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✅Strong Community ✅Age Verified Channels ✅77.000+ Members ✅500 Emotes ✅Shop Roles ✅Level System ✅Waifu System ✅50+ Hentai Categories ✅Giveaways ✅Events
Chill and welcoming 18+ kink-friendly server with active VC, events, and giveaways. Age verification for lewd content.
"Steam and magic its an Erp/Rp server for discord. we offer an active community with quests and dedicated channels for the more lewd purpose of the server. NOW ON EBERRON

Experienced Dungeon Masters and Moderation team and a dnd 5e System using Avrae and Tupperbox, unique maps, a deep lore, lots of Npcs. various quests and dungeons all for a better gameplay! we support homebrew content and more casual roleplayers as well"
WARNING: This server is 18+ ONLY. If you're underage you'll be banned until you turn 18.

This server is for people who are fans of vore who would just like to relax, chat around with each other, and even rp in our various rp rooms. We also have other activities and fetish other than vore available for your pleasure.

Fetish list: Weight gain, Hyper, Cock, Belly expansion, Giantess, Vanilla, and much more. We wish for you to be active in the server but it’s ok if your shy. We make sure to make everyone feel welcome in our nice community to our best ability!

Now when you enter you will be asked some questions so that you can be verified into the server. Make sure to read the rules as well and have fun~!
Hello and Welcome to NHO! This is an 18+ primarily English Speaking Lewd Nerd Community Discord Server. You must be 18+ to enter the server. We have a verified section as well as multiple hentai channels and a verified BDSM section
The New Hentai Order upcoming NSFW Discord server, With a Great friendly Staff team and community!!!
Designed with lewd anime and gaming fans in mind, NHO's main focus is to create a friendly and engaging environment for all users!!

♡ 18+ Server ♡

♡ Dedicated Gaming section for both recommending and organizing games ♡


♡ Game Nights ♡

♡ A laidback and mature VC community unlike any other Discord server ♡

♡ NSFW Picture channels with All sexualities supported ♡

♡ Custom Channels ♡

We support and welcome anyone to the server from different walks of life, regardless of sexuality or gender. You will be accepted and appreciated here.
Interested? Perfect! Join us!
real real simple a place for unlimited nsfw Advertising, i notice when it comes to advertising nsfw servers, some morons like to put a fucking cap on how many time we can post our ads , so i said fuck them just create our own ads channel where anyone can advertise there nsfw servers without the annoying the cap hassle, so this is unlimited advertising with a 30 minutes cooldown.. enjoy
The Horni Corner

Do you have a questionably large folder of questionable items?
Do you wanna share it?
Or maybe you just wanna find more to add to your folder?

Well then, if one of those things applies to you, then consider joining The Horni Corner! We are currently a little server but we hope it will improve with time, and we hope you can help it grow!

Description last updated: 6th Nov 2020
This is a hentai server meant for all of your horny needs we have all types of hentai and are open to suggestions we have:
Anime porn
Doujins but it's not
More hentai
Even more hentai
And much more

We are a group of weebs who have a passion for anime and lewd stuff! Come join us!

We have several nsfw channels if you're feeling lewd\

3500+ members, active community!

Looking for partnerships!

Send Opal thigh pics
You’ve got mail!🍒



Hello there! You’ve been invited to Cherry Pop Central!~ We welcome you to our school for magical beings! At Cherry Pop we offer lots of things for our students and even teachers to enjoy with a fun and unique learning environment, I’m sure you’ll love to stay here~

🍓•A warm & welcoming community!
🌈•Lots of RP & OOC channels fo engage in!
✨•Bots to play around with.
💫•Variety of hentai channels.
☁️•Cute & fun emojis.
🍒•Tons of colors to pick from.

•And much more! We hope to see you become one of our many successful students here at Cherry Pop Central!~

🍒Sincerely, Staff.🍒

❗️Cherry Pop High is a mix between powerful students and teachers who come together to learn or... pop the cherries of innocent virgins~

You chose what classes you take, you choose how you live and what you do at Cherry Pop Central!~🌸
Welcome to Euphoria Island, a small hidden gem of an island located somewhere in the pacific ocean. Located on the island is a small quaint town, Cherry Falls, known for their famous university as well as their unusual regulations and laws.

The town of Cherry Falls relies heavily on status. The ecosystem is simple, the weak serve the strong. If you have a high status, being intelligent, wealthy or come from a high social standing, you are the strength of the town—the first class—and therefore can use anyone to your pleasing. If you don't fit into that category, you're common, weak and a peasant who shall serve the strong in any way you can.

To make sure everybody obeys the laws of this ecosystem, there are enforcers who work to keep the peace and enforce the law. They have the power to punish anyone who they believe to be acting up.

So go forth, have fun with all of residents of the island no matter who they are, and enjoy to your wildest sexual desires ❤️

What we have to offer:
♡ Active and friendly chat
♡ Mods who are available 24/7
♡ Optional ID verification
♡ An ID Verified Section with hentai and nudies
♡ Easy to follow templates with non-strict rules
♡ 80+ channels for rp
♡ Monthly rp counts and earnable roles for each lay!
♡An economy to grow your wealth and buy items!
♡ A caring staff and server with no drama
We are a hentai server.
We are the best at what we do.
We love hentai.
Welcome to Lewdcord! Do whatever you'd like to, we're all about having fun. There are easy rules to follow and a relaxed staff to enforce them. Here are a few more features:

• Channels for casual convo, gaming and etc.
• More cool emojis! Mainly anime ones. Such as Zero Two, Nekopara, and from other series!
• A wide range of giveaway prizes.
• NSFW Content for 18+ only.
• User-friendly server design.
• An enjoyable server community
• Venting channel for those who need an extra hand during tough times.
• Minors are allowed here but not allowed in nsfw or to e-date.
Simply a server full of:
- Hentai Categories
- Anime Emotes
- Nitro Giveaways
- Chill Server Creator, Co-Creator, Moderators, and Helpers
Welcome to vanilla hentai | バニラヘンタイ ! We're an NSFW server for sharing simple, vanilla hentai. We'd love to have you here! Feel free to stop by and chat with us ^-^
❈ 2X ❈
Welcome to 2X! A fully automated hentai posting server.
A friendly community where you can find more then enough hentai to satisfy you.

-Fully automated hentai section 24/7 flow of hentai content.

-Almost 40 hentai channels for everyone's taste.

-Friendly and awesome community.

JOIN NOW!! we don't bite
So you ask me what will i find in Lush

So im going to keep it simple.
- you will find a hardcore moderatored server with excellent staff
- you will find constant feeds of various lewd topics with pics
- you will find that if you expect to have fun in this server you will
need to be active
- no dms in the first 24 hours so no chancers
Come down the rabbit hole and escape to a world of beauty, lust, and adventure!
Visit the world of Arden, where a majority of the currency is made by, you guessed it, copulating! Join to meet people, experience your deep dark desires, become a member of a House, participate in the direction of the server, and join in group games!
Hey! We are a fresh new 18+ NSFW server.

🏮 We are a friendly, lewdly chill community. No creeps or any kind of disrespect allowed. Our intention is to build a community where everyone can feel comfortable in, numbers are a consequence of our members deciding to stay and grow with us.

🏮 We have many options on self roles for you to show what you
like in regards of kinks.

🏮 Nudes.

🏮 Lots of hot and cute gurls.

🏮 Hot and cute boys.

🏮 Chat always active.

🏮 Active administration, the server is always safe and clean.

🏮 Many bots to play with.

🏮 Clean UI layout.

🏮 Level 3 nitro boost, so you can send 100 mb videos.

🏮 Over 400 emojis.

🏮 Frequent giveaway events, or random giveaways.

🏮 We don't allow sellers.

🏮 1k+ members, even with the server being so new!

Come join and grow with us. Enjoy your stay as we build a true community. :)

Currently we don't ask for verification unless you want to post in our nudes section, but we might do individually if necessary, if we think you're a minor.
。・:・゚★,。・:・゚☆ Welcome to Fem (18+) 。・:・゚★,。・:・゚☆
We are an LGBT-inclusive Discord server, aimed at people who wish to share an environment of civil discussion and mature content. Where everyone between the age of 18 to 40 are welcome to join. As we all do, we share the the love for femboys and feminine people, with NSFW channels for mature content. Along with that we also feature giveaways, and have an XP/currency system that we wish to do more with in the future.

✯ We are an +18 server only, no underaged people please!
✯ Level 3 boosted server!
✯ Friendly users and staff!
✯ NSFW Channels, XP & Currency System!
✯ 100% Femboy Lovers!
🔞 We are an **ACTIVE** NSFW porn and hentai community server! You’re welcome to join and collect or post lewds! 🔞

LOTS of NSFW channels that include:
✅ Hentai
✅ Irl porn
✅ Furry nsfw
🤖 An Automated bot that sends hentai

Not only do we have NSFW channels, we also have:
🔢 Ranking System
❤️ Waifu Bot
🎉 Giveaways
✅ An Active Community

Come join and hangout, we are an actively growing community! See you there!✌️

⚠️ This is an 18+ only server, please don't enter if you don't meet the requirements. ⚠️

Hi all !
Having a bad day ??
Join this server and it will be fixed.

It has unique channels ( I think you know what 'unique' means, right? )

You will have private rooms too that you won't find anywhere else !!!!!!!

What we offer :
- ♡ SFW as well NSFW channels.
- ♡ A well managed rp system.
- ♡ A friendly community.
- ♡ Channels to feed everyone's lust.
- ♡ And a lot more....

Notice: We are strict on our rules