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Ipinapakita ang 1 - 12 ng 12 mga server
Hello! This is an animal jam and off topic server for scammers, jammers and others to come together and chat, scam, and jam! If your a spy, there's no need to come along to our server. You won't be getting our main accounts, sorry. But all are welcome to come to this fun, awesome server! Join the server, join the fun!
Ohayo! We're a discord server that focuses on scamming and hacking, some of us like anime and some of us are furry, no matter what community you are welcome! If you're a spy you will be found out
-Very secure verification system
-Trusted scammers
-A great place to advertise methods or host
🌻Hi! Heres some info about our server!🌻

-An Animal Jam scamming server that’s 13+
-Amazing staff
-A simple verification system
-Lots of fun bots
-And Minigames!

✨We will welcome you with open arms, unless you’re an obnoxious spy✨
Do you like to scam on animal jam? Goodie :) so do we! Join our server and meet other scammers and hackers.
Welcome to Sleepy Scams.
Yes, this is the official Sleepy Scams server.
In this server, we:
1. Scam
2. Hack
3. Make friends
4. Have fun
If you're just joining to spy on us, fuck off. You're not getting our users n shit so go away lol.
Other than that, we're a friendly server that's looking for more members and fun.
Scammer > Jammer
We are a Fortnite stw trading community
we have; bots, trading, nice community and loads more
you can also advertise your own server!