This is **The Wild Earth**

Lore: **Year:** 3097
**Human Occupations:** 0
The humans had been wiped out by a large waves of tsunamis. The smartest of animals climbed to the highest mountains or hid very deep underground. Those animals felt once it was safe, they would return out in the wild. Now that the humans were gone, the animals ruled the world. After years, eventually wildlife and plant life grew over civilizations. Large cities to the country houses were now apart of mega biomes with vines and other plant life all around and in the buildings that once stood there.

My server offers:
➰Self Assignable Roles
➰ All animal roleplay
➰ Exciting characters and people to mingle with
➰.... And much more

— This server is a work in progress and I am currently accepting staff applications, I would personally appreciate the help of operating this beautiful community as I personally hope to grow.

Have a nice day!!❤️