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Você ja imaginou quão legal seria se existisse uma escola, online, de RPG e brasileira? Bom... agora você pode parar de imaginar porque sua imaginação virou realidade, eu venho em nome da Escola Cosmo RPG para chamar você que é iniciante e nunca viu um livro com tantas páginas antes ou você que ja sabe uma boa parte de RPG mas quer aprender mais sobre.

Lá nós oferecemos:

• Cursos gratuitos para Jogadores e Mestres

• Aulas para tirar-dúvidas

• Canal de resumos das aulas dadas

Nos aceitamos todos os tipos de Mestres e Jogadores porque RPG é para todos!
No Conditions BRPG

Servidor BR voltado para o EPIC RPG que a gente fez com auto reminder, pings de eventos (Fish, Catch, Chop, Boss, Arena e Miniboss) e vários comandos de ajuda em PT-BR.

Alem de outros bots de entretenimento, como Anigame, IdleMiner, OwO, Loritta, Tatsumaki e muito mais....

Entra lá e da uma conferida, garanto que você vai gostar!
An ongoing roleplay, in a gritty fantasy world. Create characters, write stories, run quests.
- Open Character Creation
- PvP Battles
- Ongoing Quests
- Graphic Profiles and Ranks
- Money, Sales, and Trading
- Items, Gear, and Upgrades
- Simple Stats and Leveling
- Crafting
- Magic
...and much more. Join up to check out the unique features, lore, etc.
***The World of Game of Thrones coded into a Custom Bot ***

Become the greatest King, Hand, Red Priestess, Swordsman, Blacksmith, Lord and more roles on the server! All done by performing tasks automated by the Custom Bot and leveling up XP!

Go on an Elaborate Quest Beyond the Wall as a Night's Watch and have the ability to gain special roles such as Greensight, which you can activate and see all Channels for 30 minutes to get Intel.

Buy/Command/Manage armies of your House Faction and work your way up to taking the Red Keep from the Existing King, to become the King of Westeros yourself!


*The Following features are all Automatically done by the Custom Bot. Server admin does not have to be there for you to use them.*
-**War System for Castle Control** (Houses have Coffers full of coins, manage them to buy armies and siege other Castles to generate more income)
- **XP System for Combat** (XP gets you special items)
- **Coin / Economy System**: Buy items/transfer coins between members
- **Member vs Member Combat system**: Both Friendly for XP and Trial by Combat to the Death
- **Quests**: Gain Ranks, Roles and Items. Example: Beyond the Wall Quest
- **Custom Commands**: Elaborate Help menu with custom commands that guide you on everything in the server.
- **Member vs Member Battles**: Go on a Raid as a Wildling and face a Nights Watch, winner loots coins, loser is killed.
-**Member duties for their House**: Farmers, Hunters, Builders, Army Captains needed! You will provide resources to your House for armies and wealth.

*Not your typical RP Server. You do not have to write stories to join the Server.*
*Unique RPG type server based off a Custom Bot that automates actions as mentioned above.*
Welcome to Aria! A server ran by Smooth Operator, we are a friendly D&D server hoping to expand! We have a lovely staff team and fun stickers including pride flags!
Welcome to the Interactive Story server! Here you can choose your own path as a player, or become an author and make your own interactive stories! This is a server safe to all ages, and we'll try to keep our content as kid friendly as possible. I hope you have fun!
Welcome to Airolem: Shattered isles!

This server takes place in a universe where the lands are up in the skies! Will you be the brave adventurer to claim glory up in the skies?
The Discord Hunger Games server is a safe, enjoyable and extremely complex RPG system that is looking for more tributes!

In this Discord, your choices and movements have consequences. If you are Reaped, you and 23 others will create a character who will represent you in a immersive, DnD inspired version of The Hunger Games. You will have to react and adapt to keep yourself alive. The games are no longer randomly generated, they are now based on strategy and skill.

- A Wholesome and Welcoming Community.
- Zero tolerance for hate or the exclusion of any group of people. A place where any and everyone is welcome.
- ★ The most interactive and immersive Hunger Games experience around. Fun ways to earn Tesserae, a server wide Reaping event, and a first of it's kind Capitol TV networking program for spectators. DND inspired. Your decisions matter.
- Sponsoring, Betting, and Rewards.
- Community Events.
- ★ Captivating AU and Server Lore constantly shaped and developed by those within our own community. Become a part of it now!
- ★ Active and growing Roleplay Channels.
- Ever expanding Roleplay Bot and item store.
- Level gaining, EXP, special roles, and Training Academies.
- Channels for discussion of both the Original Trilogy as well as the Prequel.
- Art and Creative writing channels.
- ★ Experienced/Kind/Active Moderators.
- ★ Writing, Outreach, Internal Affairs, Art, Bot Development, and Roleplay Staff Teams always available for sign up.

Server specially partnered with Discord!
In the year 239 IE (Interplanetary Expansion), humanity has discovered a planet that possesses an extraordinarily unique environment. Arid, rocky landscapes devoid of anything more than a river seem to hide sprawling underground oases and treasures. A single space station, Valkyrie, holds in orbit above the unexplored landscape. Below, the world outside Port Icarus is littered with danger. An entire planet, ripe for the taking...if you can stay alive.
𝑴𝒖𝒍𝒕𝒊𝑮𝒂𝒎𝒆𝒓𝒔 es una comunidad amigable en la cual podras hacer amigos, publicar tus videos, hablar y pasar un buen rato.

¿Que tenemos?

➦ Muchos canales divertidos. 🤣
➦ Sorteos. 🎉 (PROXIMAMENTE!)
➦ Recompenzas por invitar a tus amigos. 🎁
➦ Alianzas diarias. 🔗
➦ Actualizaciones cada semana! 📤
➦ Encuestas diarias.🎈
➦ Canal de Memes. ⭐
➦ Rol para YouTubers. 🌹
➦ Muchos bots. 🌙
➦ Medallas. 🏅
➦ Sistema de niveles! 🎲
➦ Y muchisimas cosas mas! 💫


💥 Bucamos personas que quieran ser activas en nuestra comunidad y la hagan crecer junto a nosotros. 🤩
Um novo servidor surge, ainda em desenvolvimento. Ajude a nova ordem mundial a crescer.

▪━━━━⊱ Economia ⊰━━━━▪
Cresça na Mafia ganhando $ e investindo, investimentos estes que lhe darão cargos. Dinheiro limpo, dinheiro sujo, ambos somam, tudo vale, roube outros membros desprevinidos e cometa crimes.

▪━━━━⊱ Gaming ⊰━━━━▪
Encontre pessoas para jogar, veja e compartilhe seus status nos jogos de forma dinâmica.

▪━━━━⊱ RPG ⊰━━━━▪
Poderás se aventurar, criar guildas, derrotar chefões, como um bom e velho RPG de mesa.

▪━━━━⊱ Shitposting ⊰━━━━▪
Compartilhe seus shitposts, perca vossa sanidade mental e neurônios. tchola

~Junte-se a nova ordem mundial.
We are a friendly chill community focused on jRPG's, Anime, Gaming and Twitch. We also post Gaming/Tech news daily from different sources so you won't miss any of the big news out there! And you can use 50 of our awesome emotes too!
In this server, you can do many things. Like chat with other anime fans, play games with other people, (mostly roblox) and many more. This room can also be an advertisement place and such.
Hexbound is a sandbox multi-genre roleplay inspired by RPGs like Dungeons and Dragons and other fictional works like Homestuck and Tron. Stuck using a multi-universe, omni-timeline chat client known as Hex that is notorious for poor customer service and a sassy AI assistant, you work with a party of fellow gamers that have unfortunately found themselves in an RPG 'video game' that is unfortunately very, very real.

○ We are explicitly a roleplay with mature themes due to the nature of the roleplay, so we request that all who join be 15+.

○ You can roleplay as whatever race you want! We permit original and fan characters. The combined hybridization of classes and variants allows you to explore many different types of magic and combat styles.

○ Your choice of roleplay style is entirely up to you. We permit paragraph, casual, literate, and semi-literate alike.

○ Worlds and progression are focused on character development and combat alike and staff carefully balance regions and characters to ensure fairness.

○ Worlds differ dramatically depending on keywords given, meaning that settings can vary from futuristic cyberpunk to medieval fantasy to post-apocalyptic modern.

○ The roleplay is highly stylized, with text based roleplay and standard roleplay mixing together to create a unique style of roleplay.

○ We have game nights, the occasional giveaway, voice chats, music, and a few fun bots at your disposal.
Black Week na loja do server (50% OFF)
Nele tem:
•Ajuda a desenvolver novos mestres e players
•BOTS de diversão como o EPIC RPG
•Configuração que facilita o acesso
•Mesas Públicas e Privadas para o SEU RPG
•Pessoas interagindo
•Staff ativa
•Um Drive com mais de 1GB em conteúdo de D&D

Tudo isso e muito mais no Sociedade Arcana - RPG

Vai ficar de fora dessa?

I want YOU for an adventure!
- Sociedade Arcana
*~Enter the Dungeon~*
Welcome to Enter the Dungeon. We are a RPG Bot based server full of many bots to play. We currently have 300+ Players but we hope you can help that change!

+ Special Assets+
+Official Bots (Zorro the Guardian and CalamityCord)
+Pings for Epic RPG and Idle RPG Events (Catch, fish, Werewolf, arena, etc)
+Interactive Staff Training


We currently have Epic RPG and Idle RPG along with other bots like Myuu, dank Memer, Pokerealm, and more!

As a bonus, we also do partnerships!

Now come and Enter the Dungeon!
Parseim, situado en los confines del nuevo continente de Umbar, es una tierra llena de magia, riqueza y aventura, un mundo donde las espadas y las varitas confrontan, un lugar donde dicen que si te esfuerzas, conseguirás hacer realidad tus sueños más profundos.

Según las leyendas, tres dioses benevolentes ayudaron a construir el mundo de Parseim, pero con el tiempo esa idea fue pervirtiendose, dando lugar a luchas ideológicas, al caos y al enfrentamiento entre las numerosas razas que habitan la región.

Humanos, Elfos, Enanos, Vampiros, Lycantropos, Ángeles, Demonios, Bestias, Gigantes, Parásitos, Goblins y Djinns conviven como pueden mientras trabajan entre ellos por llegar al futuro, pero sus propias diferencias no pueden evitar las luchas internas, pues el mal habita en el corazón de todos.

En Parseim, podrás crear tu aventura, podrás vivir como quieras y donde quieras, pues la ruta la trazas tú. Eligiendo entre cientos de combinaciones distintas, serás capaz de hacerte un nombre y de dominar tu destino, o por el contrario sucumbiras ante las garras del mal... solo tú podrás decidir, solo tú podrás escoger, solo tú tienes el poder así que, ¿a qué esperas? ¡Únete y comienza a jugar!
It is a multi purpose international server where you can get all things u want, for example; anime, gaming, fashion, art, etc. I am trying my best to make this server the biggest worldwide, this server has some amazing bot services and games . The VOID is originally based in India, but people from every nationality are allowed.
It's 9:41 in the Age of the Dragon. The fight between mages and Templars has ravaged Thedas, killing and harming innocents merely caught in the middle of the battle. Horrified by the bloodshed, Divine Justinia V has put out a call for peace, calling upon the leaders of the rogue mages and the templar order to come to the Temple of Sacred Ashes to try and come to a resolution to the war.
-A new Dragon Age rp server
-A well-organized template for making your own Dragon Age OCs.
-Plenty of available canon characters to apply for
-Open and accepting staff team who'll help you with everything you could need
-Plenty of creative freedom when it comes to making OCs
Minikani Camp !!

C'est l'été 2021, la crise du covid-19 est un très proche souvenir, et après avoir passer des mois confinés, vous décidez volontairement ou non de vous rendre dans un camp d'été situé en pleine forêt dans l'état du Montana. Là-bas, les règles sont simples : pas de téléphones, consoles, ordinateur. Le Minikani Camp of Montana vous accueille pour retrouver la nature, et retrouver le contact avec l'inconnu.
Les règles seront strict, un faux pas, et vous serez renvoyé, pour la sécurité du camp. Mais, lorsqu'on perd nos repères, des choses peuvent se passer, bonnes ou mauvaises.
Préparez-vous à renouer le lien avec la nature, et l'homme. Bienvenue au Minikani Camp !
Welcome to Stafforyx community! We offer you a place where you can hangout and talk to other people. You can freely sponsor your stuff and meet other Youtubers, Twitch streamers and etc. Memes, Rpg and even Gaming. Please join our server for more fun!
Model Hogwarts
Are you looking for a group of passionate, dedicated Harry Potter fans? Have you always wanted to attend Hogwarts, cast spells, meet new friends and go on adventures? Want to write out your Hogwarts story exactly as you've thought of? Tired of waiting hours to get a reply on your roleplaying posts? Want to attend classes, play quidditch, and meet cool people, all in the same place? Then consider joining Model Hogwarts!

Why is Model Hogwarts Unique?
We're unique because we implement various tabletop gaming aspects into our roleplay to deepen the experience. We also have a host of custom bots, including a brand new spell casting bot, stat bot, chocolate frog bot and divination bot. Everyone receives Tokens that allow for the purchase of exciting items, powers, pets, story prompts, and much more! We are excited to welcome you to our community! So if you want to join, feel free to do so here:
✪ 𝐹𝐼𝑅𝐸 𝐸𝑀𝐵𝐿𝐸𝑀: RP is a small roleplay community that loves the Fire Emblem franchise!

Characters from worlds apart come together, bond, and fight evil. Make a character that invites fun or conflict. Use your creativity to make something great!

⁎ ✰ ⁎ ✰ ⁎ ✰ ⁎

𝚜𝚘 𝚠𝚑𝚊𝚝 𝚍𝚘 𝚠𝚎 𝚘𝚏𝚏𝚎𝚛? ~

「✦」 The ability to create your own storyline and take your characters and others along with them for one fulfilling adventure!

「✦」Be a character of your choice from any of the games!

「✦」 Unique and a variety of both general chatting and roleplay channels!

「✦」 Canon and Original Character friendly! Be anyone from any game!

「✦」 A growing and SFW community which doesn't condone toxicity of ANY kind.

「✦」Our community is also very active and open, so expect great interaction with peers!

「✦」 Roleplay that provides excitement and suspense.

「✦」 Event active!

⁎ ✰ ⁎ ✰ ⁎ ✰ ⁎

This server is not restricted to just the mobile game. We enjoy all the other games including ones from the SNES and GBA. (The pixel games need more love!)

𝒘𝒆'𝒓𝒆 𝒊𝒏 𝒏𝒆𝒆𝒅 𝒐𝒇 𝒎𝒐𝒅𝒔!

⁎ ✰ ⁎ ✰ ⁎ ✰ ⁎

❀【we look forward to meeting you ~ !】❀
A Double Community server with the games: Toram Online and the new integrated game: Genshin Impact! Extremely safe, secured and comfortable server for all Toram and Genshin players to enjoy!

★ Various Voice Zones and Music Zones
★ Full Security by the Verification
★ Market for all sorts of stuff
★ Friendly members to chat with
★ Bulletproof rules to avoid toxicities
★ Reaction Roles! Choose your own roles
★ Trusted Services such as Refinement, Statting and Synthesis

What are you waiting for? Join us Now! :)