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We are a community that is centered around memes, gaming, laughing, and hanging out with friends!
Seja bem vindo aos Banidos! Um server que tem como função:promover amizades,discutir sobre jogos,animes,livros,compartilhar gostos artísticos,etc. Este é um local onde você também poderá compartilhar sua arte ou até sua própria música;aqui temos vários meios de socialização desde jogos/bots para sua diversão até sistemas de lvl, disfrutem do melhor que podemos dar a vocês nesse server.
Well, it's a server like any other server.
We do be kinda crazy tho, so watch out.
Welcome to Hololive Hotel! (New Server)

A fun place to talk, chill, and be yourself! Good hangout for those who enjoy vtubers also. We have self roles, fun bots, and will have future giveaways in the works.
🔱Capos Gaming🔱
`👋` Hola!
Somos un servidor amigable, creado con el fin de que los usuarios socialicen de todo tipo de temas, conozcan gente de todo tipo de lugares, se diviertan y se sientan cómodos.
Contamos con:
`🤖` Diferentes tipos de bots.
`💬` Chats públicos para socializar y canales para interactuar con los bots y entretenerte.
`📖` Reglas para una comunidad más segura.
`⚠️` Canal para avisos del servidor.
`📢` Canal para hacer publicidad a lo que quieras.
`📽️` Una categoría exclusiva con un canal de voz para transmitir y ver películas con tus amigos y un canal para recomendar películas/series.

Y más..
Descubrílo entrando a 🔱Capos Gaming🔱, te esperamos!


Greetings, this server is about people expressing themselves pretty much freely in their own ways, but with the intention of not spreading cancer and toxicity. Where people can rest while knowing that there isn't much to be stressed about and that they can relax and have quality time with anybody they want including the staff, instead of being afraid of the staff being abusive. Also memes, nature, events and chill.
Welcome to Inferno Gaming™️, a gaming community where you can socialize with other members. We play esports like Fortnite, Apex Legends, VALORANT, and more. You are able to find new friends, play games with other members and more! It also features giveaways, fun bots, and cool channels!

- Family Friendly
- Includes Giveaways
- Includes Cool Bots
┃┃ Help us get to 3,000 members! ┃

┃ 📡 Hey, are you looking for a server? You found one! ~
┃┃ Here is what we offer ┃
┃ ✨ An active community with members that you'll remember
┃ and enjoy!
┃ ✨ A skilled and active moderation team that always
┃ keeps an eye out on the chat!
┃ ✨ A handful of fun bots such as Dank Memer,
┃ NotSoBot, Slotbot, Mudae, and more!
┃ ✨ Giveaways, Free Advertising, Events, and a lot
┃ more that we offer!
┃ ✨ Looking for Partner Managers, Growth Managers,
┃ Affiliate Managers, and more!
┃~☾ Join Now! ☽~┃
Good memes? Uh, yes please! What's that? A wholesome community? Sign me up! Huh? The server has a fair and unique rule system? Hell yes, my guy!

We welcome all who want to experience a brand new server with a spirit for freedom and an attitude for community! We treat our members with respect and remain ever eager to make the server a comfortable environment.
We are Smileys!
We offer:
✅ Cool bots, so you don't get bored!
✅ A Leveling System, wich rewards you with roles, if you level up!
✅ Channels for EVERYONE! And if we don't have a channel, that you would like to have, we have a whole channel just for suggestions!
✅ Selfroles
✅ Partners
✅ A Weekly Channel!
Join Smileys!
This is just a chill server where you can hang out, chat, play games, roleplay and more! Just make sure to follow the rules and respect people cause we enjoy being wholesome! (Most of the time lol) But most importantly have fun :D
[21+][sfw] (Sushi Bar) A super welcoming server to make friends! Literally the chillest people on the planet. Come for good vibes! We VC often!
A nice little Gaming/Community server trying to make new friends. We mostly play among us but we dabble in other games like LoL and WoW.
The Blackies

Hey! If You Are Looking To Join a Fun Community With a Friendly Staff & Members, Come Check Us Out! We Offer Lots To Do, and More For YOU!


Things We Offer

Friendly Members & Staff



Bots Including Dank Memer & Yui

Leveling System

Reaction Roles


If You Want To Join, Here Is The Link:

If you’re looking for a server to relax, share memes, talk about any topic, make friends and meet new people, or just hang out, then The Outcast is the server for you. There are channels for gamers, artists, musicians, and cursed/blessed images too. We have a friendly, non-toxic community(LGBT+ friendly) with mods that are always on. Come vibe with us and consider becoming an Outcast!
A chill place to hang out with fellow patriots. We welcome all political sides, but communists and alt-right is prohibited. If you are left politically please be respectful. We strictly follow TOS.

Our server has:
- Economy and earn-able roles
- Leveling and level up roles
- Elections and polls (become President!)
- Friendly staff
- NSFW Channels
This is a server where you can meet new people, and have fun.
we have giveaways sometimes. don't join if you cant handle a simple joke
An epic hangout server with weekly game nights and movie nights. Join now to hang out and make some friends!
Welcome to The Estate! We are a small server, focused on creating a community of intelligent, skilled people, who can all help each other. We would love to have you, and that means you! 😁✌️