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Young Trans Peeps is our server for transgender or gender questioning teenagers to just talk, hang out and make friends. We’re still a small community, but we’d like to expand! We have channels where you can discuss your specific interests with other people, as well as channels where you can vent and get advice :) Please note: This server is only for under 20’s. This is not a server for dating.
We are a LGBTQ+ friendly server but allies are welcome.

We have many categories, and channels for you to use. Including private channels for different lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgenders.

We have many self assignable roles.

Boys R Us is a fun, relaxing place for trans men to meet and make friends, we have music bots and a bot enconmony with happy and friendly staff willing to help out and make your time here as welcoming as it can be.
**Transgender Hotel**

"Newspaper Advert:
New Hotel open! The Transgender hotel has recently opened its doors to the public! They claim to host a safe-heaven for LGBTQ+ member and their allies!
They also have told us, they have a great staff team! An active owner who actually takes criticism and your feedback and tries to make the hotel better!
They have attached a link at the bottom."

☆ 60+ Self-roles. With reactions and custom Emojis! Including Self Colour!

☆ 18+ NSFW channels. (Might be a user for 1week & level 5).

☆ Levels! (Try and outrank your friends and fellow guests!)

☆ Discord themed after a hotel.

☆ Simple rules to follow

☆ Safe-space for Transgender people, LGBTQ+ members and their Allies!

☆ Custom Banner & Logo.

☆ A place to self-promote your YouTube/Twitch accounts!

🔗 Permanent Invite:
A server for transmasculine individuals who want to meet and support other transmasculine individuals!
A safe space for *LEFT WING* questioning, trans and gender non-conforming individuals. Cis allies are welcome too. Chat in a variety of channels ranging from gaming to medical discussion, or just ramble about how much you hate Nazis.

Just a chill server for transgender and nonbinary people to hang out in. Leave the Tumblr politics at the door and come have fun!
A new Trans and Non-binary server specifically for trans and non-binary users! We are a friendly community looking for new members!
Just a server looking to grow more members. most of us play FFXIV but certainly not a requirement for joining. Trans support channels exist. LGBTQ friendly
Validation Station is a established safe space and friendly community for transgender teenagers to talk, have fun, and meet new people! The server is currently only open to trans (or questioning) people under the age of 20. Come join, if you can! :D
We offer you all a platform to make friends
and hang out and share together!
We have several channels for gaming and are currently working on server movie nights! this group is mostly a vaporwave themed hangout for chill tranny's, so come join in and leave the PC police on planet earth!

we were inspired to make this server because we live in a world were people proclaiming "diversity" will purge rational thinking trans people with tyrannical modding standards its because of this perverse use of censorship and thought policing by the radical left that an A-political environment like this become necessary so that other's with unpopular opinions can make friends and not get caught in an echo chamber of absolute lunacy and denial. without fear of shadow mods or being banned for being "offensive" The nola tranny squad is based in New Orleans and even has its very own facebook page check it out!
This server is for Trans and Non-Binary Folk to chill. We chose the name Dueling Banjos since it's cool aaaand a good way to keep chasers out. It is a new server so please be patient if there aren't many people online. ^-^
lil server i made to chill with new peeps if you wanna
pretty censor free i dont care much for pc stuff
drop in and say hi :)
We zijn een jonge server van Nederlands sprekende transgenders en vrienden, gericht op support en gezelligheid. Wil je iets kwijt, zoek je naar informatie, of wil je gewoon een leuke groep open-minded mensen om mee om te gaan, kom dan eens langs en zeg hallo!
A server for trans people to make friends and get support.
Transgender discord group that is here to give a safe mature space for its members. A place where do not need to fear hate for who you are. Seeking mature members 16+ and have 18+ chats.
Hi! We're a friendly, welcoming server for trans people. We're small right now but we'll get bigger, so don't hesitate to join us!
We're also very active and talkative.
Just some shitty server. Trans and 🏳️‍🌈 hangout. Teens only for now. 13-19.
Welcome, new comers! I see you have stumbled upon my server because you are seeking some LGBTQ friends to interact with. Not to worry, this is the place for you! We have:
• Friendly chats
• Sexuality and gender specific chats
• Gaming bots
• Anime bots
• Leveling up
• Points and ranks
• A variety of roles with an autorole system
• Memes (dank variety)
• Art and music
• Gaming chats

And much more! We are a friendly server, and are very accepting no matter who you are or what you identify as. Come and join us! We'll be waiting for you. :)
:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: We Do Daily Giveaway prizes :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
:smiley: More than 150+ Roles :smiley: @everyone
:grinning: We Always Welcome Everyone To be scared to talk in chat about something :grinning:
:sparkles: We use @👂Partner Notify👂 :sparkles:
:large_orange_diamond: 250+ Members :large_orange_diamond:
A chill server with transgender as it's background. Come all to a small discord server with loyal members and a nice comfy environment. 13+
An LGBT+ server dedicated to creating a relaxed and friendly environment for queer people and those who support them.

It's minimalist and straightforward, no confusing roles or channels, just straight up gayness.
We are a trans-only server looking to grow into a big community! Join us and make friends and be surrounded by supportive people!
Hi there,

This is a server that is primarily aimed at trans people, so whether you want to make new friends, discuss certain topics, play games or whatever, feel free to join!