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We are a new LiS discord looking to welcome new and old fans of Life is Strange. I know there are already a few good servers established already, and we appreciate any new users that decide to make this server their LiS home. We are open for suggestions to make this as comfortable, and stress/drama free server as possible.
Hello! We are a Life is Strange server, here you can talk about Life is Strange along with many other video games, meet new people, talk about your day and play with bots in the bot channel!
We are a very open and welcoming community, we are also LGBTQ+ friendly!
Welcome to Arcadia Bay. This Roleplay takes place 5 months before the events of Life is Strange happened, and Before the storm is happening as you are living life in Arcadia Bay. Create an Oc and enjoy life in Arcadia Bay. You can encounter Max, Chloe, etc. How will you spend your time here in Arcadia Bay? We Welcome you with open Arms! **Still Work in Progress**
we're a community server with character choices for Life is Strange!
We offer:
↷ a small tight-knit community
↷ canon character choices
↷ voice-calls
↷ friendly and accepting staff
↷ drama free community
↷ cool emojis to play with
↷ plenty channels and bots
...and more ↷
Join us today!
Originally formed around a shared love for Life Is Strange, but now mostly a group of close friends.
LGBT+ friendly
L’aventure débute à Arcadia Bay en Septembre 2010. Chez les Price, William ,plus de se monde, se vit remplacé par David Madsen, nouveau fiancé, Joyce, ce qui ne plait guère a Chloe, qui a en tête de leur faire vivre un enfer. Ryan et Vanessa chez les Caulfield, n’ont jamais déménagés à Seattle et Maxine, dite Max est toujours amie avec Chloe. Chez les Amber, Rose et James se heurtent à l’attitude rebelle grandissante de Rachel.

La vie a Arcadia Bay tourne essentiellement autour des trois filles, mais :
Eliot Hampden, le meilleur ami de Chloe, Warren Graham, le meilleur ami de Max, sans oublier Nathan Prescott, Kate Marsh, Victoria Chase et ses acolytes Taylor Christensen et Courtney Wagner, ainsi que les professeurs et le proviseur de Blackwell Academy ne sont pas pour autant exclus...
A roleplay server set within the amazing Life Is Strange universe! OC's are welcome, and encouraged! AU, but still keeps most of the canon elements of the awesome Life Is Strange story.