 We also have a help desk where you can suggest or ask any questions you'd like to know!
💜 VCs! You can join a vc and chat to get along with other people or just listen to some music!

We hope you like our server and stay a good while! 🥰

Ownership to the Server: @Katie™#3748

Katie™ Bumpé il y a 27 jours

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