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Little Adventure

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Little Adventure is all about accepting our users for their cgl ventures. Come here be little, it’s chill. Just say hi, I’ll reply! We are a small server and willing to partner. Hang out with us,, we're friendly! :>

What do we offer?

✎ plenty of cute assignable roles and color roles!

✎ accepting staff!

✎ active main chat and voice chats!

✎ lots of cute emotes!

✎ a babysitter ping!

✎ channels for cgs and littles!

✎ plenty of bots, including owo bot and mudae bot

✎ pluralkit bot for systems!


The name is Clayton and I’m the server owner! My hobbies include anything art related along with anything band related, listening to music and watching shows. All sounds boring I know, but for a boring person I can keep a conversation! Come in and say hi, don’t be shy. I’ve had this server as a little side project for awhile now, but only recently have I decided that "hey, I kind of want this to grow and go somewhere!" We’ll see though. Pfft.
.。゚+..。   ゚+..。゚+
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Shyquiche Shyquiche
Awesome Server, Active Community
I love the active staff members, all the nice people, no one at all is toxic. All I need to say, Awesome Server Deserves More Members!
il y a 95 jours