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Welcome to The Chaotics Club! A wonderful place fulls of kings and queens alike no matter their sexual preference or gender! We're all equal here, now feel free to roam the server as you please. We are very open and okay with LGBTQ! This server if just for making friends!!
Welcome to ✨ Hyze Central ✨

This server is a Social/Dating Community with SFW/NSFW channels!
We include but are not limited too:

✨50 Custom Emotes!
✨Lots of self roles to personalize yourself on the server!
✨Giveaways & And Server Currency!
✨Attentive Staff from different time-zones!
✨Nice and Fun community that will give you tons of laughs!
✨Secure/Safe place — Protection against Pedos/Catfishes
✨Lots of bots to suit your needs!
✨And lots, lots more!!

What are you waiting for? Why not hop right in to the fun!
Hellouu, welcome to 💓Aesthetic Club💓 A small and slowly growing, chill and super community that welcomes everyone. Our server includes

💖Cool and amazing admins and managers.

💖Super chill and friendly community, who offer warm welcome greetings to new members.

💖a bunch of great bots to mess around with.

💖Selectable exclusive clubs to join.

💖A toxic and drama free environment.

💖A lively chat, which can be more active if you join the chat.

💖A promotion channel, where you can promote your own server.

We would be very glad if you joined us and helped us in making this server great. 😄
Owner Kaito.
We are a server based on community, creating friendships and appreciating Nekos+Hentai!
we offer:
>A friendly community of anime and neko fans!
>A trusted and friendly staff team!
>Voice and music channels for chatting an listening to music together!
>A category for sharing cute pictures and selfies!
>Lots of cute e-girls ;)
>Channels for sharing NSFW images, both hentai and IRL porn! (18+ Only)
>Unrestrictive rules so you can fly free!
Welcome to The Love Shack! A server with a wide variety of people to talk with. We have;

✓ Active members.
✓ Tons of roles to choose from.
✓ Giveaways.

If you wish to appeal a ban, add the owner (Bread #0666) on discord.
Single's Café is oriented towards everyone. It is PG-13 (user discretion is advised) except in the 18+ Verified category, it's features anime sections, artwork sections, nude sections, and is a platform for chatting, dating, and gaming.
Hello fellow lonely people! I have created this server which is specially for dating. We take this server SERIOUS since there are many other dating servers on discord that are a complete joke. Everyone above 13+ is allowed and you can also get 18+ verified. Memes are generally not allowed EXCEPT for the one meme channel i specifically created for people who like that stuff. Keep in mind to keep any other channel besides the meme channel clear of memes. Its strictly moderated so if anyone is against any rule will get punished instantly. This is a server for people who are looking for that special someone and/or people who are looking for friends. This server is still being worked on at and suggestions are open we are also looking for someone to make a server picture specifically made for the dating theme. I hope you enjoy the stay...
👾Welcome to Retro night👾
💖we're just a server going around looking for people to interact with have fun and make friends maybe even more then that💖
🌱We're a small loving community that wish to grow and we hope you can help out🌱
We consist of
Caring Admins
Friendly Member
A neat layout fun channels
and rules that are easy to obide by
Welcome To Horizon
New Uprising Server
It is for you to meet new people and make alot of new Friends.
We have all the E girls you'll ever need.
Chill server for Dating So Join.
Hi! Please, come in and hang out with us. We're a bit dead sometimes, but it's not difficult to get a conversation going, and we've got friendly members, as well as a comfy little environment, so you'll likely end up enjoying yourself!
The age limit is 14-19
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=--=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=--=-=-=-=-=-Hello everyone Welcome to Olympus
Cool new place to chill and have fun, growing fast
Everyone is here just to chill and have fun. We hope you enjoy your stay.
Server content:
- Special OG role to first 100 members!
- Karakoke and other events
- Fast growing community
- Friendly staff
Just a single girl and guy who made a server and need friends :) This is more for our people who stay up late.
In this server we like to talk and mess around but you may find some things offensive so please join and not be offended.
~Fluffy Find~
Yo, you a furry? And just want to meet that special person, well, here's a server for u!
We've got:
-A Friend request area
-A Love request area
-An introductions area to introduce yourself
-A Full city RP area

Note : Anyone under the age of 13 will be kicked, legal reasons (as well as discord TOS). Please understand you must follow your country/state law as well as discord TOS at all times, If when it comes to dating you do not fall under the legal age for your country/state you are still allowed to join, make friends and have fun!
join this server if u wanna find desperate e girls and e boys. weebs not invited
Hui loves this is my server :3, I hope you like it. ❤my server contains anything, you can chat about everything and make friends OwO and comunicate with lovely people ^~^, join my server im sure you will like it and everyone in the server will like you too UwU join now and have fuuuun ,love youuu from all of my heart ❤❤❤❤

:broken_heart:| ~ d e a d - r o s e s </3 ~ |:broken_heart:
Server properties: socializing and establishing connections, and making strong friendships. This servers main goal is to prevent users from experiencing a toxic environment, and mainstream mental help for users experience difficulties.

:broken_heart:what the Expect through server perspective :broken_heart:

♡✧・a challenging leveling system, and ranking system for users wanting to experience fun through texting.

♡✧・a non toxic environment, with many helpful staff/admins on advisory to prevent issues.

♡✧・custom roles, any many to choose from! And an apply for staff/admin role with ranks.

♡✧・mental help, for those who are experiencing uncomfortableness, and looking for certain help.

♡✧・*make friends, and be yourself, establish connections with friendly users, who are here for the same! *

♡✧・*warm welcomes, from staff/members. A nice warm welcome would do the trick! *

♡✧・*looking to partner? We have a partner section looking for new partners! *

♡✧・*a singles section, for those looking to mingle! *
Our server is a server for chilling,dating or just having fun. Staff are very laid back and chill, and we hope you can be too ! Join now and have freedom :)
A unique-themed that incorporates community, nsfw & roleplay in one! Strict 18+ policy in order to view NSFW. 450+ members, a growing server dedicated to helping you find the right community for you.

➜ Got a custom bot, Noggin ♡
➜ Secure server
➜ 100+ channels for you to explore
➜ 40+ free name colors , 95+ optional roles
➜ 100 cute emotes with some additional NSFW emotes
➜ Lots of media, memes, music, streams, venting, debates, quotes, QOTD, etc.
➜ Gaming Channels & VCs
➜ Creativity & Art channels to show off your art
➜ Giveaways (Nitro) !
➜ SFW currency to purchase one of our 45+ special hierarchy roles.
➜ Self-created introductions coded to work with roles
➜ Multiple SFW & NSFW roleplay channels
➜ Selfies, chat posts and intro deleted upon leaving

The Galleries

⤳ Real-life member teases & nudes
⤳ Show & Tell channel to show off your ' toy ' collection
⤳ Multiple kink NSFW images.
⤳ Kink Lounge
⤳ NSFW voice-chat channels for a fun time.
⤳ NSFW Self-Promotion channel to advertise on.
⤳ Lewd-bot self-hosts millions of images and gifs


- ↠| Do not ask to partner or advertise for other servers, asking will result in a kick/ban. |↞
- ↠| Profile pics and reasonably aged accounts are required to join. |↞
• 13-17 💖
• ddlg bdsm server 💖
• good community 💖
• friendly staff 💖
• fun events 💖
• edge lords 🖤
A new server to make friends we have many cool features like
-nsfw bot!
-active owner!
-good female/male ratio!
i hope you enjoy your stay!