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Rat Gang
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Rat Gang

【Short Gang】

〈A LGBT+ friendly server run by two shorties. You can hang out in the chats, share memes, and spam gifs. We’re an accepting community with active owners and mods! Our community is small but we're pretty chill and always open to accepting new members.〉

➽ Self-Assignable roles.

➽ Self-Assignable colors and we are willing to add more per request and as the server expands.

➽ Hobby Roles and Channels! We have channels for art, photography, anime, and more :)

➽ Interesting assorted emojis. Adding more per requests. (Our slots are currently full, so next nitro boost we’ll be adding more!)

➽ Drama and debate channels for when you're feeling :tea:.

➽ Support Channels for if you’re feeling down and need some advice.

➽ We have over 20 conversation and socialization channels.

➽ Server-wide events and movie nights!

➽ NSFW Category ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

〈Emoji and Suggestions channel for if you have anything you’d like to be added! If you have any questions about the server feel free to ask the Owners, Admins, or Mods!〉

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♡,, ♡,,
i give five stars
very nice, and they accepted my polish background. welcoming server as well. i suggest joining because the members are sure to make you smile and you will enjoy time here but also they call me nail polish anyways i am happy yes they are good server JOIN NOW OR DIE yay thanks you
wholestrawberry wholestrawberry
YeAahHh its cOol BEannss
I love bread they are the best nb person besides ren and the gc is so cool like🤗💓💕💗💕💖 also Danny is cool too ig hes nice also were all basically queer um yeah and everyone loves u like a lot and is rly nice and if theres problems we always dont strangle u and just talk nicely anyway ok bye luvs xxx x x 💖💖💗💗💗💓
2 1
Jayson Jayson
This server so funny!!!! I swear I wasn't told to give a review!!!! This is a total HONEST review!!! 10/10 would live here
🌈Spoopy_Bren_The_Bin🌈 🌈Spoopy_Bren_The_Bin🌈
EPIC!!! 10/10!!! DOPE!!!
Yo this server is so funny I LOVE it lol. Its super quirky sksksksks. Its very LGBT+ friendly and just overall accepting of anyone who joins (unless theyre a dick because no one needs them) ANYWAYS I would 100% recommend this server if youre short (or tall or whatever) and like to have a good time. The people are chill and there are things for everyone to enjoy :DDD
chicken king chicken king
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Thank you, Bren.

I'm wheezing.