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Magic the Gathering Arena server. We welcome players of all skill levels. We can help new players and provide games to more experienced players. The discord has people in voice around the clock!
Looking to build decks, get better at Magic the Gathering, or just have some all around fun with this card game? Well join us for a wonderful, active community which we would love to have you in!
This server is full of fun. Talk about MTG, MTGA and other things. I hope you join our amazing community
I am a soon to be twitch streamer of Magic the Gather Arena, but for now i be using discord to stream my games a few times a week. i do accept mainly brawl challenges if i am challenged
my husband and i are both recently getting back into playing mtg through mtg arena.
just wanna talk to others and grow as players.
Come join our server to hang out and find people to duel and battle with. We also have a few channels for those who like to listen to music while they play and for that reason, it has been made so that nobody can talk in the music voice channels. While you can talk freely in other channels. Thank you for taking a look at our server and we hope you take a stay.