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Graal Discord Server

A social Graal community server for those who want
a drama-free environment to chill, de-stress and relax with
others, and hopefully make some friends!
[] None-Toxic discord server.
[] 1,300+ Members.
[] Fast Sign up!
[] Meet other Graalians.
[] Multiple help channels for different servers.
[] Giveaways for Graal & Steam gift cards!
[] In server games in our Arcade Area
[] And we offer much more!
Join today!
Graal International is a server for everyone and anyone!!! We have realistic mechanics into the server AND professional staff! Games and all!!! Come join us, and you can learn a few things. Like, what is graal and how to do GFX(pixel art).
We are a server that offers:
•Meeting new friends
•bots and giveaways and such stuff
•Active Vcs
•not so strict rules
•custom Roles and rr roles
•alot of other stuff!
This server is a fun server where you can find friends and play together different games. Also you can share your memes! So go ahead JOIN NOW!
se trata de nuestro server basado en nuestra gang aqui hacemos estrategias de base tradeamos hotel 7u7 etc si quieres te unes
Bienvenue dans le monde de Fate pour la guerre sainte du Graal!
Venez rp afin de devenir un servant ou un master!
Bon rp! et bonne chance! C'est un server Français
Graal hacking community. We have collaborative hacking information, projects, tools, and trainers. Including a legit market for cheap items and Gralats.
Christians of Graal: On the fence of the existence of God? Want to strengthen your faith? Challenge one of our members to a friendly debate? Or just simply play Graal and relax with one of us? Christians of Graal has it all!
P.S: No worries about any disciplinary or vulgarity issues, as this is a family friendly server.
Looking for someone to play a game with? So are we!
We're a laid-back gaming community with tons of fun loving and vibrant people! Talk about gaming, anime, music, or anything at all!
Just a very open server with low moderation where you can basically do anything.

🔞NSFW channel 🔞
🎶music channel🎶
🔊voice chats🔊
🎮graal channels🎮

All are welcome 🤗