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Are you tired of wager discords where people only scam? then this is the perfect discord for you. not only does this discord provide anti scamming, but also a lot of good players who are looking to search for a group to play with, and a bunch of supporting each other. we are looking forward to the future where there will be ways to earn money such as doing cash scrims.
》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》 Welcome everyone to Neo Babylonia.《《《《《《《《《《《《《《《《《《《《

A city of adventure, bloodshed, passion, and romance. A place where all are welcome to explore their sexual curiosities or epic fantasies through writing. There are a few exceptions to the races allowed, but if your character is well developed even minor demons and angels are allowed.

There is one important rule enforced above all others: No minors! This is strictly an 21+ server. You are encouraged but not required to verify your age. Just know the pantheon could request this if deemed necessary.

●Don't worry if you're only interested in the SFW areas of the server.  We have something for everyone here.

●The experience here will be that of a Multiverse hub on earth. You'll be met with characters from all sorts of universes.

The year: Sometime in the near future.

The setting: Earth has experienced a fracture and The World's governments have decided to grant the newcomers an island created to welcome all. This is where your epic role play story officially begins.

What we offer

●Verified 21+ role play areas

●Music and Games bots 

●A strict verification system(optional but is encouraged.)

●Our friendly staff is always happy to help. As the server becomes increasingly organized, this will be updated.
If u need a trio or duo come here to chill and talk
We are an arena finder and over here we find ppl for you to play with and if your going to join please respect the rules and mods and staff and the owners have fun :))
This is the newly formed country of Azzurro. Currently at war with the barbarians it’s queen took the land from.
•Come be part of this new country and explore its castle and town.
•Make your mark on it by climbing up from the citizen status to a lord or lady to claim land to make it your own.
•Defend the country from invading armies
•want an easy life? Become a castle staff member or work in the town's tavern.. or make your own shop?
The possibilities are endles
This is a European Arena Fortnite Server! In the server we have lots of different channels that you and your teammates can use for your arena games whether its solos or trios! Come join for a great community and maybe you could find a trio yourself!
Our server, MTG Arena Hangout, is a network where the MTG Arena online community can come together to communicate to each other verbally over the internet, and get tips to better themselves as an MTG player. We welcome all new people.
Hi there!
We are an EU Fortnite Team and are trying to grow! We are all pretty good players and you have a chance at joining! We do tryouts, 1v1's, evaluate and give you tips. So even if you join and are not recruited you still get tips to improve on :)

Hope to see you soon!
Hello and welcome to Epic Lounge, we are a proud community where you and your friends can come and play fortnite.

"What we offer"

We offer clean community where you and your friends can talk, chat, and play Fortnite Battle Royale.

Come join us we will appreciate it.
Fortnite Arena Finder is a Multi region Looking for Group (LFG) Discord that allows you to look for Arena Partners, Team Recruitment, Players & More!

When you join make sure to read the rules before posting LFG.

➥ Any Region
➥ All Platforms
➥ 13+ Age Only
➥ Friendly Community
➥ Special Channels
➥ Multiple Discord for Regions and Platforms (Very Soon)
A nice friendly community based around the Sea Of Thieves, Setting up Fleets everyday from 4-6pm BST! see ya around pirate.
Welcome to the The Dark Reign discord server! We are the darkness that spreads across the Sea of Thieves, leaving thousands of shipwrecked crews in our wake!
We are a discord full of grinders come hangout and have fun with us we are always welcoming you
Un server dedicato a magic e tutti i suoi formati incluso arena, abbiamo bot fatti su misura creati per questo server da esperti, tutte le ultime notizie e tante persone con cui parlare, puoi scegliere la tua gilda e il colore, tanti ruoli avanzando di livello e molto altro. Entra Ora!
So... where to start... ah! I got it.
Mechanic's Arena is a server idea I had and decided to create on a whim. The idea behind it was a roleplay server designed to cater to those who have a good fight with another person and for those who just like to create cool weapons.

Each character you create is a mechanic and will use a weapon of their creation and choice.

I suppose I should talk about the weapons as well. There's no limit. At all. Well, anything less than insta-kill. Go wild. Create something truly unique!

And now for the characters. For this server, you only get one character slot. However, you can store 4 others in our character archive.

This server is brand spankin' new, so expect a lot of construction to be going on. This description might change once the server becomes more uniform or professional. And that means we need people too! If you like this concept, please join and be an active member of Mechanic's Arena.

⛋━│𝓟𝓱𝓸𝓮𝓷𝓲𝔁 𝓐𝓻𝓮𝓷𝓪

Welcome traveler, nice of you to stop by.
Let me introduce you to our little slice
of the world, Phoenix Arena!
We offer~
♮━│A fantasy roleplay theme!
♮━│ A chill community free of toxic people and safe space for everyone of any sexuality, race, or gender!
♮━│Tons of channels to roleplay in
♮━│Many different channels for different multimedia, like memes, song lyrics, art, and
♮━│Many different interactive bots like OwO, ZeroTwo, Dank Memer, Rythm and Groovy, and more!
♮━│Rules that aren't too strict
♮━│Kind, leanient and helpful staff
⛋━━The arena awaits you!━━⛋

/:/We hope to see you soon!/:/

Welcome to the UMS Chill Zone! This is my discord server from my YouTube channel, and we mostly discuss things about Mech Arena. This server has an active and kind community and lots of fun bots to use and plenty to discuss! This server is family friendly so please don't join if you don't agree to these things.
Сервер создан с момента ЗБТ для участия в боях на 5v5.Здесь вам помогут разобраться с игровыми механиками.
✵We are a new server
✵Come find partners for arena
✵Come find people for boxfights
✵We have a flex channel for people to show off
✵Come join and have fun
Hey welcome to RΞALM we are trying to make an small community and u can help with that we woud appriciate if u join the server and lets have an fun time if u are online we will always want/try to play with u. Also we have a little team we just have fun play alot u can join that if u want u dont have to. we just hope if u join u woud have an fun time here and meet lots of new pepole