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Friendly community for horror fans and semi-lit / literate roleplayers. Formally creepypasta centered and constantly expanding our horizons. We have a fun group of people from various horror communities. You can roleplay or just hang out with friendly members, share artwork, stories, memes, and much more. 15+ recommended. Well organized categories for a stress free experience.

Roleplay categories - Slenderverse, SCP, and multiple creepypasta categories. Characters from these fandoms, other horror fandoms, all horror movies, horror games, and more are welcome! I'd also be happy to add a text channel to suit your roleplay needs!
Welcome to A.E.G.I.S.
Welcome to AEGIS, a government association devoted to capturing and containing Anomalous Entities, or beings with extraordinary powers. Inspired by SCP, this server takes place in Facility Omicron, the main AEGIS facility in the northwestern United States and if you’ve just arrived to the facility, then you are one of three kinds of people. You could be a new staff member hired by AEGIS to staff the facility, in which case welcome to your first day on the job. You could be a new member of the Elite ARC teams whose job it is to capture and bring in the dangerous Anomalous Entities. OR you could be an Anomalous Entity who is now facing the sometimes harsh reality of living as a “guest” of AEGIS. Are you an experimenter trying to further science by studying Anomalous Entities, and ARC Team member just trying to make the world a safer place, or an Anomalous Entity just trying to understand their abilities?

Come to roleplay as one of these characters, or write stories to add to the canon lore of the universe. Or both, I like both. We would be happy to see you here. We are a pretty new server, but this is the second iteration of it so it is a tried and tested idea. Come join our budding commuinity.
***Attention all Foundation Staff. Welcome to Site 14. Dress warmly for the Arctic is unforgiving, yet the expanse of land is perfect for containing SCPs. Tread carefully, for there will be mishaps along the way... But what site hasn't had a raid or two? And system failures are unable to be predicted. Hopefully you'll survive your service here, but then again, you can always transfer Sites if you feel... Unprepared. See you soon, rookies. --Message from the 05 council of Site 14.***
••This is a SCP Roleplay! We are still under development but would love to see you! Come join, help us grow! Staff positions available if you stay long enough! NSFW for those over 18 too!••

Our Goal:

To obtain objects and organisms with anomalies that we can use to our advantage; to understand them and use our knowledge to our benefit; to show the world to embrace and accept these anomalies; to guide them towards the next step in human evolution; to make us stronger as an Insurgency; to help us reach our goal of a better humanity.
= = = = = = =


Before the advent of logic, we were kept as the prisoners of ignorance. We were exploited, subjugated and misled, as the ones in power told us that knowing lesser was the better option. Those few refusing gun willing submission suffered oppression, persecuted by the intolerant ones who feared the truth, and hid it from us. These people sent humanity to senseless wars with the blood of men on everyone's hands. Only through will and mission did one mind bloom after another, as, over time, people finally saw reason. The future we wanted was within our grasp, but it was taken back from us.

The thinkers among us have reverted to the roles of our previous oppressors. They utilize logic against logic, keeping the promised knowledge from us. The new millennium has passed and we are more ignorant than ever. We pursuers of thought walk a path lined with taboos. Only we tread this rejected path, for no one else wills where we walk. If we are to take back our future and take our rightful place, such sacrifices must be made for the greater good. For our destiny! Only we can bring the future. Only we can change this stagnant world. We are the force against the onslaught, the sole effort making a difference. We are the nucleus of the new army.

We are the Insurgency of Chaos.
Owner: Mr.Awesome☭#1661
Co-Owner: Nyctophyliac#7584
Server Invite:
✧ SCP-RP, Area-17 Roleplay ✧
Hiya, this is a somewhat small-medium server but we have an active player base. If you ever need something I'm happy to provide, just ping me and I'll answer any questions. We have a pretty easy rank system, you can automatically be the low-medium ranks of a department and only really have the leading positions as restricted. For things like MTF and ISD, more ranks are restricted than others, but you can still have your characters in those departments.

✧We need you!✧
We currently need more moderators, interns, admins and gamemasters.
Admins/Moderators - Keep everything going and make sure everyone follows the rules. You can even host events as a moderator.
Intern - Read the character submissions and have basic moderation powers, this is a pretty chill role and it is there mostly to help everyone to have a good time.
Game Master - Host events like raids against GOI bases, raids against the Area or mass breaches.

✧Come join us!✧
We may be small, but I hope you don’t leave. As if you remain, we’ll be able to grow more quickly.
Vous vous réveillez dans un endroit qui vous semble familier, un magasin d'équipement ménager. Seulement quelque chose ne va pas, cela fait de longues minutes que vous courrez à la recherche d'une sortie ou de quelqu'un pour vous venir en aide or, il n'y a rien ni personne. C'est alors que vous décidez de vous reposer un moment, vous remarquez soudain un logo Ikea sur un fragment de sac plastique déchiré. Le constat est tombé, vous êtes dans un IKEA qui semble sans fin
Vous marchez, désespéré, pendant des heures, apparait alors devant vous l'un de ces nouveaux restaurants de l'enseigne dont vous avez entendue parler, l'odeur des boulettes de viandes vous enivre, vous approchez alors et prenez une large portion de frite ainsi que de ces boulettes qui sentent si bon et vous n'en faites qu'une bouchée. Vous êtes comblé mais la fatigue ne tarde pas à se faire sentir malgré cela, vous marchez encore longtemps, les couleurs de ce drapeau Suédois vous entourent mais semblent peu à peu différentes. Un employé se montre enfin bien qu'il parait lui aussi perdu et sans but. Vous lui adressez alors la parole, il se retourne vers vous. C'est alors qu'emplie de terreur vous constatez ses immondes difformités, haut comme deux hommes, des jambes trop courtes et un bras plus grand que l'autre mais cela n'est rien face au détail le plus important; celui-ci ne possède pas de visage.
D'un seul coup, il semble vous dire d'une voix morte et sans aucune émotion "le magasin s'apprête à fermer ses portes, merci de vous dirigez vers la sortie" avant même qu'il n'est finit sa phrase, les rangées de néons au plafond s'éteignent les unes après les autres, laissant place à une atmosphère sombre et dérangeante. Enfin, pour ne rien arranger à cette vision d'effroi, le vendeur se met à trembler, comme mue par un esprit étranger, sans attendre, celui-ci semble revenir à ses esprits et vous cours dessus, la tête la première
en criant "VOUS DEVEZ SORTIR MAINTENANT !". Sans même chercher à comprendre ce qu'il se passe, vous fuyez sans regardez derrière vous et prenez refuge dans une armoire Albläst. La nuit semble durez des jours entiers, rythmée par les vas et viens incessant de la créature, enfin les lumières se rallument et la bêtes retrouve son comportement passif
vous avez survécu à votre première nuit.
Site 39
We Secure, we Contain, we Protect.
This is the motto you have probably heard tens, if not hundreds of times throughout your career at the Foundation. It makes sense, though, as it isn't only our motto, but our mission as well. You've most likely read about that in your job description though.

Here at Site-39, we specialize in containing humanoid and non-sentient anomalies, while also providing plenty of opportunity to research these anomalies.
Hi! Welcome to our recently-made roleplay server! In this server, you can roleplay as up to 10 characters - both SCP's and personnel! Have fun!
Welcome to Area 42!

We have:

A good and friendly staff team (Though will be looking for more as we grow)

An interesting overlying plot, that's very welcoming to new joiners.

A very accepting community, we don't judge you for race, gender, sexuality, or anything else you can think of!

A dedicated NSFW role, for all you spicy people out there

An overall high activity for our Role-playing.

What this server is to you:

This is a SCP Foundation Roleplay. Whether or not you aren’t familiar at all with the universe or a long time fan, you can get into this! All you need to do is make a character (don't worry our staff helps with that too ;) ) Once approved, you’ll have full access to all of the server, so there isn’t anything stopping you from jumping right in. Of course we have guidelines to characters and roleplaying, but the rules aren’t hard to follow at all.

Some lore for you to get started:

This is essentially an SCP roleplay server, but there is a twist. Some time in the future, an event occurred that has caused a mass shutdown of technology for the entire world. Major GOI’s and the Foundation went to war and heavy casualties followed. Now after the fact, the Foundation is trying to rebuild its now desolate work force to still contain the dangers of SCP’s from the world. Your roleplay isn’t just restricted to the Foundation, as the GOI’s still exist and are coming back as well, and SCP’s are still alive and ready to be discovered.


▏Kurva Gaming is a relatively small community with a little bit of everything including: Garry's Mod, Minecraft, Rust, and a larger variety of other popular MMOs.
▏We are also the proud owners of the [US East] Official #1 server for SCP:SL, granted to us by the game's founders at NorthWood.
▏Our community has come a long way and we're always looking for more people to join us and we do NOT discriminate.

▏- ~3,000+ friendly members!
▏- Active VCs
▏- Fun bots
▏- Leveling system
▏- Lots of channels
▏- Fun Roles
▏- Support channels
▏- Fun contests
▏- Non-toxic community
▏- Open to partnerships
▏- Meme contests, game nights, movie nights and more!
▏- Competitive party games!
Utah Protocols: Site 44
[ 📇 SCP Universe ] [ 📖 Literate ] [ ✏️ Para+ ] [ ☕ 15+ ] [ 🍰 SFW ]

We all know how it goes. An ominous, elusive organisation of unknown roots with leaders of no faces and no names, working away from the public eye and setting itself above laws and ethics to achieve one goal. To protect normalcy, to keep the unknown from harming the general public and general public from abusing the unknown.
Neither good nor evil, the Foundation is simply a mechanism used to enact its three simple principles - secure, contain, protect. But any mechanism wouldn't work if not for its common parts, the cogs that put everything into motion. From janitorial staff to the research members and up to directors and even the ever so cryptic council. And here, at the newly established Site 44 it all boils down to those small parts. But more on that later.

🏷️ Who are we?
— Site 44 is a medium roleplay/writing project cantered around non-wiki-related Foundation Site located in fictitious city Springvale, Utah.

💎 What do we offer?
— Generic Foundation setting to serve as a base with reasonable canon that retcons more over-the-top SCP lore.
— 11 well-developed Foundation departments alongside 61 ranks and more than enough space for user-requested ranks!
— 3 joinable GoIs - Coalition with its own local base and 11 joinable ranks, Insurgency with 13 ranks and Serpent's Hand with... a book club.
— Vast but orderly server layout with competently set permissions and bots.
— Way too much RP channels to count.
— Activity ranks with 13 custom tiers and small perk at the very end to reward RP activity.
— Discussion sections where you can share your opinions on the SCP universe and get feedback on your own contributions.
Welcome to the OFFICIAL discord server for Project, Facility! We are a discord server that is for a Minecraft SCP Server.

Project, Facility is an upcoming (not public) Minecraft SCPF Server. We have around 200-300 SCPs planned, and we will do daily roleplays once the server is public! Some of our roleplays will be; CD Riots, Containment Breaches, Alpha Warhead Detonations, etc. We'll have around 6 or 7 containment zones, and different roles to eventually apply for. Some roles will be CD, MTF, SD, ScD, CI, GOC, UNGOC, SPC, Even SCPs! We hope you come to our discord server and watch the progress. Hope to see you there!
- Nitro boosted (Level 1)!
- Variety of text chats and bots, music bot!
- Giveaways, and events
- A variety of emotes

Welcome to XyberC Discord, a place for gamers, geeks, nerds and the like to meet and chill out!
XyberC is all about creating an environment for avid fans of games, anime, music, manga, writing, and many other interests; especially for those who live in the ASEAN region!
The Class-X Liberation Movement is a group that raids & riots against Foundations. It is a small, yet formidable movement formed out of solidarity between Class-D and Class-E escapists.

We are a small community of ROBLOX players that likes to hang out and chill. We're trying to make our mark in the SCP genre, as just another group trying to bring something fresh and fun to do. If you are down with that, come and join us!

and as Deputy Commander put:

we're cool
scp genre

So yeah, join us.

"Pugnare honoris gloriam et honorem"
Log starting in 3...2....1....
Welcome. I suppose the only reason you’d be hearing this is if you are a new employee so I do give you my greetings. This is Site-23, located in [REDACTED], Arizona. We generally focus on all types of anomalies, but mostly humanoid ones. This Site is one of the most secure sites, so please feel safe. Anyways, I suppose that’s all.
Log Ended.

Yep, just about everything that he said. Let me tell you what we have to offer:
-A great Roleplaying experience.
-Friendly Staff.
-Roles like MTF, Researcher, Chaos Insurgency.
-Several Channels for RP.
-A great time in general!

So come on down, would ya?
Crows Castle
- Growing active community
- Professional and clean discord look
- Expanding to host our own servers!
- Professional Patreon page with automatic ranking and gifts
- Meme's galore
- Some skill based ranks
- Discord games with bots
- Discord music with bots

There is so much more to this server and things planned for the future, join today and see what we are about!
Русский сервер по SCP-Rp здесь хорошая администрация , люди . Здесь вы можете быть классом-D , Учёным , СБ , Повстанцем Хауса или побывать в шкуре объекта . Всё здесь тебя ждёт на нашем сервере по SCP
▷: ACCESSING FILE: intSCPFN:/files/the-foundation-ad

"Protect Humanity. Serve the Foundation today."

"Welcome to the Foundation! We have many things to offer. You will be working in one of our many facilities here! You have many documents to view, but don't exit this file yet. Remember, safety is our first priority."

**Things to expect:**
= Most major groups of interest. Examples are: Chaos Insurgency, Serpents Hand, Horizon Initative, Anderson Robotics, GRU Division "P", Oneiroi Collective, Parawatch, Are We Cool Yet(?), Unusual Incidents Unit, and The Three Moons Initative!

= Many channels! There are lots of locations to roleplay in. Many Foundation Facilities, and GOI Territories. There are regular civilian areas aswell.

= Many Departments. We have all the Internal Departments here, from Security Department to the Internal Tribunal Department. We also have many minor departments. Examples can be: RAISA, Janitorial Department, Containment Committee, Human Resources, Infotech, Amnestics, and Department of Abnormalities. There are also rank systems for all these departments as well!

= No character limit. Want to go crazy with characters but don't want to go over the frustration of being forced to get rid of one of your old ones? Well that can be good for you! You can pretty much make whatever number of characters you want.

"We suffer today in the underground, so humanity enjoys another tomorrow in the surface."

Things we are looking for:
- Active Members
- Good Suggestions
- Fun For Everybody!

▷: CLOSING FILE: intSCPFN:/files/the-foundation-ad
Welcome to Scp roleplay. Here you can Role play as your Favorite Scp and or Character. You can make Unlimited Ocs, and Custom scps.

We have

Live staff
And More!

We accept all types of people come join!
Download our tech demo:

SCP: Fragmented Minds is a brand-new take on the SCP genre with a deep-rooted focus on bringing a story-driven single-player and interactive multiplayer experience that features new and groundbreaking SCPs and mechanics into a single game.

Campaign: After a long stasis, you awake to find yourself in Site-113. The events that took place while you slept changed history forever. Uncover the secrets and use what you find to guide you among the ruins of the most advanced Foundation site in existence.

Multiplayer: Bring the fight to SCPs in their natural habitat. The Hunt gamemode will allow you to contain and destroy SCPs around the world. Gear up, customize your weapons and plan with your team to ensure you make it back to base....alive.
Hello! I know what you might be thinking
"Oh, another SCP roleplay server, how original"

And you're right, we're not original but we can promise you one thing, that you dont even need to be an expert about SCPs, because this server will be one of the most comfort able servers out there!

---------------------------------We have------------------------------------------
- Friendly people
- Balanced characters (because everyone is powerful)
- Active staff
- And you will feel like goddamn royalty, who doesn't want to be a dangerous SCP?
~\Welcome to [RP] Secure. Contain. Protect/~

/~This is a strict SCP Roleplay server, withultiple Sites and areas. Some on the moon, some on the ocean.

We have:

Multiple sites,
Nice staff,
Fast replys to OCs
Sites on the Moon, Land, and Ocean.
~/ We are waiting for you!\~