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Ipinapakita ang 1 - 2 ng 2 mga server
welcome to lost stars!
just a chill server where everyone is welcome!

**lgbtqia+ safe**

a wholesome place to be yourself n talk about ur favourite nerdy things :))
- gaming
- anime
- manga
- webcomics
- music
- emotes
- and more
cafe fantome


Cafe Fantôme is a new Persona server mainly dedicated to the upcoming games of Persona 5. We are a server attempting to build a cozy environment for all who would like to join. We offer:

☆ Organized channels
☆ Pretty dope emojis
☆ Self roles
☆ Level up roles that change color
☆ Cool bots like UNO
☆ LGBT friendly
☆ NSFW channel (18+ only)

and much more! Go ahead and give this new server a try. Thank you ✿◡‿◡