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The Criminal World Remastered
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The Criminal World Remastered

***Join 》│Organised Crime Underworld │《 Now ***
🗡 Welcome to the Underworld ! 🗡
🔥 You crush your opponent ... You annihilate him. You strip him of dignity. 🔥

🔥 Are you willing to dive into the Underworld? Are you able to handle the heat? 🔥

⏳ This literate RP channel welcomes roleplayers from all corners of the multi-verse. This underworld encompasses the nature of the crime world. Wish to grow as a roleplayer in a modern setting? Want to learn combat or are already a combative RPer and willing to test your skills? Always wondered what it would be like to have blood on your hands or a bounty on your head? This is the place for you. ⌛

💎 No worries, you do not need to fear anything, while your staff and admins are here! Join now, and fill out your form, you will be able to get your gears in motion in no time with our amazing team! 💎

🔫 Channels are welcoming and friendly, and the server is fantastically easy to manoeuvre. 🔫

💀 Remember, it can be life or death. So beware, when entering the Devils' lair. 💀

💵 Click the link below now to join ! We are all waiting to welcome you 💵
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Note et Avis

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Nothing2Day Nothing2Day
If I could, I would give it a 0
Overly sensitive staff, owner just trying to have ERP with minors and pretty much a dead server
Not sticking my beak in Not sticking my beak in
Horrible Server
I don't know even what to say except its complete trash, first off, this isn't even a mafia server, its just a bunch of people acting tough in general chat. Secondly, even some of the mafia RP that is on there, its horrible, there would never be anything such as a global commission where the New York families would join, and the worst part is its ran by the British, which have 0% relations with the Cosa Nostra Italians, trust me if you're making a mob server, these are details you have to follow or its just gonna be a flop like this. Third, the staff on there is horrible, they constantly warn you for nothing, and when me and my friends tried having fun and write some Goodfellas, Sopranos funny moments in general we got warned again for nothing, how can you warn someone over a shinebox joke? Anyway, its the most random server ever, even if you're looking for randomness I wouldn't come near here, and for those that are looking for an authentic Mafia just read everything I said. With all of that being said, the only reason this still exists is cause people like to ERP on there from time to time, again brings me to my first point, its not even a mafia server, I would give them the slightest + for them trying to come up with something new, but when you have a 20 year old female mob boss...yeah...enough said.
Peter A. “Big Pete” Indelicato Peter A. “Big Pete” Indelicato
Jesus Christ this server needs help
Now, as a old school fan of organized crime, the good stuff like Goodfellas and Sopranos. The server staff ignore the regular folk, not to mention the owner. People are also snowflakes, my friends were having a little joke, making Soprano references on the general, just for fun. The staff got angry deleted the messages. After that, my friends were doing the Gambino Crime Family in New York, my friend the boss Jimmy Pegonino was a 60 yro Old School gangster, when talking with his consigliere he says the word “fanook”(homosexual slur in Italian) in rp. The staff freak out, I think they don’t understand how things work. They weren’t homophobic out of rp. Now to my main problem
The Lore is garbage
The “Global Commission” is supposed to follow the Lucky Luciano idea. But they don’t understand The Commission was set up by Luciano for Italian-American Crime. Not for some English Man named Leon Turner with a female consigliere to run it. Leon Turner(The Owner) doesn’t understand being a “mobster”. He talks on a over seas phone call about scams and drug trafficking. Like he doesn’t know the FBI or DEA exist.
God have mercy on this server
PauloFrost PauloFrost
Its aight
Though I like this server it does have a lot of major problems, it seems to me that there’s a lack of communication between staff and the server.

With the recent events that has happened to the server, it seems like as soon as you joined you will instantly be given biased.

If you don’t already know, the original owner left and gave owner to my friend named “Retrospective”, though strangely enough he got banned even though he was owner. According to staff members and members, it seemed like they portrayed him as some sort of dictator. And as a personal friend of Retro, all the comments about retro seemed a bit vague and biased, there isn’t proof of him doing anything cause he got banned and his messages got deleted.

Anyways moving on, the role-play is alright but nobody is a police officer so good luck if you wanna be one. Staff are a bit hostile, the be 100% he doesn’t seem like he knows what’s he's doing. The last event ended up to be a waste because how poorly planned it was.

The owner takes role-play way too seriously, the staff are alright but some seem....under average.

The server members are very sensitive.

Many of the channels seem empty and unneeded.

If you can ignore all these flaws, then uhhhh I guess it’s a good server.