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Saturn Ascends is a server that branches the path into a few trails you might want to take.

An open minded and receptive community, we don't mind if you color inside the lines or not. A place where your ideas will be welcomed, and have a place.

A unique, interactive layout, tailored to suit your likes, that you've never seen on a server before.

You name it, we talk about it, if we don't as yet.. We will..
𝐂𝐨𝐧𝐬𝐨𝐫𝐭𝐢𝐮𝐦 𝐍𝐮𝐦𝐢𝐝𝐢𝐮𝐦 is an Algerian discord server open to people of all nationalities. Engage in fruitful discussions of wide range of topics such as politics, religion, philosophy and many more!
This server is tolerant towards people of all genders and nationalities, and we have over 100+ Assignable roles!

This server offers:
-Friendly and fair moderation
-Freedom of speech - you will not get banned for any political sentiment or any word you say!
-A fun and friendly community
-philosophy and literature group
-writers, readers, wordplay, banter
-authentic & original conversations
-4am convo
-music bot
-exchange forum for artists of all types
-nsfw channel
-velvet underground cult worship
Head on over to theory lab for an ever growing library of theory all the way from Foucalt to Rothbard, and from philosophy to economics. We have plenty of educated individuals to ask questions to or just ask for advice for recommendations.
Philosophy & Politics is about exactly what it sounds like. Our server offers debate and discussion about diverse worldviews and forms of thinking concerning the nature of reality and ourselves in it.

Meet some like-minded people, engage in dialogue with those of alternate or even opposing opinions, and advance your skills in argumentation along with expanding your awareness and knowledge!

More neat functionalities include:

⯈ Over 200 roles assigned to ideological positions, categorized into six categories from theism to economics and all in between, easily assignable.

⯈ Automatic ranking based on quantitative user server activity.

⯈ Moderator-approved Philosopher ranking to reward those with quality content.

⯈ Multiple topic-specific text channels, voice channels, and dedicated spaces for one-on-one debate.

⯈ Worry not! no pre-existing skillset on any specific topic is required.
The #1 LARGEST Buddhism discord server! A welcoming environment where you can learn more about Buddhism, chat about Buddhism and other Eastern Religions, debate and discussion welcomed. All religions welcome, please do join and learn about the universal truths.

We welcome people of all faiths and belief. We have tonnes of resources and material absolutely free! Ebooks, PDFs, Articles, Videos etc. We have a huge flavour of resources to answer many common questions. Do Buddhists believe in God? Are all Buddhists Vegetarian? Do Buddhists pray? All your questions answered here.

Free the mind, don't restrict yourself or live in ignorance, love and respect for all sentient beings.
Discord's original and most active 🎓 education server.

・We focus on creating a positive and safe environment that celebrates self improvement and critical thought. 🏆

・Join our community and meet people from around the world who share your thirst for knowledge! 💡

🔔 Find out more! ▶️
Reading theory, bashing fash, having gay sex and being degenerates are the things we do. If it's up your alley join and have some fun.
This history server is focused on discussion based on the academic and professional historical field. We have great resources, great discussions, and stream historical movies twice weekly.

While there are many great, casual servers, we want to build one with high-level discussion with a focus on peer-reviewed materials. Those without professional or college-level experience in the field are welcome, but are still expected to strive for the academic standard in their discussions. Hope to see you here!
『 Join Debate Atheists (and more!)
Today! 』

»Debate Atheists (and more!) Is a debate server dedicated to providing a healthy and safe
environment to exchange new ideas and information.
We pride ourselves in having an unbiased and active staff team to ensure respectful debates.«

In our server you’ll find:
〚〛 Many individuals of varying religions, ethnicities, and political views.
〚〛 Various different roles to choose from.
〚〛 Individuals with expertise in science and/or other professional fields.
〚〛 A category dedicated to studying and research!

We are always in search of people with expertise in any professional field, especially science!
🎉 𝙒𝙚𝙡𝙘𝙤𝙢𝙚 𝙩𝙤 𝙏𝙝𝙚 𝙃𝙪𝙢𝙖𝙣 𝙋𝙨𝙮𝙘𝙝𝙚 🎉
We are a spirited and open-minded hub for self-discovery and psychology. Here we dive into various realms of the mind, while offering a cozy atmosphere for you to be yourself and make friends! Join our fast growing community with 2,500+ members! (Est. 01/20/20) We have to offer you:

💫 230 self-assignable roles! 💫
🎙️ Active VCs
🔥 Nitro raffles
🔎 Typing sessions
🌷 Support channels
🗣️ Freedom of speech
🧠 Intellectual debates
💭 Daily polls & quotes
🧸 Tight-knit community
🌈 Freedom of expression
💯 Channels for everything
🤖 350+ emotes & cool bots
🍄 Substance users welcome
🔮 All disorder & typology roles
🛏️ Moderated w/ laid-back staff
🤝 Meet people verified with Antisocial PD
📚 A multitude of resources & tests for research
📅 Weekly events (Game, Movie, & Vibe nights +)
🤔 Discuss philosophy, politics, typology, mental illness, and much more
This server is dedicated to allow occultists of any experience level to learn and to expose their experiences in delightful ways.
FIRST SERVER RULES: The main rule is simply mutual respect! Please, use the general chat to talk about any content , and keep the channels strictly dedicated for their sole MAIN purpose !! Thanks for your kind understanding.
Please feel free to explore and make use of this content, aswell as to share your own experiences or knowledge.
Knowledge brings freedom and power.
Although you're not obligated, it would be delightful to know your age and what brings you here! Aswell as a bit of your convictions or experience within the mystical at our Personal Introduction!

Enjoy ~ <3
This is a server of intellect made for those who enjoy indulging in a complex, yet broad area of various sciences and humanities such as Mathematics, General Science, Psychology, Philosophy, Typology, Linguistics and more. Don't hesitate to also delve into the fun aspects of CT such as politics, gaming, nsfw, and debates. Come engage in thoughtful and mind-stimulating discussions or hangout and chat!
Welcome to AL, the community that focuses on advanced spiritual practices in an academic setting with alchemists and journeymen starting in 2015. Our goal is to help members become independent, stronger and wiser in all spiritual topics while also enjoying a group with social equal exchange.
a server where you can be yourself without judgement, a place where you can truly vent to people, share your thoughts and learn from others

16+ Minimum Age Requirement

This server is for people with mental illnesses, and Hikikomoris and NEET s, a safe space for all the outcasts

This server does not encourage unhealthy behavior &amp; thoughts.

This server follows Discord's Terms of Service and any violation to it will result in a punishment and removal infamous ones
✾ D E B A T I N G ➸ Chat. Discuss. Discover.
✾ P H I L O S O P H Y ➸ Likeminded Topics.
✾ M A N Y - R O L E S ➸ Great options to describe your ideology!
*“Wise men talk because they have something to say; fools, because they have to say something”* - Plato
Controversy is a debating Discord targeted towards intellectuals and people open to debate and have serious meaningful conversations.
Insurrection! A server for the debate and discussion of Post-Left Anarchist philosophy and literature. We also welcome those looking to learn about these views. We seek to provide a fairly light hearted environment and are open to any ideas for improvement.

This server is really new so any support would be appreciated.
A server intended for intellectual debates and discussions. If you are interested in the arts, literature, philosophy, debating, then please join. We will be hosting book club, NaNoWriMo, and debate events. Please join if you want to meet likeminded people and discuss likeminded interests. We do not tolerate immatureness or childishness.
The objective of this server is to bring skeptics together in a non-toxic community whether it be to have discussions, debate or to just chill. We offer many channels including private ex-theist channels that members will gain access to once they've been in the server for a while. We focus on intellectual discussions but we do have random conversations as this is a community. Infidel means "a person who does not believe in religion or who adheres to a religion other than one's own." This term is often used as an insult but we've embraced it.
Welcome to Power Politics!
Discord Politics is long dead, and it's time to change that. Join here for a server where one will not be banned for petty words, and laden with debate! Old faces and new, from Discord and Twitter, come together in this server to debate aspects of philosophy, politics, history, and religion!

This server offers:
-Daily VC's
-Friendly and fair moderation
-Freedom of speech - you will not get banned for any political sentiment or any word you say!
-A fun and friendly community
Atheism, Politics, Philosophy and religion discussions. Plus Darth Dawkins Live
Daily Debates, 1 to 1 Male To Female Ratio, XXX Graphic NSFW Channels, Lenient Moderation, No Bans Policy
Namaste and welcome to the AtheismIndia.

We are a community aiming to provide a fun and non-toxic place for conversations about religion, politics and literature or just a hangout in general.
We have an active book and movie club and all everyone is welcome to join !
Philosophs (formerly known as La Liga Filosofia, later Critical Thinkers Philippines) is the first and largest open-discourse Filipino discord society dedicated to civil discussions. It was established back in May 2020 with the goal of starting an intellectual revolution by promoting critical thinking and self-education among all fields of the academic influences.

The server-society features a roleplaying state with a party system that practises a parliamentary type of legislation events through civil debates. The server also offer casual clubs for gaming, lifestyle, anime, music, etc.

We host events primarily focused on philosophy, politics, sciences, sociology, and other significant academic topics.
Home to the best discussions and debates on discord, Practical Stoics is the premier philosophy community for free and open conversations. We offer:

🔸 🏛️ Open and free discourse!

🔸 💰 Bot leveling system and redeemable coins.

🔸 💬 Multiple get togethers, scheduled events, and clubs.

🔸 🚪A unique and accepting community.

🔸 ❔Discussions on big questions with weekly debates.

You will not find another community like ours!