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Custom Dragon Highlander is a community dedicated to designing and running custom Commanders to be used in games of Magic: The Gathering (in the commander format) with others over applications such as, Cockatrice, Tabletop Simulator, and even real life if you have a play group that allows customs!
Commander's Vault server is a place where you can play Magic The Gathering format EDH/Commander. Our members are most welcoming and we always seek out new players and people to play with. We play all power levels of commander so there's plenty to choose from. We have got mentors to help you deckbuild, members to help you test and have fun with your deck creation.
We’re an EDH/Commander oriented MTG server for every power level. We primarily offer players: a place to discuss the format, build/tune decks, and play paper EDH in our webcam games section. We’re geared for debates and jokes alike in a friendly, inclusive community. If that sounds fun, consider yourself invited.
Have you ever been playing commander and wondered what a format would be like where players automatically have two commanders, like mega partner? Well we did, and even if you didn’t you’ll get to enjoy the fruits of our genius.
- Try new formats
- Mix and match interesting combinations
- Enjoy a fun and welcoming community
- Get a chance to play something fresh and new
- Ask any rules questions you could ever need
Paper commander is a server based around commander or Elder dragon Highlander(EDH).We offer a place to trade cards,play EDH games over webcam and provide help with brewing.Join us and experiance the fun for yourself.We have also expanded into using a online MTG simulator
HAve you ever wanted to join a space where u can find 10$-15$ edh decks which you can play at your local fnm without being crushed then this is the right place for you.We not only have budget decks we also help construct budget decks.
building budget decks has always been my passion and something ive found very fun and would love to share some with the community.
We've rebranded! For those unfamiliar with [email protected] (formerly MTG Video Chat Play), I'd like to extend an invitation to join what I believe is one of the best environments for webcam-based paper Magic.

We have a highly active community (700+ members with 100+ online at any time), so it's easy to find opponents in multiple formats. We host regular tournaments on a weekly basis, including Pioneer on Mondays, Modern on Wednesdays, plus a variety of other events such as monthly showdowns, invitationals, draft league, prerelease, and more. Just last week, we even launched our own official podcast, The Pioneer Perspective. We're preparing to overhaul our subreddit as well, so please be on the lookout!

Our admin team is dedicated to making the player experience the best it can be, so if you'd be so kind, please pay us a visit! You won't regret it.
We are a Discord Server for Magic: the Gathering players! The server is run by Chris and Eli from the Twitter account Gathering: the Magic.
A fun discord for people to play online games of commander and other magic variants!
welcome to the cult of ringo. come for mtg stay for the sacrifice.Here we rip uncut foil sheets from alpha and for snack we eat black lotuse. blood sacrifice requires
Dansk cEDH server. Koordiner spil i dit lokal område eller bare chill og snak om cEDH formatet.
We're a growing server looking for active new members. We offer great deck advise and love talking about magic in general. All are welcome as long as you have a good attitude.
During these trying times with social distancing, I have been working on a server for playing Commander digitally and I'm happy to announce that we're ready to open it up. Whether you play casually or competitively, we've accommodated sections for both types of play.

We use to play, as it is a free resource that everyone can use and the server has a rules section as well for reference.

We hope to see you there!
MTG Simulator is a large community of Magic players who play using Tabletop Simulator, allowing for endless and limitless deck building! We have players from several countries, and all formats are welcome, although EDH is the most popular format currently. We have plenty of active players and are always looking for more!