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Helloooooooooo sleepy heads! Yeah this server is for night owls to just chat and have a good time! It is only new but will continue to grow and become stronger! Its a simple server for those who just want to chat to a nice community. We have a selection of bots for moderation and other things such as leveling and music. This server is being worked on everyday because it is only in early development. So join and be an early member of this community also no creeps under any circumstances :)
Heres a good place where people are probably up when you are ravin and enjoying games
This server was made for the sole purpose of inviting people who are online at night since I work night shifts and need some people who are fun to hang out with and are also online at night. The server is set up for daytime users and for the ability to get along with other people. This server is meant to help people find people who are fun to hang out with, when you join read rules and the other tabs before continuing in the server please and thank you
This is a server for night owls, people who stay up at night a lot but have no one to talk to since their friends are asleep. As a result, this server is the solution to that!