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3D lock [Hacking & Programming]
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3D lock [Hacking & Programming]

Big Growing Comunity
We are Teaching and Learning hacking (Basics, Ethical Etc..) and programming with each other including cyber security.
We Have Proffesionals Who are ready and also will help you.
In another way we are a comunity that welcome any kind of skills and Nice People, you will also meet New people and learn new stuff! Welcome To 3d Lock!
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27 avis
Chga3 Chga3
i dont know why but this server is actually helpful
they helped me getting linux i am kind of a noob so im saying it interesting place
Stilton Stilton
pretty nice server
i love the channel where they have resources i found some interesting stuff i recommend this place for you
Mirono Mirono
actually good server
REALLY A GOOD SERVER i finally know how to protect myself against the damn hacker
Pocko Pocko
Best server ever to learn
learning hacking
learn programming
and i found good resources GG i mean really GG