The year is 2040. Virtual Reality technology has become so advanced that video game companies can almost literally put you into another persons body. It can now simulate every single sense and is done so by putting on a headset that taps into your nervous system. Many games have been released for the system but none more popular than a game known as Lust Online.

Lust Online is a unique game aimed at people over 18 years old. People can choose from a wide variety of classes that power up as they sleep with different people. The interesting part about Lust Online is that nobody is aware that they're in a game. As soon as you enter the game your memory is wiped and you select one of your characters. Your memories are temporarily replaced by that character so you feel as if you are actually them. This means if your character is a 50 year old veteran, you feel like a 50 year old veteran. If you're a 14 year old child then you feel as if you're 14. This means that both physically and mentally you embody your characters