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Have you ever been playing commander and wondered what a format would be like where players automatically have two commanders, like mega partner? Well we did, and even if you didn’t you’ll get to enjoy the fruits of our genius.
- Try new formats
- Mix and match interesting combinations
- Enjoy a fun and welcoming community
- Get a chance to play something fresh and new
- Ask any rules questions you could ever need
We are a Discord Server for Magic: the Gathering players! The server is run by Chris and Eli from the Twitter account Gathering: the Magic.
Meditation Plane is a custom magic server that features many different design games such as the Create a Commander game or Muddle the Mixture (Combine two random cards into one card). The winner of the last game gets to make the challenge for the next game. Come test your creativity and design skills in this *new* and active community!
Discord server for the website The owner is a bit of a prick, but otherwise it's okay.
A large community to locate and discuss all resources regarding Magic: The Gathering and its most popular format: Modern.

Also plenty of fun off-topic discussion.