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🦊 The Fur Hub

We are a friendly server of furries.
No judging, only supporting.
We love helping out everyone with ANYTHING. Chat, share, and meet new furs! Focuses on keeping mature, civil & active members. Various channels for SFW, NSFW, art, games and more. Come join the fun!
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SpOwOky Mr.UwU SpOwOky Mr.UwU
One of my Favorite Servers
I really like the Furtopia server because I can express myself without getting hated on unlike in a few other servers I’m in. I can be a furry without needing to worry about people that hate furries. I really enjoy being in the Furtopia server because it’s a place where I can be happy.
Nexus Nexus
Overall Review
It’s a pretty good server, Lots of nice people to meet and nobody rude. The server does have its ups and downs. But overall, I really like this server! It’s a good way to join the fandom if you’re new with lots of interactive and supportive people
Sunkai Sunkai
Réponse d'un administrateur
Thank you for taking the time to review the server :)
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RiftyTheFox RiftyTheFox
Everything For A Furry
This server offers everything for a furry. I was new to the fandom and they helped me alot. They ary extremly friendly and have alot of activities. The only downside is its a wee bit inactive because people keep joining then leaving without giving it a chance. It makes me sad and i hope to see this server succed.
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Bright_ Bright_
Not much else to say, pretty damn good server.
Enjoy if you join, you won’t regret it