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We are a roleplay server that accepts everyone into rp, as we try and give you the best experience, we have

-personal roles
-easy to use never seen before character system
-nice staff
-coloured roles
-tons of Roleplay Channels
-rules to protect you
-an owner that wouldn't mind chatting with new members
-economy system
-and many many more!
God's Blood: From the Ashes is a chiefly organized zombie apocalyptic roleplay server focused on the year 2030, in West Virginia. It has been 13 years since the Black Flu stormed the world and left only a million survivors in its wake.

Roleplayers are tasked with forging friendships or enemies as they tackle both the living and the dead, often running on hunger or resortment to sleeping under the first building they see. Outlive the apocalypse, or become part of what makes it the apocalypse.
Sci-fi/military RP where the earth has been invaded by the Khix, who mercilessly slaughtered the earth’s people, the khix are a militaristic coalition of aliens who are invading helpless worlds in order to save their home system. the remaining human armies gathered up in New York City where they now hide out in the underground subway system and plan to push the Khix off of Earth for good.
It's 2018, and you live in Maine. A foreign virus started in California and made it's way around the hemisphere. Resources have been decreasing rapidly.There is no contact with the government in or outside of the U.S. Building conditions are growing unstable and filthy, and there are dead people walking the earth again as live creatures.
The year is 2065. Years ago, tensions between countries were high, trading agreements were annulled, treaties were ignored. Famine and disease found its way into countries once considered utopia-like, and birth rates dropped drastically. The economy had entered a depression, and stayed there for upwards of 5 years. This period was referred to as the Second Cold War, and many scientists and historians said it could be considered one of the darkest times in the history of the world. After a few years of empty threats of war and bombings, America began the brief World War III by dropping multiple nukes throughout Russia and the Middle East. In retaliation, Russia's ally, North Korea, dropped a nuke on Hawaii. These nuclear detonations caused what is called an electromagnetic pulse, devastating infrastructure and electricity worldwide, plunging Earth into a situation similar to the Dark Ages. Warfare may have continued in some areas after this, but only those involved would know for sure. Electricity could not be recovered, and all contact between non-neighboring countries was lost. Society and government collapsed, and many people died without modern medicine and technology.
Thirty-five years later the world population is 15% of what it used to be, and with no modern shelters, no modern medicine, and lack of survival skills, the birth rate has not increased in years.
The Niitsitapi, better explained as multiple first nations tribes that have banded together since the disaster, have gone back to the ways of their ancestors at their settlement in what was once Yellowstone National Park. They have blended their traditions and languages, and adopted the name of the Blackfoot. Within themselves, they may be found referring to themselves as belonging to their ancestral tribes rather than to the group as a whole; despite this, they do not tend to separate themselves and have formed a tight knit and tolerant community.
Nearby a group of people who called their settlement Homecamp are still holding on to the last threads of modern society, living in a makeshift city. They refer to themselves as Citizens.
Between the two settlements there is an area of no-mans-land, a small dilapidated town.
Long ago, a conflict broke out between the two groups which caused Homecamp to be shunned by the Niitsitapi. It is rarely discussed, a point of great sorrow to the Niitsitapi and shameful to Homecamp. The two groups now have a hesitant truce - the population may not survive a war - they must not enter each others territory or harm members of the other group. Trade is tense and uncommon, as are relationships between members of the opposing groups.
Roleplay has not yet begun. Plot and lore are being finalised.
Mankind has grown too powerful, and Mother Nature has had enough. Having turned almost 70% of the planet into a sprawling Cityscape and made enormous strides into the fields of science and medicine, the day of reckoning came when scientists discovered mutagen G5XP-12. Plants began mutating at an exponential rate, maturing to full growth in a matter of weeks and developing strong iron-like bark. Six months later, G5XP-12 Was found in trace amounts of the plant life in Yellowstone National park emitting sulfur and mercury gasses into the surrounding area, then a week went by and it was blooming venomous teethed flowers in Nevada's Cacti, a year later underwater plantlife began oozing a tar-like substance that made both man and animal fatally ill.
Mankind finally got the message when a houseplant in the UN panel choked the life out of the world leaders on live television. This was war. But no matter how many bullets we threw at it, or times we burned the roots they just came back stronger. And science marched on, creating chemicals designed to enhance humanity's fighting prowess, their intelligence, their instincts... then the first wave hit. Almost Overnight entire cities became dense jungles of plantlife and mutant animals too dangerous to treck through.

The year is 2336. Most of humanity has either been destroyed by the plants or killed by each other. Some settlements find peace scattered among the carcasses of the once great cities, but in the end, the Law is almost non-existent, each clan, tribe, or settlement adopting its own code of conduct. The war against the plants has gone on for as long as mankind can remember, but your story is just beginning...
Welcome to EXOUSÍES ACADEMY where you have powers in a apocalyptic world. Explore ancient Greece and learn to use your powers.
The Year Is 2033, And A Disease Has Collapsed most governments, Seattle has Recently fallen as the last major military conflict went into a serious break-through in the 20 metre concrete wall spanning the city, The Military has lost its once major presence and only a few hundred remain, several caches lie within the fallen city, The horde is around the numbers of 50-70k, And you must survive within this, let alone over 300k are in the state alone, how would you survive? With A Fully Functional Shopping System you can buy Businesses,Houses,Guns, and Role-play in tons of Channels! Each channel being a new setting! Join Today
A roleplay based after the events of Fallout New Vegas's independent ending and the death of the Courier. This roleplay includes factions that you thought might have been destroyed after the ending and the goal of this roleplay is to conquer the Mojave. While now at peace, the Mojave will soon desend into another bloody war over who will control Hoover Dam.
This roleplay includes:
• 3 main warring factions, and some minor ones.
• A Post Apocalyptic Roleplay
• New and Original lore
• Multiple Room Roleplay
• Cannon Characters
• Suggestability
• Chance to become an Administrator
+ More!
Post-apocalypse RP, following a nuclear war!

- Giant map, still growing!
- Different factions, or go it alone!
- In depth story and plot system!
- Friendly, helpful staff!
In a world ravaged a mind controlling fungus, human kind is on its way out. But as is human nature, they won't go down without a fight. Bit by bit, their numbers have been dwindling as the years have gone by and now, thirty years later, little more than half a million survivors remain, a meer 0.0065% of what it used to be, things are looking bleak. Every day, more die, but there’s still hope. A certain group is still in the works of trying to find a cure and only time will tell if anything comes of it.

What remains offers plenty locations to visit within the rp ranging from decrepit cities, to lushious forest and lakes, and even a military base. With a handful in unique infected beings to fight, all presenting their own threats, the world is harsh, and it’s up to you to make the best of it.

What remains is a literate, survival roleplay, though Character development takes a front seat as we hope to create a universe with a wide range of stories and personalities in a world that wants to throw all that away. It’s said that the best of people is shown in the hardest of times. But who will you become?

The choice is yours in this dark and depressing land. We hope to see you soon!
A friendly cyberpunk roleplay server set in an alternate reality with plenty of new races and lore to be discovered! Come join us!
The year is currently 3024, and the end times have already closed in. Our government realizes of the upcoming doom and discover no choice but to save those who are capable of handling themselves. Of course, it would become extremely limited. They hold a worldwide lottery to take in kids, ages ranging from 5 to 15. Once the lottery is finalized they sedate the kids that have won the lottery - Those who are sedated are then contained in different pods and get sprayed with a gas that can put them in a coma-like rest. The government proceeds to put all of the children in a large underground vault. Their pods line the metal walls, in the middle of the rows lies a table. On the table are several controls, some can release children, the others can produce holograms. The holograms produce a screen with information about the children; what they look like, their age, name, and information about them. Once the government was done with that, they seal up the vault and leave them with lots of food, supplies, clothes and other necessities. Along with that was a note explaining everything. four and a half years later, most of the population has vanished. The world has gone to total chaos after many disasters have occurred. The government has been abandoned and assassinated, all of those who just couldn’t survive alone died off, along with the elderly. However, there are still small pockets of humanity left. You are given up until the date of February 2nd to make a child character. Everything else you need to know will be provided in the server.

Survive The Walking Dead. The world has fallen into chaos, and no one knows what TRULY happened. Just that the dead... walk the earth.

The world of The Walking Dead is large. Full of survivors whos stories are dying to be told. You are a survivor... What is yours?

We provide:

- Memes
- Free ice cream
- No Scott M. Gimple
- A friendly community
- Friendly staff
- People HEAVILY familiar with TWD mythos, and Zombies as a whole
- Friendly community
The year was 2012, and for months, the threat of human extinction loomed over our heads. Nobody believed it, though. Not until it was too late. It all happened at once, the government collapsed, the military, the infrastructure. How did it happen, nobody is sure, but the dead have been brought back to life as mindless, shambling killing machines. It killed billions of people... be it from the riots, starvation, exposure, dehydration, murder, or eaten alive, not many people remain today. It's a dog-eat-dog world now... especially after three years, many people have turned into blood thirsty savages... It's all over, and nobody is coming to save us...

-We have many kind members and roleplayers and more joining everyday!
-We have a small, but kind staff team
-Server-wide events
-And even more!
Welcome survivor! In here you will kill or be killed,will you save millions or will you kill millions?
It’s always sunny in Philadelphia! Or at least it had once been.. A single rogue scientist blinded by his ambitions and his dreams was the harbinger of destruction and death. Accidentally releasing a deadly virus that ravaged the lands, and those who inhabited them.. Within a laboratory, the virus took over and malformed all of those it came in contact with. Monsters among monsters. Veins that his beneath their flesh emitted a more purple like color, as the bulged from underneath the skin of these creatures. Dilated pupils, there bodies rumbled as the virus took hold. Muscles and bones reforming, ripping themselves apart before reattaching themselves. Stronger and better than beforehand. These zombies went on to infect those from coast to coast in mere months. Before long, countries fell before this thing that plagued the lands. It wasn't long before the world was it's knees due these creatures.. The virus, just as it had done to the first men who had turned- It ravaged the lands, making it dangerous and infinitely more deadly to traverse through its lands. The question is- Will you outlive the apocalypse? Or die trying to survive.. join and find out!

Welcome to Outbreak: Salicroa, a fast-growing zombie apocalypse server that is centered around the time 2019. An organized server with a collection of staff willing to help whenever necessary, and a community that welcomes newcomers with open arms!

• 25+ RP channels!
• Multiple factions that you can choose from!
• Friendly and active community!
• Involving OOC channels - Channels to get you involved in the community even if you don’t have a character!
• Interesting and unique events!
• A currency system and numerous other fun bots!
• Even radio voice channels that are apart of the roleplay itself!
• Bounties for those pesky survivers in order to get money and items!

Owner: @avalyn#0313
Permanent invite:
“OUTBREAK : The exodus parasite“
Is a Apocalypse style survival roleplay playing after a year in the City of New York, America, do you think you’ll survive the chaos that lurks in the ruins of US?

(We’re a brand new empty community looking for members)
An Apocalyptic Roleplay, you wake up anywhere in the 4 regions (each with 20+ maps for you to visit) and interact with other survivors, form groups and alliances, we do things similar to a TV Show where we have Mid Season Finale's and Season Finales (basically these events are an excuse for something big to happen in the server) if you have any questions then DM the owner or one of the Dev Team and it will be answered

Not sure how disboard works so

Server Invite -
It is the year 2077. Technology has halted, for an unforeseen threat of extreme nuclear potential has struck. The world has lost all power, and because of that, everything fell. All who have survived are in shambles. It is your job to save the world, traveler. Land of the Damned is an apocalypse themed roleplay with a changing world. There are events. Characters will die, factions will fall, and new ones will rise in their stead. This server is still growing and I hope you consider joining, and thank you for reading.
Welcome to the wasteland a long forgotten country after the SMC attacked and started turning our planet into a base of operations and utopia for an- ENEMY SCANNED ENGAGING DEFENSE MODE.... Oh shit run they're here YOU WILL UNDERSTAND WHE- *Gunshots* _LOG END_
The thing is, the world was meant to end. Except Apocalypse turned to dystopia and the world kept crumbling. Kept dying. Even though the world keeps spinning, keeps turning, keeps moving, but in a sluggish way, a pained way, giving up? Perhaps the world already knew.

You see, the Rich people own the world now, capturing the monsters that once came out of the research of corrupt science, making a more pleasurable way to exterminate these monsters and those that… well… commoners. It’s a rich mans world.

`Trust me, life isn’t fair right now. Hasn’t been since it was meant to end. A simple science experiment gone wrong... that’s all it had been. World leaders had given up, replaced by the power hungry executioners that we know today. We live wrong, we breath wrong, we eat wrong... you get found out.`

`Too many monsters in the world, turning it bloodthirsty, the Executioners sending out rewards to those that could catch these demons and bring them back. Back to the arena. Yeah, the world is still ending, just slowly and painfully. First turning into a dystopia. `

`There’s criminals, criminals and their innocent families removed from the streets and dumped in the concentration camp, one by one being transported to the arena, where monster and humans would battle to the death. No escape, not that people haven’t tried of course.`

`So I lay down the foundations now. It’s hell, the simplest things could get you a front row ticket in front of a monsters gaping maw, inside that arena. The rich or the immune leering up from above in the stands. Happy in their own little blood painted paradise.`

`It was better when the world ended.
this is a new rp server trying to start up.
please if you dont mind join
The Wastelands is a dystopian roleplay server with a small community. Because we're starting out, we would surely appreciate it if the word was spread!
The lore of The Wastelands is rapidly developing, with certain aspects being decided by users. As time passes, more and more shall be revealed!
We accept all species and OCs that comply with our lore, and we have 5 original regions and 12 cities that your OC could live/roleplay in.