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This server was originally meant for a Pintrest group but we opened it up to everyone! We are a very respectful and accepting community.

Here's what we have to offer!
-fun bots like pet bot and house bot
-art competitions
-movie nights
-games like dnd
-reaction roles for pronouns and sexuality and so much more
and much more!

Also, there is a verification system! Please follow it. We are trying to keep our server and its members safe : )
Welcome to 𝓒𝓞𝓓𝓨'𝓢 𝓛𝓖𝓑𝓣𝓠 𝓛𝓞𝓤𝓝𝓖𝓔, in this server you can meet new people and hangout!
We provide the following!

- A music bot (everyone loves groovy!)
- Special events! Such as jackbox, kahoot! And much more!
- We have a very supportive staff team and we make sure any situations are taken care of.
- We accept anyone and everyone!
- We provide special roles so people can be noticed!
- We have a zero-tolerance policy for negative drama.
- We have a system of rules and verification to protect against raids.
- Of course we have a pokecord, silly! LMAO!
- many text, image, and voice channels to share your thoughts and experiences, or just hang out!
Message from founder:

We understand the struggles of being different from people, but the honest truth is what is normal? The founder dont believe in normal….. Because normal is another way of saying you are a hater, And i don't approve. I accept everyone for who they are and what they think of themselves because that's the beauty of this world you are born to do whatever you want whenever you want And you die happy! So please it would be an honor to have you on our server! So join now! -Cody H
A server for transgender individuals to peacefully debate our different standpoints! This is a 13+ server and anybody is welcome, cisgender or not! Invite your friends!
Hello people of discord! This is a safe place for trans teens we only allow 13-18. We also do not allow cis people unless they were invited by one of our trans members. Come join our server and have fun! We offer

*we do art competitions

*we have D&D

*we offer a friendly and welcoming server

*many active mods

*safe place with no often raids

Please come and join us <3
Hey, come and check out the Trans Community Center.
If you’re looking for a great resource for support and to find a safe space to make some new friends within the community come and check us out. 😁
Welcome to the Trans Help Server! We were previously the Trans Help Server system, with three separate servers, but we’ve now moved into one single server! Our main goal is to provide a safe and healthy space for trans people to seek support with other like-minded people! This link is to our portal server, which helps us filter out spammers, but our mod team will get you pushed through to our real server ASAP! We look forward to seeing you!
Join the LGBT+ community today! We would love to have you here! In our server, we offer games, music, chatrooms, movies and so much more! We accept everyone, even if you are not apart of LGBT. We have a Visitor/Heterosexual role.


This server is primarily for people BELOW THE AGE OF 18. It is also sort of Roblox based. See you there!! :P
We're a gaming, support, & self improvement community for LGBT+:rainbow: & any friendly people looking to chill or play games
After the original Ally's got deleted, we recreated it, now better than ever!
We have:
- a welcoming community for ALL kinds of LGBTQIA+ people!
- we have an established littespace!
- hot people in our NSFW channels (now with age verification!
- we have channels and hideouts for all kinds of trans people and femboys/traps!
Come check us out!
Welcome to Rad Trans Central, an advice centered server for ||binary trans people 16-30.||

What we offer:
>An active mod team to answer any of your questions.
>Advice channels for passing, name suggestions and the healthcare side of transition.
>Specific channels for mtfs and ftms to get to know each other.
>A channel to document your medical transition.
>Many hobby channels ranging from art to dnd!
Our community is one that is and wants to help people who are looking at transitioning from MtF or FtM. We're willing to provide information or just a general listening ear to any questions or advice you may want.
Welcome to Cafe Q! We're a brand new home for the LGBTQ+ community. Sit down, have a drink, and enjoy a safe welcoming environment with other LGBTQ+ people. We are an 18+ server. We have an choose your own adventure game, friendly queers and are planning events and game nights soon!
Hello! Welcome to the Trendercore Babey server! Here we welcome all people of all MOGAI genders! We have strict rules, and auto modding to prevent raiding and attacks, and we hope you can feel safe here! The server is 16+ and has a friendly environment!

-Plenty of neonouns to choose from!
-strict modding
-open minded community
-anti transmed and anti exclusionist.
-pro mogai
[Dit is een trans server voor trans mensen, niet zomaar een LGBT server]
We zijn een Nederlandse server met de focus op trans onderwerpen en alle andere termen die onder de umbrella horen. Als je hulp nodig hebt, gewoon gezelligheid zoekt of graag wat meer mensen wilt leren kennen join dan vooral. 15+
Hey there, this is a new server for trans guys and transmasculine folk who are ages 16 and up. We hope to create a community where trans guys can share their experiences and meet fellow brothers. If this sounds like something you'd be interested please stop by!

Please do not bother joining if this does not apply to you. We hope for you too, to find a loving community, but this is not the place.
We are an 18+ dating themed transgender server. We play games while discussing relationships. If that sounds interesting to you then come on in.

NOTE: This server is for Transgender/Nonbinary/ and Interxsex people only. Only 18+ members are allowed. Minors will be refused access.
Truscum need not apply.
Heyo! Welcome to Trans Space!

We're one of Discord's largest trans-focused communities (with over 1,100 members!); a welcoming place where trans and other LGBTQ+ folks can chat, make new friends, get advice and more.


🏳️‍🌈 An active community
🏳️‍🌈 Discourse, drama and politics-free
🏳️‍🌈 Open environment, with everyone welcome - trans, cis or questioning!
🏳️‍🌈 Regular game nights - Jackbox, and more
🏳️‍🌈 Open to all ages 13+
🏳️‍🌈 Channels for all sorts of interests - gaming, movies, anime, fashion, and more!
🏳️‍🌈 D&D campaigns to play
🏳️‍🌈 Verification system to keep users safe
🏳️‍🌈 Open feedback and suggestions
🏳️‍🌈 Channels for serious topics such as health and advice
🏳️‍🌈 Friendly staff team
🏳️‍🌈 An adorable server mascot

If you're looking for a new favourite server, a place to make friends and play games, or a place to get advice and support - we'd love to have you here!
Welcome to the Feminity Discord server, a community aimed at discussing and discovering your feminine aspects, welcoming to all genders!

We feature:
✯ Channels and topics centered around femininity
✯ A small community of people embracing their feminine aspects
✯ A friendly and welcoming staff team.
✯ A safe space for all genders, welcoming anyone to experiment with what they are comfortable with
✯ Bots and text games for some fun when you're bored: Dank Memer, Idle Miner, Mantaro, Pokecord, Yui, GamesROB, Cards Against Humanity, and Yggdrasil's userphone
✯ Music bots to listen to music with others
✯ Exclusive channels for verified users
✯ NSFW channels for 18+ users to embrace themselves, and channels with automatic updates from subreddits.
✯ Vent channels to talk about your frustrations
✯ An anonymous confession channel to talk about your issues without revealing your identity.
✯ An open-minded and welcoming mindset for you to enjoy your time

We are still small, and first-timers. We hope you feel welcomed to a place where you can discover yourself while meeting people with the same interests. We look forward to improving the server to suit users and to evolve as more people find their favorite safe space!
Just another trans community with lots of dysphoric people. We don't have very strict rules and everyone is welcome.
This is a server for transgender people between the ages of 13 and 28. We're an open community to everyone who identifies with the trans identity.
We also accept questioning people into our server! Be sure to join and chat, we got bots and friendly staff! And even channels to discuss hobbies and such!

We cannot wait to see you in the server!
Welcome to Gaycord!

A welcoming place for people to express themselves. Here at Gaycord we have
-Easy Verification system
-Daily discussions around the LGBT community
-Gaycord’s very own Minecraft Server
-Support channels to get advice from your own community
-Debate discussions
-Amazing members
-Lots of Events!
-And much much more
There’s a place at Gaycord for everyone. Come hang out with us!
T' Castle is a small community server wanting to provide a good environment for trans people to get support and make friends with each other, come on by and check us out~