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Thank you for checking out our new, fun and amazing Warrior Cats RP Server! Warriors: Destiny Call offers new friends, new experiences, and plenty of roles to choose from. Go on adventures with your friends, fight battles, gain a mate and kits, and most importantly, explore, and travel to wherever destiny calls!
StarClaws is a warrior cats AU roleplay server where all the cats have been blessed with different powers or cursed with major disadvantages. We offer a very friendly and relaxed community basis and we are very inviting to new members. Star Claws offer a very flexible plot line and a very innovative mythology stance on StarClan and the Dark Forest! Among other things:
🌠 LGBTQ+ Friendly - why wouldn't we be?
🌠 Semi Literate to Literate - go at your own pace!
🌠 Very Friendly Staff, Always open to criticism and suggestions!
🌠 Currently Updating the Lore
Can't wait to see you there!
Welcome to the MoonClan Warriors discord server! Here we do warrior cat like roleplays under our MoonClan ancestors!
What we offer:
-4 original clans; CottonClan, FlameClan, DarkClan, and SunClan
-Unique Ancestors
-Active Prophecies & Staff
-Easy-to-Make Characters
-General chat to talk with other users!
-Leader Chosen Deputies
Streamclan, Rockclan, Forestclan, and Sunclan all used to inhabit the valley, but it was rare that they got along. Once their discontent reached the boiling point, war broke out, and Sunclan was destroyed in the process. Now the remaining clans are looking for forgiveness -- or at least, that's what they claim.

Literate / multi-paragraph / third-person Warrior Cats roleplay

Hello, welcome to the Greater Wilds, an original warriors universe placed in a combo of mid-western, north-western rainforest, plains, canyons, ravines, and mountain range. There are three ancient clans, and one slightly less so, made in the wilds, unlike the others that had travelled from ruin. There are many more wild animals that pose a danger to the cats, increasing their numbers and lessening their general hostilities. There has not been a serious feud between the clans in many, many moons...
Yet trouble is brewing... Somewhere.

☆ Still in need of new members! ☆
☆ Open for Partnerships! ☆
☆ Rebooted Server! ☆
  ◜             ◝   
   ✧ 15+ Flexible Age Limit   
   ✧ LGBT+ Friendly  
   ✧ Open High Ranks
   ✧ Original Clans
   ✧ Plot-driven       
   ✧ Semi-Literate  
   ✧ Google Verification     
  ◟            ◞     
Hello there, you have been invited to join a Warrior Cats themed roleplay server, The Clans of The Arcane! To start off, Warrior Cats is a book collection by Erin Hunter. Now, in this roleplay server we do not allow canon characters. However, you may create an original character of your choosing! So far we have two clans to pick from, but you may also be clanless, or a kittypet. For those of you who don't know, a kittypet is your household cat. They live with humans.

Keep in mind that this is a semi-literate to literate roleplay server that requests it's users roleplay in third person and do not one line, so I apologize if this is against your roleplay style! We also have a template that includes an overview, some attributes (optional), and other information (some is optional) about your character. In this server, however, we allow users to add any information they would like to their template as long as they have the required information!

Besides roleplay channels we have some out of character chats to keep you occupied (memes, art, fanart, and fangirling, etc.)! We are also open to suggestions on channels to add (roleplay and out of character). We're also open to helping users by answering any questions that they may or may not have, be it for themselves or if they're asking for a friend! There is also a voice chat that you may chat in with other users and Rythm (renamed Jaggedberry) for music selection!

What you can expect from this server is:
-Out of character channels to hang out in!
-A staff team that is as active as they can be and willing to help!
-Full lists of information so you're not clueless on anything going on.
-A questions and suggestions channel so you may help improve the server and get help yourself if you're confused.
-A pastel color role of your choosing from a given list, and other roles!

Keep in mind that this is a serious and literate roleplay server and so we take things very seriously here, while we do try to have some fun!
After many moons within battle, felines were able to free themselves from a cruel dictator that ruled over a single Tribe. Since that moon, they had been known as clans, rather than Tribes. Rushclan, self-assured felines that reside by the rapids. Heathclan, kindhearted cats that leap through the plains. Timberclan, secretive group that weaves through the woodlands. And the infamous Tribe of Soaring Bluffs still live on, but with a new way of life. Will you aide their cause or become their downfall?

- Are a +16 roleplay!
- Are LGBT+ friendly community!
- Are Semi-Literate and Literate.

We offer..
- 4 Open High Ranks Left!
- An Involved Roleplay with Exciting Events.
- Free Rein to Create Diverse, yet Realistic Characters.
- Fun Bots!
- A simplistic RPG and Point system.
- And Lots of Channels for Chit-Chatting with Our Friendly Members!
🐈 =:= Warriors: Seasons of Change =:= 🐈

Years & years ago, the original four clans fell into a time of darkness. Twolegs began to take over their land, cutting down trees and imprinting the ground with the huge paw prints of monsters. Prey vanished as the land was altered & the clans slowly starved. Their prayers were however heard by StarClan whom sent the four clan leaders visions of a better land, unscathed by twoleg destruction. All clans met under four trees at the break of dawn, discussing what to do. They finally came to a decision; There were certainly going to be season of change ahead. Immediately, all cats set off, following the path StarClan imprinted into their minds. Moons past & Warriors turned to elders, & kits became warriors. After seasons of travel & hardships of many, they finally reached the land one blessed nightfall, and waiting for them, as promised, was the spirit cats. The leaders of the four clans padded forward, tired and worn from the journey. They walked to the spirit cats, touching noses with them and one by one their spirits left and their worn shells fell to the ground blissfully. The spirit cats bowed to the remaining cats before walking off into the stars. New leaders took their roles, sleeping in the shallows of the MoonLake and claiming their nine lives. The clans gave themselves new names to celebrate the coming of new times, new seasons. ThunderClan became WillowClan WindClan became MeadowClan RiverClan turned to BrookClan And finally ShadowClan chose to be RockClan.

✨ Features ✨
✧ Four Clans to choose from!
✧ Several different bots.
✧ Ability to suggest events!
✧ A Staff group willing to help you out with whatever you may need.

We're still a new-ish server and working things out. In time we'll grow.
Welcome to COLD TIDES!! A very new server looking for staff and active members! Ran by experiences staff and just looking to have fun :)

=✶- 𝔀𝓱𝓲𝓼𝓹𝓮𝓻𝓼 𝓸𝓯 𝓽𝓱𝓮 𝔀𝓲𝓵𝓭 -✶=
Between the gentle and family oriented Dewclan, living in the shaded forests of pine, oak and birch, cliffs sloping away to the lush, flower filled valley of the cold and snobbish Lilyclan cats tensions rise as Lilyclan increasingly pushes it's power over Dewclan where an evil darker than any cat has ever seen grows as skirmishes and battles seem to be never ending.

Welcome to whispers of the wild, we are a reasonably new roleplay server based off the erin hunters best selling novels warrior cats.

✧ We are ✧
⋆ Lgbtq+ friendly
⋆ Very welcoming of any skill level
⋆ Still growing and would like to welcome everyone!

☽ We offer ☽
⋆ A very diverse and open space to share controversial or unusual rp ideas or character
⋆ Interesting plot points that everyone can take part in and help build
⋆ Open high ranks
⋆ Plenty of space to chat and share
⋆ Two unique clans with special holidays and traditions
⋆ Contested areas of territory
⋆ Weekly mini plots
In the beginning, there were three gods.
The gods ruled over different domains of life, but when one rebelled, the cats on earth divided into three clans.
Many generations later, tension is growing in the clans, and the gods are growing more and more irritable with their subjects. Can you stop the evil before it's too late?

Choose from three unique clans:
Mapleclan, the beautiful and wise
Wildclan, the mischievous and swift
or Ruinclan, the underground savages.
You can also play as a rogue or loner!
In an alternative path where ThunderClan, WindClan, and RiverClan moved to a completely different territory than the forest or lake because of the drama and over-population, the three now live in an area where the land is untouched by Twolegs. Of course, there are a couple of farms and Twolegplaces, but it is fairly quiet near the Clans' territories. How will you help shape the destinies of the three Clans? Will you help them thrive and flourish, or will you be the one to cause the entire downfall of all three?

It isn't required for you to know about the main server, but it might help so you can get an idea of important characters or events that might be mentioned.
Here we offer:
- A welcoming staff that is very helpful!
- Many opportunities to be involved in heavy plots that might come up in the roleplay
- A safe environment from homo/transphobes, racial/religious slurs, and NSFW
- Music channels to groove out in
and more :)
Welcome to the Hidden Lands!
Fog curls around your legs as you stumble through the thick darkness of the woods. It nearly feels suffocating, yet you continue forward. Peering through the fog, you spot a single cherry blossom tree, a young one, how peculiar in this forest of murky greens. You continue forward, not knowing where you are, where you’ll go, or even where you’ve come from.
The ground feels soggy now, as you plod out of the fog. You’re in a marsh now, sidestepping puddles of unknown depths. There’s a rustle in the nearby bush as you pass, perhaps a mouse, perhaps something else. The feeling of eyes watching your every move from the depths of fallen oaks makes your skin crawl. You continue forward.
You creep now alongside a riverbank, hoping the water will lead you out. Your heart pounds within your chest as the stench of death hits you, far away yet, but not far enough for comfort. The forest is silent as the grave now, there’s nothing you wouldn’t give to hear a bird’s song, or a mouse’s steps right now. Something terrible happens here, though you’re not entirely certain what. You are certain, however, that you do not want to stay long enough to find out. You continue forward.
You feel relieved as you step out onto the plains, finally able to see clearly again, for a fair distance. The wind tugs at you as you carry on, passing the sparse thickets and bushes nestled within the grasses. You think you can hear someone following your steps over the cries of the wind. You continue forward.
The terrain grows steeper, colder, bleaker. You stumble over some strewn rocks as the mountains loom before you, their peaks topped with a fine dust of snow. Winter would be upon you soon, and you shiver at the thought. You can hear the soft bubbling of a stream somewhere, though you cannot seem to find it. Hidden, in a cave somewhere, only known to those who are told. Just like the rest of these lands, hidden from the common view.
Will you decide to stay here, in one of the four biomes, each so very different from the last? Or will you carry on your search for the right area? Your time to choose is upon you.
You continue forward.

The Cats of the Hidden Lands is a very chill, close-knit group for Warrior Cats Roleplays!
- New to Roleplaying? Just starting out? Come on in and check us out, we’re open for everyone!
- Thrilling plots, with exciting battle scenes to enact!
- Fun bots!
- Plenty of funny memes and members!
- Plenty of different terrain to Rp in, with three clans and a tribe to be apart of!
We’re always open to new suggestions!
It's been dozens of moons since Cloudstar first lead SkyClan here - only the senior warriors remember the old forest territory. StarClan itself has become nothing more than a mystical story to most young cats, and a fond memory or hidden treasure of the older cats. Cloudstar himself rejected their ancestors after they allowed SkyClan to be driven out of their home. As such, the Clan has no way of connecting to StarClan.

Cloudstar is very old, and is on his last life. This is a great source of fear among the Clan - without a connection to StarClan, how will Buzzardtail get his nine lives after Cloudstar passes? Will he be a true leader? Many cats have come and gone from SkyClan, fearing that Cloudstar's end will bring the end of SkyClan itself. Though the ranks are beginning to shrink, SkyClan is still strong.

Will you help keep SkyClan together and help build their ranks? Will you try to find StarClan in this new territory? Or will you try to destroy the fifth, forgotten Clan?
Hidden within Tualatin Nature Park, three clans thrive. Fernclan, the graceful and kind, inhabits the large, open groves of ferns. Nestled within the deepest part of the forest is Oakclan, the strong and reclusive. Living beside the Mother Pond is Pondclan, the ambitious and proud

The current Pondclan leader, Asterstar, has ruled Pondclan with an iron paw. During her reign, Pondclan has assimilated a good amount of Oakclan and Fernclan’s territory. With Leafbare approaching, the other two clans are desperate to regain their territory. Most cats are only seeing two possible results to this problem - starvation or war.

Join the Three Sisters of Tualitin and explore the vast expanse of the park! We're a DnD based warrior server, but we're friendly to those who are new to the system! We offer friendly admins, a detailed setting, and *tons* of open high roles!
"Once, an old cat with the name of Zircon resided in WiseClan. He was the smartest cat to come to anyone's knowledge, and one day he was asked if he could predict the future of his Clan.

He responded that he had that ability and that he saw great demise. Despite this spreading across his Clan and starting a great panic, he stood calm and collected.

Soon, the supposedly inevitable time came; Death. With his last words, he spoke a prophecy that he said was destined since the beginning of time. He tried to explain that there was no such thing as an afterlife, that the only way to achieve immortality is through knowledge of what the meaning of life is, but he couldn't. He knew it would take longer than how much time he had.

So he instead proposed a prophecy in hopes that someone would know what it meant.

"The cat that looks as if a brindle turned to cloud, the one from a distant land where humans persist, the one who seems to kill all knows the true answer. Befriend him. He knows the destiny. He knows the ruleset. He understands. The entire world will come doomed if you refrain.'".

🥀 We are LGBTQ+ friendly! 🥀
🥀 Respectful, kind members! 🥀
🥀 New, so High Ranks are open! 🥀
🥀 Unique and active plot! 🥀
🥀 Unique locations! 🥀
🥀 Organized channels! 🥀
🥀 Creative naming system! 🥀

So, what Clan will you choose? Will you be a part of the hermits known as SoftClan or the intelligent cats in WiseClan that reside in an abandoned city? Or, will you be a part of the malicious NimbleClan cats that reside in the tropics? Maybe you're destined to live in the harsh mountains in BoulderClan, where the cats freeze.

What will your destiny take you?

🥀 More in RP! 🥀
✨ѕтαя¢ℓαη'ѕ ѕє¢яєтѕ✨

~Welcome to Starclan's Secrets! We are a brand new warriors RP with semi-lit roleplay, a friendly atmosphere, and 5 new clans to enjoy.~


-LGBTQ+ Friendly Server!
-Many HRs and Staff Positions Open!
-An exciting plot that will change the course of the clans!
-5 new clans with a new addition later on! (Apple ~ Fallen ~ Duck ~ Abyss ~ Cloud)

We are a semi-lit - literate roleplay server, so be sure to bring your best writing skills! We hope you enjoy our server, as you discover Starclan's Secrets for yourself.


~Over the horizon lived once not 5 clans, but two. Of course, that came along with Tribe of Swift Winds and Abyss, a rogue group formed by past kittypets and exiled clan cats. Living in a once lively barn was Appleclan, warriors of bravery and compassion who were always ready for a fight, and Duckclan, who made their home near a lake. They were passionate and preferred their peace, as they only shared a border with just the clan. These four lived in harmony, not always being peaceful, but in a way did so anyways. For moons they lived together, until Abyss' leader, Crystal, got bored of this and decided to attack the weaker tribe, who had suffered severely from the harsh Leaf-Bare. Abyss attacked Winds, leaving them to scatter in unknown lands. They forced some of their cats to join them, before forming the 3rd clan, Abyssclan. Duck and Apple both disapproved, as they didn't need another clan to form. But Abyss didn't care, and made their home in the crystal caverns of the land. Later on, the remaining cats of Swift Winds formed Morningclan, before being attacked once again by Abyssclan. Attacked twice, the final warriors decided to gain their vengeance. They picked up every last piece of Morningclan they could find, and Fallensun deemed the new clan Fallenclan after herself. Now the clans stand united, but still rickety from their past. But now, a new threat lurks. One far greater than the last. But they never could know, for it remains a mystery even to Starclan's wise eyes.~

Where once five great Clans stalked the edges of the moor, now only a few remain.

As the cold days grow shorter the threat of destruction grows greater. The cats that survived the Cataclysm have split in two: one group desperate for peace, the other hungry for power. The promise of a new territory now turns them north: to re-establish the Clans as they were or to found new ones; to reform the warrior code... or to tear it down utterly and entirely.

★ Influence a new, semi-lit to literate, original world to your liking. Fight to change the very code the Clans live by, or give your life to defend it!
★ Become an influential opinion, in-universe and out. Help to name Clans, adopt powerful characters, and vote on what you would like to see in the plot!
★ Seek unique powers in a lore-rich storyline. Does your character want a quiet family life, or to become an immortal tyrant of the Clans? Work hard and they may just see it through to fruition!
★ Enjoy a welcoming server! LGBT-run and LGBT-friendly, equipped with a shop, pokécord, dank memer, and open to any suggestions! We are trying to be as accessible as possible, so please, let us know if we can help you!
Ancientclan and Sheerclan were peaceful until wolves and coyotes began overtaking their territories and stealing prey.
Now these hungry cats must attempt to negotiate a plan to get these predators out.
With a prophecy foretelling the splitting of the clans, many may butt heads. We can only hope it does not come to an all-out war...
━━━━━━⠀⋆⠀𓊈༝ ✶ ༝𓊉 ⠀⋆⠀━━━━━

⋆ 𝐈𝐬𝐥𝐞𝐭𝐜𝐥𝐚𝐧 ⋆

The isletclan warriorcats server is set in peaceful tropical tribe. it’s setting resting upon a small palm tree thicketed island surrounded by a beautifully aquatic view of the oceanic environment set in the Mediterranean sea. These cats have to battle the elements and harness the wilderness around them in order to survive and thrive in their climate.

This roleplay includes unique ranks and interactive plots open for all to take part in, we pride ourselves on the inclusion of every member and hope each and every one of our affiliates are able and willing to participate and interact with these schemes.

In our server we provide :

✧ active semi literate roleplay
✦ A chance to apply for high ranks
✧ All inclusive plots & storylines
✦ friendly and helpful staff

From all the people at the Isletclan server we hope to provide you with a safe and enjoyable environment for warriorcats roleplay ♡

━━━━━━⠀⋆⠀𓊈༝ ✶ ༝𓊉 ⠀⋆⠀━━━━━

🌟Starlight Warriors🌟

We’re a 16+ server based on the Warriors series with an original lore, territory, higher positions and groups. Will you join Moonclan, whose history is rich and has seen many leaders in their time or the newly established Sunclan? Maybe you’ll be tempted by the shadows and join the Starless Faction or enjoy the freedom to live as a rogue from White Rabbit Outlaws?

About us;
💓 An active, inclusive and friendly server.
🌈 LGBTQ+ friendly.
🐱 A Discord roleplay server about Warrior Cats.
📚 A semi-literate server.
📝 Create your own character and develop their unique stories.

Higher roles are still available!



You opened your eyes, your pupils dilating to adjust to what you were seeing. You were watching over an area of clans from a bird’s eye view, along with a tundra far into the distance.

You flicked your tail side to side, as you inched closer to the lands.

You could see the clans clearer now.

A clan in a grassy plain, with a farm. Mudclan.

A clan, with mainly calico cats, by the ocean. Koiclan.

A clan in a foggy rainforest, prowling in the dark. Fogclan.

A clan in an old, mossy oak forest. Oakclan.

You back up to look over at the other areas, your ear twitching and eyes squinting to see.

An orange tundra with snowy mountains. Blood Tundra. The enemy of all.

Clouds in the sky, with barely visible cats. Fallenclan. The Gods to the Clan Cats, per se.

“What was this?”

You mewed, before everything you saw disappeared, like a vision.


Welcome to the server 🌕The Four Clans🌑. A discord server made by Warrior Cats fans for Warrior Cats fans!

Here, you can do the following:

•Discuss art
•Discuss writing
•Make friends

This server is mainly for roleplay, but you can also join just to hang out and meet other Warrior Cats fans!

With /many/ channels, you have many options on what to do!

There are four fan clans, and our version of Starclan and the Dark Forest, and a special add on!

Some other things we have are
•100+ channels
•Roleplay categories
•OC roleplay
•Fan clans
•Self roles
And more! We add more stuff almost every day!
Welcome to this Warriors server!

In this server we use the well known five Clans from the book; ThunderClan, RiverClan, WindClan, ShadowClan, SkyClan, and along with the Dark Forest and StarClan for deceased characters. In addition, we have two more Fan-Clans known as MoonClan and SunClan.

We offer the following:
- A safe and friendly environment for everyone (including those of different -
race, religion, sexuality, and opinion)
- Weekly events and/or contests
- Partnerships

GATHERINGS : Every Saturday from 6:30 PM - 8:30PM (CST)
MEDICINE CAT MEETINGS : Every Sunday from 12:00 AM - 11:59 PM (CST)
CATS AGE UP (by moons): Every Monday

“The fall of mankind was long awaited, creatures everywhere pacing in the shadows as they destroyed themselves and the planet. Now that they are gone nature has taken back what was rightfully hers.
CoTA follows the story of three clans many many moons after the last of the humans have died. Just as they have finally begun to settle into their respective lands and form their traditions a strange young kit has appeared on the border of two clans with an omen. What more could this waste-scape have in store for these cats?“

Read all information about the clans and the server on our info site and use the application form to join!