Hey, you!
I see you're looking for a cool and awesome LiS server to join right?
Well, i wanna welcome you to the VORTEX CLUB!

We are a Life is Strange server with 150+ members. We usually talk about LiS of course. Ya know BtS (no not the kpop group) but Before the Storm. And of course LiS 2! We talk about each season of Life is Strange and discuss about your favorite characters, soundtracks, the wildest theories for LiS 2 and much more!

We also have a regular schedule with activities for everyone to take part in. Moreover we have a leveling system and the more active you are, the better your role will be. Additionally we also have lots of bots that you can play with for your entertainment.

We support everyone in our community and the LGBT part is very important to us. So feel free to chat with all of us!