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・‥…━━━━━☆ BEYOND ENCHANTED LIGHTS ☆━━━━━…‥・```
BEYOND ENCHANTED LIGHTS: The roaring winds flowing in the air, and the ocean waves crashing together through their own war. The trees dancing to their own beat whilst the birds sing their melodies. You could feel the magic energy flowing gently around as she spread her beauty afar. She is the fairytales and myths you were told as a child; with even the supposed non-existent ground walkers, water swimmers, and sky flyers discovering her every corner. This is PRYNOVIA, and we are Beyond Enchanted lights- Interested in joining our paths of magical abilities and ancient wonders? Great! Prynovia would love to see new voyagers. Follow us and allow us to show you the magic of our world.

Joining our adventure is easy! Just simply join the server and create an application. The rest is history!

・‥…━━━━☆ What are the general things we have to offer? ☆━━━━…‥
➽ We strive to have a friendly, active, and welcoming community!

➽ We have helpful staff that is willing to support you with your needs!

➽ We support LGBT+ !

➽ Multiple channels incase you just want to chat!

➽ We'll be holding events each month to add to the fun!

・‥…━━━━☆ What are the role-play things we have to offer? ☆━━━━…‥・
➽ We are a role-play which is discord based, semi-literate , free-roam, and member driven!

➽ We base ourselves in the 1500's!

➽ We belong to the fantasy and magic genres!

➽ We have interesting classes and bloodlines that run along side our history!

➽ Our characters are witches and warlocks, cursed in to cat bodies by the dragon king!

**・‥…━━━━━☆ Our Links ☆━━━━━…‥・**
❂Website: Closed for the time being


**・‥…━━━━━☆Side Note ☆━━━━━…‥・**
Our role-play is still fairly new, and things are still being edited. However, we are open and ready for anyone joining us!
|======[Welcome To The Realm Of Philalam!]======|
Hello! We are a friendly roleplay server! At the moment we're looking for members to help with out activity! This is a fantasy action roleplay and if you're into magic and Knights and all that cool stuff! You might be interested in joining!
Adriq is a semi-lit drama oriented server (meaning little fighting and no rolls!) that takes place in my own underwater realm. It has been created solely by me and it is my baby. It is also very new, so we are wanting some dedicated members (and possible staff).


An old mage named Tebavil died peacefully. After dying, they decided to fulfill a wish that they had for the longest time: to reach the bottom of the ocean. Near the bottom they saw a barrier of ice. They broke through it and entered the world below. Not only did they enter, but also everything that the ice protected this world from. So the world grew evil and the mage created a dome of ice for the good to dwell in.

Tebavil only thought it to be a temporary home. They never believed the dome would turn into a nation. But it did, and it became the most seclusive, the most private, the most unknown country in the sea, that being save for the few outsiders that ever laid eyes on it. With its privacy, the country has grown without worry from other nations. Although, society changes with time, so the threat is not from above or around, but within the hearts of its people.

People desire change. It isn't their fault that they do, but sometimes this yearning for change causes threats to arise. The abundance and attempts at these threats have caused the nation to be shut down. Laws become tighter, especially for the infamous sirens, who are being murdered without justice. Not only that, but the ability to get certain jobs has been decreased as well, bringing more and more complications for the average citizen.

So...what's your opinion?


This server has↴
⇀The ability to have your own OC with the 5 racial categories! Be a mermaid, a goddamn shark, a magical entity, a siren (ooh, but it's rough being one!) or even a "fish man," if you'd like.
⇀Holidays/Customs to partake in throughout the year. You can also host your own event whenever.
⇀A plot that is driven completely by the roleplayer!
⇀Jobs/Homes, whichever you wish for.
⇀A noncanon rp channel where you can go crazy in!
⇀A SFW Server.
⇀Or you can silly?

Well, whatever it might be, I hope you'll take a look at Adriq!
Welcome to Airedale, a fantasy server. Come take a look and start your own quests. Go on adventures with friends, fight against custom npc's and explore an expanding world! We have quaint Airedale village, as well the mining town of Hebrahm. Magic, mysteries, and occasional mayhem await you!
World of Gaia is a medieval-fantasy magical RP with cool lore and 4 unique kingdoms fully controllable by whoever rules them! Take up the crown from another player to rule the kingdom how you like.

The server is set on helping and watching characters grow. Story arcs you make, interact and involve other players all to see yourself grow. Your powers also will grow stronger as you do!

If you love to tell a story and involve others in it, you'll love this place!

We're a fairly small but kind community. We are looking to grow to a much larger one that retains its friendliness! Add your creativity~

LF Partners to help grow!
Welcome to Aquarune, an ancient city-state thick with lore, magic, and mystery. Every building has a story to tell, and each citizen has a quest to give. Guilds make up a core part of daily life for workers, adventurers, mages, and guards alike. While isolated, the city opens its arms to outsiders, so if your heart is true, you will be sure to make many friends, allies, and acquaintances.

Ancient Dewdrops is a fantasy roleplay server, set in a medieval-style world with magic. We have an active community, so whether you're just looking for a cool place to chill, someone to write a story with, or a place to roleplay, this server should suit your wants and needs. We're relaxed, but do expect some level of literacy in the roleplaying - at least a sentence or two.

Our roleplay operates under an 'opt-in' system, so you'll never be forced to participate in something you don't want to. We aim to allow players to opt-in to events, instead of forcing them to try and opt out. While combat and pvp makes up part of the server, you are by no means obligated to do such things if they don't hold your interest. We had fleshed out rules for player versus player fights, as well as a tested rubric for judging fights and determining the winner.

We have many features to assist the roleplay such as:
>Multiple roles and titles, attributes and abilities for you to choose from. You can spec out your character with feats and skills.
>A progression system - the more you roleplay, the more reputation your character gains, and the higher rank they become. This allows you to unlock more abilities.
>In-character gold and items, with a shop so you can save up cash to get the perfect weapon. Gold can only be earned via roleplaying.
>Writing bonuses. Get more gold for better work. This allows slower posters who produce quality to climb the ranks just as easily as those who are more casual with their style.
>Quests, which operate similarly to writing prompts with an in-character reward for completion.
>Major guilds and player-run guilds that you can sign up to.
>Many custom commands to boost your quality of life.
>Loremasters and Arbiters that add to the world by DMing for others and creating little snippets of lore.
>A custom drawn map, that's always ready to be added to.

Our server is still growing, so the world is malleable. Perhaps the story of your character could shape the world in greater ways than you might expect.

Ban Appeal Server + Old Rolplay Archive:
In this server you'll be able to adventure through many lands and creature your own Races,Magics, etc. So come on in and take a look!
There was a cult of Faeries in Maeve many years ago. This cult worshipped the dark essence in Magi (creatures born with magic. They are part of every species). They killed magi and stole their dark essence and transferred it into a collection of books. These books were scattered upon the mortal world and Maeve. The essence longs for a suitable body to possess. It's goal? Overthrow the kingdom of Maeve. Become powerful. Destroy everything.

First 50 members gets 2 free custom roles, an extra oc slot, and 5000💸. You can use the 💸 to buy stuff in our Unbelievable Boat store and make more money by doing stuff!

So this has just started. If you're cool with being there at the birth of one of my random ideas, sweet.
🌀 Bair-RP 🌀

Szukasz serwera, gdzie możesz wczuć się w rolę średniowiecznego bohatera? Trudzić o przetrwanie? Tworzyć wątki z innymi bohaterami tego świata i zmagać się z istotami, które zagrażają wiosce? Znalazłeś idealne miejsce! Co oferujemy?
-Wiele lokacji, w których może się Twoja postać pojawić
-Administrację skłonną do propozycji użytkowników
-Ogólne Lore, które ma na celu udynamicznienie akcji!
Mamy nadzieję, że nie będziesz zwlekać i dołączysz do nas jak najszybciej!
Salutations! This is a basic Roleplay Server with lots to offer. Fun, roleplay, games, music, and more! Come join!
A fantasy themed academy ERP server

__**The Island**__

**〚A new Fantasy Roleplaying Server where your imagination is the limit! :sparkles:〛**

✧ 20+ channels for Roleplaying :heart:
✧ Various types and powers to choose from :crystal_ball:
✧ Active plot and events to come :smile:
✧ Friendly and active staff :fire:
✧ Multiple VC and OOC channels :speech_left:

❀ Server owned by: @jepppp_#4566
❀ Admins: @aen#9726 @raebae - astera#9900

《We are accepting partnerships! DM any of us!》

Well, what's holding you back? Join our community!
⚔Welcome to Calderia!⚔

--->Come immerse yourself in an imaginary world full of wonder and bewilderment!
Calderia, a medieval fantasy world in a time where anything can happen, as it could take only one creature, to unleash a moment in this history out to the entire world, as the races of Calderia are placed inside Feah or Larsung, from Elves to Humans to Orcs and more, you can experience a legion rise in to the top as the structures are set high and adventurers dreams can be set just the same, where will destiny guide you?<---

What we have to offer:

-🌺Friendly and Active Staff🌺
-🤖Interactive Bots🤖
-📜Future Activities and Events📜
-📸Visuals for the environment📸
-👥Variety of Races👥

🔥Join the fight TODAY!🔥
Terovus is a Fantasy RP world that tries to fit the medieval side of the spectrum having a little less magic. Races are also done differently here then most and there is a ton of attention to detail.
What does Terovus have to offer?
- Ability to create up to 3 unique characters
- Interesting and well done lore
- Friendly staff team
- Events every other week
- Build-a-pet
- Build-a-weapon
- Love of RP
- Marriage! (MarriageBot)
- Fantastically Fabulous Owner (That's me!)
And much more!
Come by and pay us a visit in your search of adventure and roleplay! Stop by the world of Terovus!
A brand new RP/ERP Server growing fast everyday ! With members active during all timezones !

Do you want an Active Community with the kindest people and caring admins who work hard everyday ?
Do you like smut but wants also story with it ?
Do you like well detailed RPs with good level of literacy ?

Do you like Mythological and Supernatural creatures ?
Do you want to enjoy yourself in some Master x Slave ERPs ?
Do you like infinite kinky ideas and endless hours of leisure ?

Do you want too be around people who also likes all of the above ?

Wait no more, join us now ! As we are Divine Temptation, the server with perfect mix between Smut and Story !
```450 BCE, Classical Greece, one of the most influential civilizations ever known. At the height of their power, Greece lived in prosperity, humans were all united as one in the cities of Greece, but not just them. What seemed liked stories about Gods, mythical creatures and magic, was true. Because of this, humans had to adapt to the Arcane. Creating systems to make sure the civilians were safe. Building the cities that we know as Athens, Sparta, Thebes, and many more, for the protection of the people. Greek families prepared their kin for the mysteries of the region, Gorgons, Cyclops and minotaurs. They all found harmony, but the Gods started meddling in human affairs...well participating in affairs, to be exact. Creating a a new generation of something called, Demigods, but it was still something rare. Greece is still getting used to their own home, and it’s not just the humans.
The Elder Scrolls RP Group!

Tamriel's' Tales is an advanced literate RP Group that is currently starting up, so we are looking for new members to join. Whether you want to claim the role as imperial Knight, atlmeri mage, try out a merchant Khajiit or the Nord drunkard, we need you to help us create amazing stories in this universe! You can expect a friendly and understanding team of admins, high-quality writing, relaxed and fun people in our little Group. More RP information will be found on the server.

If you have any further questions, my DMs are always open. I'd love to hear from you and welcome you into our realm (:

This is the Kingdom of Simul. A long running roleplay that is forever growing and changing. With lots of room to grow and lack of seriously in depth lore, this story based roleplay is perfect for new characters and tons of personal growth. Set in a late medieval fantasy setting, we have all sorts of beautiful sights to behold!

~ Social Channels. OOC General, Music Bots, Pokecord, and more!
~ Organized categories for easy collapsing
~ Friendly and experienced staff.
~ Easy process to get your character approved. Just know how to read! Even a "How To" and "Getting Started" to direct you if you get lost.
~ No super complicated lore or application process. Even a super easy bot for profile look ups!
~ Have more than one character? Sweet! Sign them all up!
~ Super social environment, yet no pressure to be here constantly. This is a hobby, not a job.
~ Self assignable roles
~ T-1 Fighting styles. This server is built on story, not combat. No god modding, meta gaming, autohitting, or control of other characters allowed to keep the environment happy!

Come check us out and see if we would be a good fit for your OC!
Welcome to Alterra, a literate fantasy RP with 200+ users!

It’s been ten thousand years since the goddess of creation used her powers to seal away the goddess of destruction. The world was thrust into turmoil and a thousand year war began between the nations. Choose from 10 nations to pledge your allegiance to, create a character with 9 races to choose from, and throw yourself into a job system with over 20 classes to choose from! Join our welcoming community today!
**Welcome to Ruby Academy**
This school is meant for everyone to learn how to be the best they can be. At our school we have reason to bring together all Races and Species as equals. There are levels to different species.
**Green Level/Ponds:**Fir students that aren’t as powerful as the higher levels.
**Yellow Level/Bishop:**For students that have much capability and have potential to exceed to the next level.
2nd Tier Shapshifters
Shadow Manipulators
Soul Humans
**Orange Level/Rooks or Knights **:One of the top tiers that have no more to reach.
Alpha Werewolf
Omega Werewolf
Revolutionized Meifwa
Final Stage Soul Humans
**Red Level/Kings and Queens:** This Level is for the Ones that have exceeded past Orange and are now beyond there limits
Ultima Werewolf
Final Stage Tempo’s
Final Stage Shadow Manipulators
Half Bloods (Half Demons, Half Angels or Both in one)
**Black Stage/God Tier:** These Students are impossible to come by and are never seen
None Documented or Possible

We Hope you Enjoy your stay at our Prestigious Academy
Welcome! The Everforest is a medieval fantasy world full of magic and mystery set in the middle of an endless forest. Your character, as well as some others, has been pulled to this magical place from the real world by some unknown force. While your ultimate goal is probably to get home, the Everforest is a vast land with many places to explore and things to discover, so who could blame you if you were to look around a bit?

We have...
- An active and friendly staff team
- An world that continues to expand and change
- Plenty of OOC channels for people to mess around in
- Fair and balanced rules
- Just a ton of really crazy and fun people
After Civilization is a discord RP community focused around a world that has fallen into collapse after a mysterious apocalypse has annihilated most of the worlds major governments.
The world of Ofos is one with technology comparable to ours, and magic to boot, the world requires strong, and smart individuals to lead the hapless masses.
Welcome to the Sequel/Reboot of Daijoushi Adventures, Brightening Hope of New Etheria. Here, everything's changed. We welcome kind, helpful, and cheerful RPers, who are destined to join wonderful RPs, and also make new friends. You can make various characters, weapons, vehicles, and many more!

Helpers are wanted. In order to make this server a better place, we need your help with ideas and suggestions. If you want to help, feel free to DM me and I'll accept

Enjoy your time in Brightening Hope of New Etheria, and if you have any questions, or if you need help submitting things, feel free to ask
In modern-day Japan, humans think they are alone, but that Illusion is shattered when they realize that the supernatural exist! Play as a human or a Youkai, a vampire, a werewolf or any number of other beings in this PVE focused RP where PVP is also permitted! Play as a rookie working thier way up as a Hunter or a police officer or even do your own thing in a creative world in this community RP!

-Friendly Community RP
- Not a ERP, no NSFW