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In search of the darkest, most disturbing content on the Internet? Well, go find somewhere else weirdo. Just a bunch of chill gamers here. ;)
Hey Salut à toi !
Ceci est le Discord officiel de la Heris Foundation, une corporation à but lucratif sur star Citizen.
Nous exerçons dans beaucoup de domaines tel que le minage, le recyclage, l'agriculture et l'exercice des sciences pour ne citer que nos piliers fondateurs.
Nous serons ravis de t'accueillir afin de répondre à tes questions, si tu souhaites nous connaitre un peu plus ou juste jeter un œil.
N'hésites pas !
A bientôt dans le verse citoyens !
The Official Astrum Militia Discord Server for Star Citizen.

Website -
YouTube -
Star Citizen Wiki -
- Ce projet est en cours d'élaboration ; le contenu est donc en développement -

Associant discussions scientifiques et activités de « gaming », Le Photon Voyageur se présente comme un serveur éclectique porté par la volonté d’aborder des sujets relatifs à l’astronomie et aux jeux vidéo. Les thématiques abordées s’articulent entre : la lutte contre la pollution lumineuse, l’astrophotographie, les actualités scientifiques, les jeux vidéos spatiaux, divers débats et évents.
An organized community for Star Citizen part of a multigaming organization of 1700+ member in 40+ games. You can find the community on
AESIND :: Aesir Industries

We're an international gaming clan founded in 2017 by a set of dedicated people looking to make the 'Verse a better place.
As we started off as a Star Citizen organisation and as such it remains our main occupation, however we've since expanded well beyond those boundaries and evolved into a multi-gaming clan.
The games we play vary widely, ranging from FPS and simulations to MMO's and indie games.

Our member base stretches all over the world with the main core being primarily located in the EU and US.
As such English is our operational language.

We treat our members with equality and welcome all to join our little family. On top of having fun, we partake in a multitude of social events and meet up in real every year.

Sounds interesting? Come around and join our server for more info, grab a cup of mead and partake in our fun.

We hope to see you soon o7
Sick of joining communities and not talking to people? Maybe they talk too much, maybe some are annoying. Join EUL Gaming where that will probably happen but you will laugh too and make some friends. Every night we play Escape from Tarkov, CoD, GTA, Star Citizen and more. We also have a YouTube channel with 70k subs and post community content from people on the Discord, so come join, you could become famous. Probably not though.
Die Academy of the Univers öffnet ihre Tore der düsteren Gamingwelt. Tretet ein und seid Live dabei, die dunklen weiten Gemeinsam zu erkunden.
Το Coffee Time Gaming είναι μια Ελληνική κοινότητα από Gamers 30+, για όσους θέλουν να παίζουν με άλλους αλλά χωρίς υποχρεώσεις.

Εδώ στεγάζεται το Ελληνικό Star Citizen community - Prime Citizen - καθώς και το Ελληνικό Bar Citizen!

Αν ψάχνετε ενργό Division 2 Ελληνικό clan, θα μας βρείτε ingame [CTG] Coffee Time.

Σας περιμένουμε για Co-op/ RP sessions στο Baldur's gate 3!

Επίσης δουλέυουμε για τη δημιουργέια ομάδας στο Godfall, Borderlands 3, Monster Hunter και Ελληνικό Guild στο New World και Fractured.

✔️Νέα για Παιχνίδια
✔️Tech news
✔️Επιλογή ρόλων ώστε να βλέπεται ότι σας ενδιαφέρει
✔️Δυναμικά Voice κανάλια

Τα PC παιχνίδια που παίζουμε:
- Aquanox Deep Descent
- Baldur's Gate 3
- Fractured
- MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries
- Division 2
- New World
- Godfall
- Stellaris
- Monster Hunter: World
- Dauntless
- Sea of Thieves
- Borderlands 3
- Mount and Blade
- Total War
- Temtem
- State of Decay
- Star Citizen

Τα Switch παιχνίδια που παίζουμε:
- Pokemon
- Monster Hunter Rise
The Meeting Place is a freshly launched Discord server which aims to connect you with chill, friendly players who play the same games you do. Among Us, Borderlands, Civilization 6, Deep Rock Galactic, Fall Guys, Grounded, Rocket League, Sea of Thieves, Star Citizen, and several more. If you play any assortment of these games, chances are high you'll make some friends here. Don't be a stranger!
A friendly gaming/Streaming community that is both accepting and helpful to a wide array of members. Tons of giveaways and promotion opportunities!
ION is a PMC where we follow the law and are on good terms with the UEE. We are made out of two branches: the Navy and the Marines. We are looking to build up our fleets as we are very very small and only I “Zunzik” Have the Aegis HammerHead and an Argo Mole. We hope you will join and help found and move our clan to a more concrete stage. We want to strive to get better and will take any helpful and insightful input from our troops. ION has a chain of command that must be strictly followed BUT You do not have to call us sir or Etc. We are strong believers in mutual respect no matter what age. We have no age requirement, But you must have a ok mic with minimal background noise.

All other rules are listed on our discord.

We are looking for members in the age between 15-17 BUT WE DON’T DISCRIMINATE
Wir sind ein Deutsch Englischer Discord Server mit verschiedenen Spiele Communitys und wir freuen uns über jeden Member

We are a german English Discord Server who has much diffrent Game Communitys.
Forschung, Bergbau und Exploration gehören neben der Medizinischen Grundversorgung der Mitglieder zu den Kernaufgaben der SpaceTrotter. Schaut doch mal rein.
Valkyrie Security And Logistics

Valkyrie Security And Logistics have officially opened its doors to those who wish to join a premium, top quality organization.

What is Valkyrie?

VSAL is a recently revitalized organization that has undergone a massive facelift. Originally created over 4 years ago, the primary members of VSAL have played Star Citizen since it was only available in the Squadron Commander game mode.

Why choose Valkyrie Security and Logistics?

As a small and contained unit, VSAL offers a much more intimate and close-knit bond between players and clientele. Offering a hands-on job experience, as well as the opportunity of advancement in vacant positions, joining VSAL offers a one-way route to the top of a reputable organization.

What is offered?

Featuring three branches of Contracting, Hauling, and Administration, VSAL offers diverse pathways for all players within the Star Citizen universe. Whether it be from transporting high-value targets from point to point or executing contracts, VSAL is prepared for all occasions and jobs.

If you’re searching for a smaller group of players that has a focus on quality gameplay and galaxy-wide operations, look no further than Valkyrie Security And Logistics.

Our discord:

Our Organization Page:

For business inquiries please contact our Contracting Executive on discord at Quackers#9896 or on the Star Citizen forums at QuackerCracker.

See you among the stars,

VSAL Contracting Executive, QuackerCracker
The Realms of Pride server was created for players of the game **Star Citizen** on PC! We are an LGBTQ+ community and we also welcome straight allies. We encourage casual gaming, role-playing, and everything in between.
Polski Discord Star Citizen. Polska społeczność graczy tego next-genowego, niesamowitego Space Sima zaprasza wszystkich zainteresowanych kulturalną, merytoryczną dyskusją i wzajemnym wsparciem.
Volund is a gaming community for adult gamers. We treat others how we would like to be treated ourselves. As a community we do not talk down to our opponents and would rather our weapons do the talking for us if need be. Resting on our laurels is also not a habit, as every objective presents unique and interesting challenges. There is no such thing as perfection, but practice and coordinated team effort do a well enough job.
Bienvenue à toi Citizen! Si tu est à la recherche d'un crew RP - FR/QC tu est à la bonne place!
Nous sommes les THUNDERBIRDS et nous recrutons un équipage pour notre (modeste) vaisseau le POLARIS, baptisé le TOMAHAWK!

Si ce n'est pas déjà fait, nous t'invitons à postulé à notre organisation sur notre Page RSI:
Lit bien notre manifest, puis dans ta candidature dit nous quelles sont les raisons de ta souscription!

Par la suite, nous t'invitons à remplir le petit formulaire ci-contre afin d'en savoir mieux sur toi et que tu en sache mieux sur nous.

Une fois tout cela fait, manifeste toi sur notre discord dans le channel #bureau-recrutement📄 pour qu'un @Recruteur te donne un entretiens vocal (ce n'est rien de bien méchant, t'inquiète ^^) et voilà le tour est joué!

A bientôt à bord du TOMAHAWK
we are underground misfits we are a gaming community we play world of tanks n world of ships n war thunder n star citizen n a lot of other simulators
#1 Automated Gaming Server!
Chill, meme, and hangout with us. Must be 18+
---> Halo
---> Star citizen
---> Valorant
---> CS:GO
---> Call of Duty