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Music and Audio is the home to singer/songwriters, rappers and beat makers, producers to general music theory.

Experts on mixing/mastering, music composition and production regularly livestream interactive lessons in the highly active voice channels.

Meet like-minded people and grow as an artist!
Just a place to hang out, listen to live music and chill. Don't be a dick. 18+
This isn't a normal discord. Very lenient rules designed for logical and mature people. A fun discord for musicians to hang out and share their musical works with others. Features a monthly contest where you can get you're work featured in the hall of fame. Any genre is welcome including rock/metal, EDM, other electronic music, singer/songwriters, producers. We welcome all musicians, but are generally centered around artists who write their own music.
Welcome to .MP3!

This server features:
Fun bots! (Rythm, Yggdrasil, etc)
A nice community
Mixing, mastering, instrumentation, and composition help!
Music streams!
And much more!
Come vibe with us
I am a music producer, guitar and bass player, singer, sound designer, gamer, stoner,Twitch streamer and youtuber. I can teach what i know about music production and give feedback when i have the time (I use FL studio 20, no one on one lessons,but I do take video requests for tutorials just DM me and also for feedback or for advice). Music producers/musicians, youtubers,stoners, gamers and music lovers are welcome. Active feedback from members for struggling youtubers and musicians/music producers. Support for music production. Free self promotion channel. Small community and growing.
Welcome to Musicians Hub. A brand new community for musicians, instrumentalists, vocalists and producers to get together and create and learn.

We focus on helpfulness and sharing knowledge to help each other create more music, collaborate and learn together.

Join our growing community and interact, collaborate and discuss with other musicians creating, writing and improving in producing music.
This server is made for all songwriters, here you can find lots of people interested in songwriting. and get help & feedback 😀 Meet like-minded people and grow as an artist in this active community. Get help from some of the experts if you need any or just chill if your into that.
Greetings everyone, we are a community of organists and enthusiasts hoping to expand your horizons by promoting an ancient and important instrument, the pipe organ.
Now the official server and chatroom of r/organ - also has Level 1 of Nitro Boosts!
Join our ranks now!
Welcome to |🤘| Metal - Headz |🤘| !!! This is a new server dedicated to music ( mostly in the metal genre ). We are hoping to become a big server, so please, help us out! What we have to offer :
• Chats for different types of musicians
• Music Bot
• Roles
• Growing Community
• And more!
We hope you join us, and remember to keep on rocking !!! 🤘
Hello and welcome to the server called "Musicians/Gamers United"

Here are the things that we offer.



With many things to do what could go wrong with your journey here.

Are you interested in discussing about fine arts? Do you want to post your work and get some feedback or just share your opinion with others?

Then we are here for you mate! a server where we love chatting about contemporary art, music, our own creations. All kinds of arts are acceptable here: paintings, drawings, sculpture, crafts animation, music, 2d, 3d, video, photography and more! We even talk about philosophical topics, culture, artistic events and exhibitions we see. we occasionally create group projects about music production video photography and painting.

There is plenty of place for funny memes and everyday chatting too!
Come pick your roles and join our group!
Welcome to: The Voiceless.

We are all fans of Rock, Metal, Rap, and even some electronic music!

We offer...

Multiple music categories, sorted by general, rock or rap.

Multiple channels and music bots!

Many self given roles, and more on the way!

Will you join The Voiceless?
A community around Jacob Collier and his music which brings musicians together to talk about Jazz or any genre, music theory, audio production and so on. We sometimes host musical challenges. It is also a great place to share your music and opinions. Thank you for joining !
Were just a small simple discord server that's goal is to bring together musicians artists and producers alike, you can share your beats, learn and improve together or just hangout and chill, feel free to join if this sort of stuff interests you !!!
Caffeinatedmusicgroup is your best source for new indie EDM music! Join and submit a demo for some free promo!
Hello, I’m Landon Justice, I’m the owner of: Musician Community. If you like music, and talking, this is the place for you! Join now for:
Lots of fun roles, bots, people! Hope to see you there!
This server is designed for all musicians! We invite anyone to this server that wants. We have many opportunities within our server. Come join to see what we’re all about!
-Many other musicians to chat with!
-Self-assignable roles
-Competitions (coming soon)
We’d love to see you join the server!
Hello everyone!
The Music Oasis is a Discord server designed for any musician, from amateur to professional. It’s currently under new management.

We will be hosting several events, competitions, and recitals.

In late July, we will also be holding a talent show with a 🌟CASH PRIZE🌟

Additionally, the recitals we host will give you a chance to showcase your progress, no matter how small!

All instrumentalists, vocalists, producers and composers are welcome!

Join today!
this is Hossain Pantho from Bangladesh:
I'm Pantho and i'm starting my journey with The Harmonix. Connect with me I'll try my best for you and everyone. Everything you can share with me i'm Ready. My learning skill is still running. Music is one kind of achievement that you can achieve through your talent and your mind capacity.
You will find yourself in your own thinking. The thousand stars are only made for the 7 Notes.
A server which includes channels for:
◆ Artists
◆ Artist and Musician critique
◆ Musicians
◆ Writing
◆ Photography
◆ Partnerships (read below for details)
◆ Self-Assignable Roles
◆ Gaming
◆ Memes

We are an artist and musician based server, our
secondary topics include gaming, memes, writing,
photography, and more!
We welcome anyone to this server no matter who
they are, and we try to provide as much flexibility
as possible to who joins (meaning many varieties
of channels for interests of members). The only
exclusion includes foreign languages being used;
this is an English-speaking server.
If you have any further questions, please DM AlamanderArts#0434
or any staff member in the server.
Enjoy your time at CYBΞRCФRD!
The only original official one. Others are cheap imitations.

depressive black metal, atmospheric black metal, musicians, production, recording, rehearsals, underground elite

Welcome to Metallum V!
We are a small server of metal heads from all around the globe, which have gathered here to build a tight-knit community and to discuss our favorite music genre: METAL! Please read the rules and don’t be afraid to give yourself some roles for the color of your name, the instruments you play and your favorite sub-genres. And don’t forget: SLAYYYEEEEERRRR!!!
This is a server for anyone who is into making music and also supports the environment.
Here, you can meet other musicians, share your music, focus, make new music, and help the environment while you're at it.