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For thousands of years, a single king laid claim over all the land of Aerondor. Banishing criminals and the poor to a land known as the ‘outskirts’, an area lacking in the magic the rest of Aerondor was so abundant in, then walling them off. He was able to keep the kingdom in an artificial era of prosperity and power through this method, using his time to develop his own magic and ensure his unnaturally long lifespan.

While the outskirts still technically are a part of his kingdom, they developed their own unique culture and history over hundreds of years, the extreme pressures held over them becoming a crucible that forged gangs of warriors and breakthroughs in technology, notably gunpowder. Last year, the king was dethroned. A bastard son who he’d thrown out to the outskirts made his way back in and killed him, usurping the throne and the power that came with it.

The kingdom is in a transitional state. Despite its new leadership, schools still teach the outskirts as a statistic of why the walls are necessary, leading to plenty of tension. With the Titans that gave Aerondor it’s magic beginning to reawaken, the discovery of an advanced civilization underneath the kingdom, and revolution brewing in the outskirts, all it could take is one person to throw the ten-thousand year balance and history of Aerondor asunder.

-------------Roleplay Offers-----------

▪︎Open world with many growing and changing locations owned by members/oc’s depending on chat lore.
▪︎A system giving incentive for both questmasters and adventurers to roleplay.
▪︎Unique Shooting Mechanics and an accompanying Tier system to make oc’s stronger over time.
▪︎A choose your side system along with positives and negatives to both sides to allow unique character development.
▪︎In-depth bio system allowing for consistent growth and freedom of character.
▪︎Tons of planned events, games, tournaments, and cross-server events.
Plus More!

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Notes et Avis

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Honey Honey
Love the roleplay and the community
Speaking on the community, everyone feels like good friends and they're all always joking around with each other. Really fun to talk in the server and interact with everyone. The staff are usually on things quickly and do a good job!

On the roleplay side of things, there are many interactive systems that aren't too complicated. I normally don't do well with systems but after reading just a bit, they were easy to implement. Totally optional too!

hehe sex lol
il y a 5 jours
Darc Darc
Great Server!
This server is one of the best servers I've ever been on, It has great staff, interactive community, great humor, A cool idea for RP, enforced, but fair, rules. This server has also helped me through some hard times and I just wanted to say thanks for everything.
il y a 119 jours
royaldirtman royaldirtman
Pretty pog
Could cut down on some channels, otherwise very nice community. The way they balance out abilities is pretty nice.
il y a 128 jours
Loyal-Support Loyal-Support
Greta community
The people here are very nice. There are a few bad apples but they're easily ignored and not a big problem. Its easy to make friends.
il y a 157 jours