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Offering guidance and spreading awareness about mental and physical challenges. We're proving that you can ask for help and help each other. Sometimes by speaking to someone unbiased or outside of your challenges can help you understand someone else's opinion or extend your own thoughts. We aren't professionals: we're only average people who want to make a difference.
Darkness is a dedicated emo server and mental health awarness support center. We are trying to foster a community of like minded emos and people in need of emotional support. Wether you are just an emo in culture, a true emo at heart, just a person suffering, or in need of a friend. We are here for you. This community has so many different aspects to it.
Venting and Support Channels!
Dank Memes!
Great Moderation!
Awesome Bots!
News Channel!
Debate Channel!
and so much MORREEEE!!!! ;P
Discussion of nootropics and cognitive enhancers to help boost productivity and become the best version of yourself as possible.
Hey there friend! Welcome to Safe Haven, a mental health support community dedicated to helping you find hope, gain support and maybe even make some good friends!

In Safe Haven, we are here to help. We have a variety of different channels designed to help you find the right support that you may need. We have channels that are designed to help you through your struggles, as well as channels meant to be safe from triggering subjects. Along with our wonderful channels, we have a friendly community. We also have some wonderful bots that have been designed to support you when no one is online. Our bots have special commands that include things to lift your spirits, help you calm your breathing and even give you reminders of how special you are!

If you are looking for a fun community dedicated to making you feel loved and safe, Safe Haven is the place to be!
Welcome to validation McDonald’s! This home of Golden Arches is different then others! Your food is validation and assurance, and it’s easily paid for by connecting one of a kind currently here at validation McDonald’s. Come on, join us! 🍔🍟