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The multiverse. Once many worlds, divided yet in harmony, now fused and in discord. The inhabitants of these worlds work to figure out what the cause of this phenomenon is. What comes next is something truly... incredibly...uncanny

Many adventures begin in this amalgam world. Strange pocket monsters meet dragons in what were once sacred lands. The baddest kid to ever save the day meets a mad genius who has never understood the meaning of taking a chill pill. Two dark beings form an unlikely and uncanny pair, while anime's most powerful titans clash in epic battles... while a kid with cybernetic powers has lunch at a burger joint with a superpowered bug-eyed girl in Kindergarten. Truly what is being described here is too wondrous and insane to even comprehend without truly opening the doors and looking inside. What awaits you will be a world of wonders, and when you choose to leave it--less you be too flabbergasted from the chaos that you witness--you will leave it with one thought in your head:
"...What the fu-“

💠 Tons of available characters from all different medias!
💠 Staff on the clock able to help your needs!
💠 Original Characters!
💠 Tons of event opportunities
diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside And much, much more!

Now come on and join the world of grand adventures where anything and anyone can surprise you. There's no telling what's around the corner until you take a peek and see so what are you waiting for? The rift is open for all.
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Jeremiah The Vainglorious. Jeremiah The Vainglorious.
A Little Surprise.
I've been in this server for half a year, I will admit it has its ups and downs, especially of late times. But, when a supposed roleplay doctor joined, they made everything worse. Not only did they be extremely rude to a beloved member, who did nothing wrong but an innocent mistake involving his Google docs, but also consistently mentioned balance like they're MCU Thanos or something. Wanting balance and a decent approval system, yet their character was the exact opposite of what they wanted from the server. Real convenient huh? They said that there shouldn't be an argument against them as that would be foolish, but I simply can't let someone so devilish post a bad review because they couldn't stand seeing people like themselves. As said, it isn't the best, and could use work, but this depiction is mostly inaccurate. People like them are what make it how they describe, thank you for listening.
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Claudia~chan Claudia~chan
I mean... It's an anime server... What do you expect? There is no sense of balance anywhere, and more active members get *purely broken* concepts.
Christ, I haven't seen a server as poor as this in a very very long time. I mean, you know it's bad when you have to argue with an admin about the difference between death and *existence erasure*. Yes, this is an actual concept that is openly accepted. Just complete concept erasure, the entire thing. If you have to have a genuine argument about this, I think that's a massive concern just by itself. I mean, I don't really need to say why no one should allow concept erasure, but I shall anyway:
You remove all the work that person did, and you can remove very important key details that make that character who they are. You can remove literally anything about them at your own will, with no limits or bounds to what you can do.
Even I, the person who says any concept can be deemed acceptable given enough limits and weaknesses, would never accept this especially without any limits. This is just... pathetic. Really, it is. It's a poor ability concept that should very rarely be used. At least give it more thought, I mean, seriously.
It get's worse. You will want to mute gen upon entering. As are with most Anime servers, it's either really cringy RP or just straight spam of... how would I put this politely...? We'll go with,"incoherence". The n-word is thrown around constantly, and the gen chat is... More filled with memes then actual discernible speech. You will get about 100+ message in 30 seconds from only 3ish people. It's really bad.

Suggestions: I can't really say anything to help you improve in the slightest, but I shall attempt:
- An actual sense of balance for the server would help. Your ceiling is much too high for trusted members, I would even argue that it doesn't exist. Trusted members shouldn't be given such a thing to begin with. No one should be given grossly overpowered abilities period.
- An actual review process would help immensely. Actually reading the sheets would help. I mean, you know it's really bad when someone assumes that my Tome of the Creator is just used for Self Res, when it quite literally has a page and a half of limits because of *one sentence*. I mean, you quite literally accepted a god book and you had no idea at all.
- Assuming details on a character's sheet is a huge no no. Asking about them, is acceptable. If you genuinely thought that my character's soul being destroyed was a prevention to my character's self res, even though it never mentioned that it was excluded, I can only assume what issues would come up from that. Then you assumed existence erasure was revivable from... Which... Is just flawed in numerous aspects. Seriously, if a detail is not specifically stated, ask if it's the intention to include it or not.
Excal.天 Excal.天
Réponse d'un administrateur
The funny about about this is that yes, existence erasure can be capable of coming back from. Pheonix Force was supposedly erased form existence numerous times, but it still exists, but k.
Your character could regenerate from Soul Manipulation, that wasn't allowed in the SM limits, hence why you were denied. Soul Destruction negates Resurrection entirely, and even if you had a power that would allow you to regenerate from that, aka Absolute Immortality, then you would've been accepted. But you weren't TM. SM limits don't allow that. Just because you weren't allowed your power doesn't mean that the server is ass.
Did you also forget the fact that there was a crossover/multiverse tag on there as well, not just anime. I don't think you know what you talking about tbh, but go on, have fun in other servers. You may think it's not fun, but to us, it is. Hell some TM's still have SM level characters, just because you didn't get your way doesn't mean we should all have to suffer at the hand of your stupidity.

What's wrong with "nigga", you gotta problem with it? It ain't even used in a racist way, hell most times niggas use it for greetings or as another way to say friend. This aint the 1900s lady.
"Really cringy RP." Tough, sonic's allowed, so that makes it cringy? Almost everything is allowed, Transformers, Star Wars, Sonic, Dragon Ball, pretty much everything, or you can make your own fandom. We don't care man.Concept Erasure? Tough, that's TM level. Unless you're trusted by server staff, you aren't getting those abilities. And quite frankly, niggas don't care. If they gotta earn trust to get abilities, or refrain from rping with those types of characters, it doesn't matter. You may have the intelligence of a goddamn human with 30 extra chromosomes, but that doesn't mean your stupid suggestions are gonna change how the server is. Joke characters thrive, OP characters thrive, and Non-OP. It's not combat based, so like, why do you care exactly? Oh right, because you didn't get the ability to regenerate from Soul Destruction, despite you being an SM. Yeah, have fun with that.
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OriginSpeed OriginSpeed
Pretty good fam.
That's it, that's the review. Shit, I need 80 characters....uh, the roleplay is great.
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