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The biggest SFW video chat server on Disboard.

There are age-separated and mixed age video chats.
We have a suggestions channel so you can improve the server how you want it!
Ping the @video ping role to start a video chat!
Server para personas de todas las edades que además de chatear, buscan ver y/o escuchar, con la WebCam, para hacer nuevas amistades.
Cuando termines de elegir tus roles podrás entrar en los demás canales pasadas unas horas.
Ponte có[email protected] y activa tu WebCam.

Welcome to WebCam.

Server for people of all ages who, in addition to chatting, seek to see and / or listen, with the WebCam, to make new friends.
When you finish choosing your roles you will be able to enter the other channels after a few hours.
Get comfortable and activate your WebCam.
Come on pervs! Let Wicked Woman take care of you baby. Her huge tits and filthy mouth are all you need to get where you want to go.
We've rebranded! For those unfamiliar with [email protected] (formerly MTG Video Chat Play), I'd like to extend an invitation to join what I believe is one of the best environments for webcam-based paper Magic.

We have a highly active community (700+ members with 100+ online at any time), so it's easy to find opponents in multiple formats. We host regular tournaments on a weekly basis, including Pioneer on Mondays, Modern on Wednesdays, plus a variety of other events such as monthly showdowns, invitationals, draft league, prerelease, and more. Just last week, we even launched our own official podcast, The Pioneer Perspective. We're preparing to overhaul our subreddit as well, so please be on the lookout!

Our admin team is dedicated to making the player experience the best it can be, so if you'd be so kind, please pay us a visit! You won't regret it.
We are just having fun playing video games and going live on cam for your pleasure. Like we always say, Follow us here, Follow us there, Follow us Every where..

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Hier sind alle zugelassen die Interesse haben an Webcam. Unsere Damen und Herren bieten sich zeitweise an dann wird es jedoch bekannt gegeben. TG Angebote sind erlaubt.
18+ and over only crystaldenison and friends room
cam girls welcome and naughty men
the only rule is to have fun (and be over 18)
Bewerbungs- und Chat-Kanal ( Foto- und FilmShootings, webCam ) für großgewachsene, athletische Frauen und ihre männlichen Bewunderer. Weitere gesuchte Körpermerkmale: ausgeprägte Adern am Arm, der Hand, gewaltige Oberschenkel 70 cm plus, kräftige Waden, behaarte Arme, Beine, große Hände. Weitere Themen: handSpanking, Ohrfeigen, tallWomen. Mehr Infos ->
Application and chat channel ( photo- and video shots, webCam ) for tall, athletic women and their male admirers. Further sought body characteristics: pronounced veins on the arm, the hand, mighty thighs 70 cm plus, strong calves, hairy arms, legs and large hands. Other topics: handSpanking, Face Slapping, tallWomen. More information ->

Willkommen in unserem Erotikchat
Wir sind noch sehr klein und hoffen langsam zu wachsen. Unser Channel bezieht sich auf erotische Kontakte für den Umkreis Dortmund bis ca 50 km. Hier soll ausgetauscht werden und auch Kontakte für Realtreff geschlossen. TG Angebote sind auch erlaubt.
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