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Puhuhuhuhuhu! Welcome to Hope's Pe-

Just kidding! This is a non despair roleplay with canon characters and OCs allowed! We have plenty of characters still available and lots of fun awaiting! Please join us! <3
Hello everyone! Welcome to Danganronpa: Guilty By Association! We are a Fanganronpa (danganronpa fan game) that is currently being developed. This discord server will be one of the many places we will advertise our game. We will also post monthly updates on here and on social media. If you would like to help work on the game, we have a casting call club in the server where you can audition! Thank you for showing interest in Danganronpa: Guilty By Association!
《 Towa Central Description 》

Towa Central is a non-despair AU Danganronpa server, allowing OC’s, canon characters from the first three games, both anime arcs, the mangas, and every fanganronpa series that, at the very least, has a prologue out. We also include characters from Doki Doki Literature Club (DDLC) and Your Turn To Die/Kimi Ga Shine! We also have a spectator role for members that just wish to talk, and not participate in the RP.

In addition, on this server, we include:

🌺 A roleplay spot for canons, fanons and OC's.
🌺 Bots such as Mudae, Unbelievaboat, Rhythm, Tatsu, OwO, and etc.
🌺 A LGBTQ+, kin, and mental health friendly place.
🌺 Multiple social and roleplay channels, that are checked and cleared up if inactive for a span of 3+ months.
🌺 A spectator role for anyone who doesn't want to partake in the roleplay, and instead wishes to talk to people OOC.
🌺 Tons of available canon characters from the anime, games, and manga.
🌺 Additional available characters from fanon games; currently every series that has a prologue is available.
🌺 Killing games and Death Games, mainly held and created by server members.

We don't include, however:

❌ Haji Towa. He stanky.
❌ Discrimination of any kind. It's actively watched, and anyone harming the 'safe space' will be subject to a kick or ban depending on the severity.

If you want to join, feel free to do so! The server may be a little bit quiet as multiple members are currently participating in killing games and whatnot. We hope to see you there soon!
Submissions will be closed! You may remain a spectator.
Hello! Welcome to Slaughter in the Garden, not the man behind the slaughter, sadly. In this Danganronpa Killing Game roleplay, you all have a flower that represents you. If that flower dies, you die, simple! The flower is strapped on you and behaves like a soul. It takes place in a garden theme area and you're all arriving to a casino that is flower themed in a bus ride that seems to be taking forever, bored! Anyhow, this is a Danganronpa Killing Game so you'll be expected to see gore, violence and such. Have fun! Remember you are accepted for your gender, pronouns, race, nationality, gender and everything!
For those who enjoy Fanganronpas, specifically the Another series, we've got the server for you! It could sort of be called a "rewrite" Roleplay, but it's just for fun.

It follows the same sort of beginning; waking up on an island with no clue as to how you arrived; a monochromatic crow announcing a killing game.. but that's where the similarities end.
Winter despair is a Danganronpa fan game, where you are able to roleplay as your own Danganronpa oc. Have some fun, chat with others, and overall just vibe!
Welcome to .・゜゜・𝔻𝕒𝕟𝕘𝕒𝕟𝕣𝕠𝕟𝕡𝕒: 𝕄𝕒𝕜𝕖 𝔹𝕖𝕝𝕚𝕖𝕧𝕖 ・゜゜・.

When 16 extraordinary students find themselves in an amusement park of pain, it's kill or be killed in a torturous land of 'fun'.
Against your better judgement, won't you join us?
Pick your OC, and submit a form for Danganronpa: Make Believe Season 1!
A comic that'll have voice acted trials! we;re looking for writers and artist but please feel free to join just to support the project!
This is the server for "Danganronpa: Seaside Despair", a fan-game being made by two siblings (so far). We're hoping not only to get the word out about the game, but to also recruit other team members to assist in the game's creation, such as composers and developers.

At present, the game has a single writer and artist. The story so far has Chapter 3 finished, and the initial character art is finished.
The caravan is coming around again! This is no ordinary Carnival- this moving attraction is the star of its time, it visits every place around the world every year, people swarm the blocks just to take a seat. But...something about it feels off this year. It never visits at this time of year, and something about the music sounds all wrong...
Will you visit anyway?
Nearly two weeks ago you had received a free ticket to a theme park you've never heard of. Those of you who googled the address found it wasn't real, so most of you disregarded the letter as a prank. One morning you wake up in a bed that 's not yours. You hear the faint sound of a wail and rush out of bed into the hallway, where you see 17 other students...
Despair Camp: Your demise is a semi-lit, LGBTQ+ friendly Danganronpa roleplay server! Here you can play as one of the students who were... expecting to go to Hope’s Peak academy.

But they end up somewhere completely different. Somewhere they never thought they would end up.

The Despair Camp.
-Welcome to the Danganronpa Rp Hub!-

-Please read the rules and respect them while you are here!
-Roleplay as characters from the canon games, fan games or your Ocs.
-AU roleplay category is also available for those who like Aus.
-Please be polite and behave yourself, treat others the way you wanted to be treated!
-No NSFW (lewd wise)
APPS OPEN NOW! They close the 15th of May and actual KG starts on the 1st of June. We function on EST time!

The server is a relatively large server where we host games, casuals, and contests. We try to be a friendly community for everyone involved. The staff's goal is to make an experience for everyone. The killing game proper will feature BDA art, execution art, report cards, and more! We intend on this being a 3 season arc that is all connected! We hope you join us and enjoy.

Vicious Reality is the 4th "season" run by Guava and is the beginning of a new trilogy. This game will have puzzles and light meta aspects to it. Most of the time these puzzles will be optional and for fun only. There will be bits of game lore sprinkled through out. If you have any questions about lore and the game, please contact Guava#1075!


Your character is an Ultimate from Hope Peak academy, the best of the best! Though life... even as an Ultimate gets really boring and restrictive. One day you receive a mysterious email from a company called Cosmegg Co. The email was a simple offer of a life changing experience and gave you coordinates to a remote location. Partially bored and curious, you accept the offer.

This is the beginning of an ARG, an augmented reality game, which involves traveling and solving puzzles to an end goal. A scavenger hunt for your characters, though it is an ARG that turns deadly when you meet a pair of mascots. You will start off in an abandoned town with ~20 other people there.

Who is Cosmegg and why did they offer this? What is this killing game for? And will you escape? You will have to follow the clues to find out. That is, if you can survive for that long.


Misuko and Midori Watanabe, the most distanced and different twins ever, step foot in the Ultimate’s Super Hope Academy for Success, only to be met with an unfamiliar and eerie area.

Them and 13 other students have been trapped in an abandoned hotel in the middle of nowhere!

Shirogami, the mastermind that looks like a stuffed bunny toy, says they are all in her little killing game!!

How will it go for Misuko, her sister, and the rest?

Danganronpa: Hotel of Terror is a fangame I have started to work on.

I have all the characters done already!
I am making this a video series and I need animators, sprite editors, Cg artists, background artists, layout artists, any artist, music producers, writers, etc., to help with my game!

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you have or have had a wonderful day ^^
Have you ever want to be in an organized killing game where creativity is made there? The current killing game is closed but we are welcoming newcomers! This server has been made a few days ago and it has been really active! Make sure to invite your friends
DR:NSA is an intense, fast-paced, DR-style killing game roleplay featuring original characters, a unique mascot, and some brand-new mechanics to heighten the player experience based on the ideas of fate and betrayal. The game will feature 18 users who have been selected from the applicants, not including the moderating OC.
"Hello and welcome. You wonderful people have been selected to attend the illustrious Akujiki Ultimate Academy, situated in the heart of... Well, that's none of your concern. Myself and the remainder of the staff here at Akujiki Ultimate Academy will try our best to make absolute certain that you stunning students enjoy your school life. Should you have any concerns, my lovely principal will answer any questions you might have.

So please, enjoy your wondrous school life here at Akujiki Ultimate Academy. Thank you for your co-operation."

My first Killing Game! I tried once before but couldn't get anyone to join... So I'm rebooting it, in hopes of getting more people this time!! If you have any questions, my discord is Whowantstogame#5094
A wip danganronpa roleplay server, I’m the only one in the server so I’ll need some admin help and it’ll be a bit until the roleplay can kickstart, I’ll need to figure out how murders and trials will work
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Hello Reader, This is a danganronpa sever! But, we we do V3,1,2 danganronpa cannon characters, and we do fanganronpa characters, the danganronpa fangames games are ‘Brave Danganronpa: Crowd’s paradise’, ‘Danganronpa: Kill/cure’, ‘ Danganronpa Another’, ‘Super Danganronpa Another 2’ and ‘Danganronpa: Hope Restoration’! So please join! We do killing games and other events! We have really nice mods and fun games! We hope you join and have a blast! I’ll see you there!

Things we have in the sever!
♡- Fun bots!
♡- Killing games and other games!
♡- Active members
♡- Friendly mods and owners
♡- And lots more!